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How To Plump + Hydrate Skin This Winter 

DMK EFA+ will give winter-worn skin a boost of Omegas! Dry, cold air in winter can leave skin depleted of moisture. You can help your clients both in treatment and at home by showing them how to get plump and hydrated skin from the inside out. 

The 2023 Winter Guide to Skin Hydration features supplements for healthy skin, a tool for home use, a collection of products to infuse with ultrasound + microcurrent, and two treatments that channel the skin

DMK EFA+ and Other Supplements For Healthy Skin

The skin can only be as healthy as the body it covers. If clients have good nutrition habits, that will manifest on their skin. Help clients to get plump and hydrated skin by suggesting supplements. In 2023 Face Reality launched two new supplements so their Certified Acne Experts can offer clients a supplement to help their skin. DMK EFA+ has been a staple in Barry’s morning routine for years. Jenni is obsessed with GrandeGUMMIES Vegan Collagen Booster

Plump + Hydrate with ZAQ Microcurrent at Home Tool

We all know that home care rules the skin health! Yes, estys can perform treatments on clients’ skin, but daily product use can exponentially improve the results.  We found a tool from ZAQ that clients can use daily to help get plump and hydrated skin! The microcurrent in this device can help drive serums into the skin when used regularly at home through Iontophoresis for a little more plumpness. Then clients can follow up with their favorite moisturizer to deeply hydrate. 

Plump + Hydrate with Ultrasound + Microcurrent In Treatment

If you want to help clients get more plump and hydrated skin you’ll need to start with truly sophisticated products. Then you can add technology to your treatments to boost product penetration. When you use ultrasound or microcurrent with a hyaluronic-based serum it helps to boost the HA! 

We found a stem-cell conditioned media serum and cream that you’ll love. We suggest that you Infuse the serum with ultrasound and then apply the cream. If clients are sensitive, we found a serum and cream combination that you’ll love to use in conjunction with microcurrent. Then we have a serum and cream combination that also uses Nanopolymer Penetration that will love a little tech boost as well. 

Micro + Nano Channeling Treatments That Plump + Hydrate

We have two treatments that we love, especially in winter. The first is a hyaluronic acid treatment that has the single most unique delivery system! The second is a 4 step facial that uses a device to nano channel the skin to help deliver products that have a patented delivery system for exponential results 

DMK EFA+ by DMK International

The DMK efa+ supplements are a powerful group of essential fatty acids 3,6,7 and 9, derived from evening primrose and sea buckthorn oils. DMK efa’s are required for the structure of all membranes in the body. DMK efa’s “waterproof” the skin, maintaining the barrier of the skin impermeable. The skin’s primary function is to protect internal organs and skeleton from the exterior attack. DMK efa+ only uses the purest raw materials that are compounded in the USA with an FDA-registered lab. DMK efa+ is designed for a wide variety of skin conditions to repair the cell membranes and help to rebuild stronger, healthier, and better functioning skin. DMK efa+ is formulated to aid in the improvement of barrier function and transepidermal water loss. It is particularly useful for acne, inflamed or reactive skin, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and aging complexions. It is also recommended for clients undergoing professional skin revision treatments. 


EpiFusion Facial by EpiStep

The EpiFusion Facial is one of our favorite treatments for a red carpet-ready glow! This treatment is one of the most unique modalities because it uses 3D-lyzed Hyaluronic Micro Pins and additional active ingredients at the same time!

The EpiFusion Facial Start Kit contains the EpiPin Pro device, ten EpiPin Tips (three Hydration, three Brightening, two Elasticity, two Performance), ten EpiMask, one EpiEssence and marketing materials, fifty flyers, and one table banner.

The device uses a handpiece with detachable and disposable treatment heads. There are 4 different treatment heads for Brightening, Elasticity, Hydration, and Performance. The pins slowly dissolve as you perform the treatment, as Hyaluronic is hydrophilic (it’s attracted to water) so the pins give way to the water in the skin. Essentially the clients’ skin is absorbing the micro-pin. 


Clear Skin Balance + Clear Skin Restore by Face Reality

The Clear Skin Restore supplement contains Zinc and a proprietary Probiotic Gut-Skin Axis Blend to clear skin, reduce the severity of breakouts, support gut health, and support immune health. The Clear Skin Balance supplement’s Omega-3s and proprietary Antioxidant Skin Defense Blend helps to clear skin, brighten skin, balance uneven skin tone, and support immune health.

This powerful combination of supplements complement professional topical treatments and home care routines carefully curated by Face Reality Acne Experts to support clear skin from within. All Face Reality products are designed to support the Face Reality Clear Skin MethodTM: a holistic and personalized acne care program that includes clinically-effective products, lifestyle guidance, and professional treatments. By adding these supplements to their lineup, Face Reality Acne Experts can help their clients get clear skin for good.


Age Defying Duo by FACTORFIVE

This powerhouse duo is formulated with real, ethically sourced human stem cell conditioned media to activate your own cells to help tighten, plump, and hydrate your skin. Formulated to work together, the Regenerative Serum delivers a potent anti-aging serum while the Anti-Aging Cream deeply hydrates and locks in beneficial ingredients for maximum results

“I’ve used this duo after various chemical peels and microneedling treatments. I love how they breathe new life into my skin.” Barry


Timexpert Hydraluronic – 3D Force Serum + Moisturizing Rich Sorbet Cream by Germaine de Capuccini 

Hydracure Hyaluronic Force Serum has a formula combining high, medium, and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid with the patented HLG nanopolymer. Now, the epidermis and dermis are more permeable and receptive to the introduction of hyaluronic acid, and as a result, this combination of ingredients achieves a unique effectiveness. 

Plumping Moisturizing Gel-Cream Rich Sorbet is designed for dry skin. It delivers HA in three molecular weights, and contains HLG and sGAGS, PGA, and NAG. It also contains a higher proportion of PGA to protect HA reserves from degradation. It’s dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.


Vegan Collagen Booster Gummy by GrandeGUMMIES

True beauty starts from within! GrandeGUMMIES Vegan Collagen Booster is a delicious beauty-enhancing gummy that promotes envy-worthy hair, skin, lashes, and brows. The best part? No need to rely on animal-derived collagen for beauty benefits! These smart, self-sufficient gummies are powered by a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to provide the raw materials needed to support natural collagen production*. Plus, this citrus-flavored goodness is also filled with biotin, folic acid, & zinc to enhance follicle health* for total hair, lash, and brow rejuvenation. Initial results can be seen in 45 days with full results in 3 months. 

“These are a mid-day treat for me that curb late afternoon sweet cravings and aid in the health of my skin (and lashes!).  I love the entire collection of Gummies from Grande!” Jenni Nagle


Soothe Essence + Saffron Meristem Cream  by Hale & Hush

When sensitive skin’s balance and hydration levels are off, bring it back to life with Soothe Essence Serum. It’s a one-stop shop for everything your skin needs to return to a stronger state, from moisturization, irritation control, and redness reduction to protection against oxidative stress and supporting the skin’s barrier function. Soothe Essence features Sodium Hyaluronate which is a chirally-correct form of hyaluronic acid is a humectant that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water to provide maximum hydration and to help plump thirsty skin. It improves softness and elasticity while also retaining and boosting moisture levels, helping to soften fine lines and wrinkles.

It also features Mirabilis Jalapa Extract which calms reactive skin, reducing discomfort and visible redness. It improves the skin’s long-term resilience against sensitivity triggers, supports the skin’s barrier function, and improves hydration. Saffron Meristem Cream is a luxurious comfort cream loaded with numerous key ingredients for the complete corneotherapy care of your dry, sensitive clients.  It contains Shea butter and the special complexes listed below to moisturize, calm redness and irritation, and nourish and repair the skin barrier.  This helps strengthen the stratum cornea in order to protect against daily wear and tear from environmental toxins.  The exciting part, however, is the Saffron Meristems. Saffron is well-known as one of the world’s most expensive spices.


4-Step Nano-Tip Facial by Sesha

Double Duty Delivery! That’s what this facial provides! It combines the patented P.E.T Sesha Delivery System with the added infusion of the Nano-Tip MesoBotanica Pen. 

You will see immediate results after one treatment of SESHA MesoBotanica 4-Step Nano-tip Facial Protocol. We have carefully designed a protocol to ensure the client receives an enhanced version of a traditional facial with faster and better results. Significant results can be seen after 5-6 treatments spaced two weeks apart.

You will receive a complete kit that will allow you to perform the treatment on clients. There are professional-only products that you will use in the treatment and infuse with the  MesoBotanica Pen. 

SESHA skin care brand is based on a scientific breakthrough delivery system (Permeation Enhancement Technology) with high-quality active ingredients.


Zayn by ZAQ 

ZAQ Zayn is the ultimate skincare solution, offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to achieving radiant and healthy skin. It is suitable for all skin types and ages, making it a versatile device for everyone’s skincare needs.

Invest in your skin’s well-being with ZAQ Zayn, the 5-in-1 skincare device that combines cutting-edge technologies for remarkable results. Take control of your skincare journey and experience the transformative power of multiple therapies in one device.

It features:

LED Light Therapy
Optional vibration therapy
Magnetic heat therapy


Thanks to all the brands mentioned in this article for sponsoring this content so that we can share how to plump and hydrate the skin with our community. 

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