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Experts Weigh In On Top 8 Chemical Peels For Rosacea

Treating Rosacea Prone Skin With Chemical Peels

Chemical peels for Rosacea prone skin can seem almost counter intuitive. When one hears the term Rosacea, the initial thought is to calm and soothe the skin. While a Rosacea flare up can require calming treatments, a person’s skin can have multiple issues. Rosacea can exist along with hyperpigmentation, congestion, fine lines, and a dull appearance.

You don’t need to let your Rosacea patients live with other skin issues just because they are dealing with this chronic issue.  Not in the new millennium when education, research and  technology are so advanced.

We reached out to skin care industry professionals who have developed skin care product lines, these same men and women are known for their educating on how to treat skin with all types of skin issues.

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8 Chemical Peels For Rosacea Prone Skin

Yes, you can use chemical peels on Rosacea prone skin. However, you need to ensure that you have the proper training from the chemical peel manufacturer.  You need to ensure that you know the patient very well. You need to ensure that you know how the patient’s skin reacts to treatments. You must commit to proceeding with an abundance of caution.

Guest Blogger Richard Maher's Take On Rosacea Treatments

The bad news is rosacea is not currently curable. The good news? It’s treatable and manageable! Communicating these expectations and adaptable treatment plans will yield the best results. When taking charge of the situation, there is no direct path or protocol because the disease has so many potential causes that each case needs its own specialized treatment pathway.

This calls for the “gray area” esthetician! The world of rosacea is not black and white. It’s red…but you get the point.

Working from a place of trial and error, experimentation, and a step-by-step process allows you to find what manages the symptoms and what causes it to flare-up. What all plans need are dialogue, in-office treatment, and consistent home care.  Read More 

M.A.D Skincare’s Delicate Skin Resurfacing Peel

“Whenever someone asks me about chemical peels for Rosacea, I always suggest the Delicate Skin Resurfacing Peel; it is designed for sensitive skin, it uses a large molecule fruit acid to exfoliate gently and helps resurface and minimize irritation.” Michael Contorno, President M.A.D Skincare. 


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The Step Up Approach by Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare 

I tend to use the Pure Pro Enzyme for first time clients to test sensitivity levels and if they do well with that one I will use our Honey Nectar Healing Peel on their next appointment.” Dawn Lorraine McGrath, Founder, Dawn Lorraine Conscious  Skincare.

Create a Professional Account and log in as a professional for more information on Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare’s Professional Peels.

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dmSkincare’s Lactic Acid 30% from DermaMed Solutions

“Using chemical peel for Rosacea prone skin, I would recommend the dmSkincare Lactic 30% Peel since the molecules are larger and offers a more gentle penetration into the skin. ” Elisa. DermaMed Solutions In House Esthetician

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Enzymes or AHA from Hale & Hush

Gentle enzymes (Incredible Enzymes) and AHAs (Beedazzle Mask) can be very effective on Rosacea prone skin. This skin type can still benefit from a light rejuvenation for exfoliation purposes. Before doing a chemical peel on Rosacea prone skin, always best to patch test to Do No Harm.” Kris Campbell, Founder Hale & Hush

We also love the Hale & Hush Hydrate Mask after Incredible Enzymes or Beedazzle Mask, it’s so soothing and calming to skin!

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Mandelic 25% Acid Peel
from California Skincare Supply by Clear Choice

“I’d suggest the Mandelic 25% Acid Peel from Clear Choice, it reduces redness and is excellent for sensitive & sensitized skin as well as  Rosacea. Also great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and lightening and brightening. To complete the treatment apply Clear Choice Advanced K, which is an excellent therapy to help diminish rosacea, dark circles, bruising and spider veins. Advanced K will also strengthen capillary walls by rehabilitating damaged skin and renewing the underlying tissue!” Kelli Anderson, Owner, California Skincare Supply

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Cocoa Enzyme by Circadia

Circadia’s Cocoa enzyme  has the perfect level of activity to exfoliate rosacea and sensitive skin types.  The anti-inflammatory benefits of the bromelain and papain ensure even and gentle exfoliation.  Raw cocoa powder not only helps as an anti-microbial but also soothes inflamed skin without over exfoliating an already compromised barrier.” -Michael Q. Pugliese

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