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Treatments For Rosacea Flare Ups

Living With Rosacea Means Living With Rosacea Flare Ups

Rosacea flare ups are part of managing Rosacea.  Since April is Rosacea Awareness Month, we wanted to help educate consumers and professionals on the causes of Rosacea Flare Ups. We also want to provide resources for professionals to help treat Rosacea Flare Ups.

Who Does Rosacea Impact?

Wondering if your skin irritation is Rosacea? First, let’s see if you’re part of the population who has Rosacea. If you’re caucasian with very fair skin, you’re prone to Rosacea. Another good indicator that we’ve found in our research is that if you blush easily, you are more prone to Rosacea.1

We also know that Rosacea can begin in the 20’s to 60’s, but usually begins after age 30, with a large majority of people not even knowing what it is! 2

What Is Rosacea

“What Is Rosacea? Redness By Any Other Name”

Researchers disagree on the exact etiology, prevalence, and management of the disease, but there are several agreed upon subtypes and a wide variety of clinical appearances that affect 14 million patients in the United States. Management of this condition is often challenging for estheticians because each subtype requires unique treatment and many diseases share common symptoms, complicating the diagnosis. Chances are rosacea will be reorganized into several distinct conditions, but for now if you have recurring facial erythema that gets worse with sun, salsa, and tequila shots, you have rosacea.

Rosacea’s causes are both genetic and environmental. Clinical presentation has a variety of potential symptoms, including combinations of one or more of the following:

  • Facial redness and inflammation
  • Itching and burning
  • Vascular hypersensitivity and telangiectasia
  • Thickening of the skin, commonly around the nose
  • Acne-like papules and pustules
  • Dry, red, and inflamed ocular area

Excerpt From Richard Maher’s April 2019 Guest Blog Article

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What Triggers Rosacea Flare Ups

Rosacea.org is an incredible resource for information relating to Rosacea. They have a page dedicated to Factors That Trigger Rosacea Flare Ups.

Here’s a few of the items we wanted to highlight.


Strong winds


especially red wine, beer, bourbon, gin, vodka or champagne

Hot Drinks
including hot cider, hot chocolate, coffee or tea


Spicy Foods + Thermally Hot Foods



Temperature Related

Hot baths
Simple overheating
Excessively warm environments

Physical Exertion

“Lift and load” jobs

Skin Care Products

Some cosmetics and hair
sprays, especially those
containing alcohol, witch hazel
or fragrances

Hydro-alcoholic or acetone

Any substance that causes
redness or stinging


Beach Weekend Could Cause A Rosacea Flare Up

According to the list above, someone who is fair skinned, in their early 30’s could be at the beach getting too much sun exposure and getting really hot.  They could be drinking alcohol and eating some spicy food in the same day.  This could all trigger a Rosacea flare up, and according to research, they may not even know they have Rosacea.

3 Professional Treatments To Manage Rosacea Flare Ups

How Professionals Can Help! First, be able to identify a client who may have Rosacea. Next, be able to identify the symptoms of Rosacea. Finally, be able to provide treatments that can soothe Rosacea Flare Ups and provide recommendations for home care to help manage Rosacea flare ups.

Hale & Hush Sensitive Skin Facial

The Sensitive Skin Facial was designed by Hale & Hush to ensure that you are helping the most compromised skin to calm, nurture and heal.

It features the Hale & Hush Hush Hydrating Mask, a light, gel-basked mask that features some incredibly soothing ingredients. Most remarkable is black rice extract, which studies have shown is a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic compound.

PRO TIP: Mix the Hush Hydrating Mask with the Relief Bio-Powder if the skin is really inflamed and irritated.  

rosacea flare up

Dawn Lorraine’s Conscious Organic Skincare Calming Comfort Facial

If you are looking for an organic option to help manage a Rosacea flare up, look at Dawn Lorraine. 

Sooth and restore irritated, inflamed skin with the Calming Comfort Facial treatment. Anti-inflammatory actives of Arnica, Aloe, Oat Blossom and Comfrey calm skin and restore skins protective barrier. This facial is also effective for Post peel and laser treatments.

This facial features the Sea Mineral Soothing Masque, with Magnesium, which, as the ability to detoxify the skin. Effective in reducing allergic and sensitive reactions in skin.

rosacea flare up

DMK International’s Enzyme Therapy 1

DMK, suggests the Enzyme #1 Skin Revision Treatment.  It’s good for all types of skin conditions, however, depending on how inflamed/reactive the skin is, it’s suggested to switch Deep Pore cleanser for the Enbioment Cleanser, as it is gentler and has no parabens.  Milky Clean & Pure is also an option. The same with the serums and the creams: they might switch Herb & Mineral + Seba-e for Enbioment Mist + Enbioment Serum.  

The Enbioment™ system was created for people suffering from various dermatological disorders due to imbalance or a deficit in the skin’s microbiome. Individuals suffering from eczema, rosacea, skin fungus, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis are prime candidates for using Enbioment™ because these conditions are commonly associated with an imbalance in the skin’s microbiome.

rosacea flare up

3 Step At-Home Rescue Mini Facial

to Calm a Rosacea Flare Up

If you know you’re prone to Rosacea flare ups and want to have 2 items on hand that can help you manage a Rosace flare up – here’s two items that you should keep on hand. It’s a 3 step process that will help you calm and cool your flare up.


Mist with Iso-Cell Recovery Solution from Le Mieux!


Apply the MYSTIQ INFUSED Cryo Face Mask from Lira Clinical.

Lira Clinical’s exclusive MASQ-techTM illuminating technology immediately removes skin redness while calming and soothing irritation. This secret agent ingredient gives skin the most efficient healing time returning skin’s bright, beautiful complexion.


Apply the Solar Defense Non-Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 by HydroPeptide
You will continue to calm and restore the skin, It will also hydrate and protect!

Hyaluronic acid and a probiotic complex restore barrier function, working in tandem with natural mineral sunscreens to boost sun protection while conditioning and nourishing the skin.  

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