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The Brand This Esthetician says “Is the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made”

Cara Dempsey owns We Love Acne and is a Certified Acne Expert! She runs a thriving skincare business using a hugely popular skincare brand that focuses on clearing acne and maintaining skin after acne is cleared. This is a brand that she HIGHLY recommends! Cara says that this brand has stellar education and also offers ongoing support to its nationwide network of Certified Acne Experts. 

Meet Cara Dempsey Owner of We Love Acne

Cara is the owner of East Tennessee’s #1 acne clinic, We Love Acne. Cara has been an esthetician for six years and has owned We Love Acne for the past three years. Cara has two other estheticians working with her in the three room treatment facility that houses her thriving skincare business. 

She was named Acne Expert of the Year 2022 by Face Reality Skincare and is also a Face Reality Brand Ambassador. 

Cara travels around the country educating other skincare professionals as well as co-hosting a podcast called, The Porefessionals, where she educates listeners on acne and skincare.

Learn About Cara Dempsey and the We Love Acne Team 

Currently, We Love Acne has a team of three amazing estheticians who are also Acne Experts. They all focus on acne and have had their own experiences with feeling insecure about their own skin and acne at different times. The We Love Acne team loves getting to do what they do every day! 

We asked Cara Dempsey, “How did you find Face Reality?” Cara told us, “I first found Face Reality on Instagram about 5 years ago. I was seeing the before and afters of other acne experts online and was blown away by the results. I thought to myself if I was ever in a position to open up my own business that the Face Reality Acne Professional Program™ was definitely something I wanted to do and about three years ago added the line to my treatment menu.” Cara Dempsey

“Face Reality Training … It Was The Best Decision I Have Ever Made.” Cara Dempsey

We know that estheticians who wish to use Face Reality products in their practice must become a Certified Acne Expert with Face Reality. In order to become a Certified Acne Expert with Face Reality, estheticians are required to take Face Reality Acne Expert Certification Training, so we asked Cara, “Were you nervous about having to spend the money on the training in order to get access to the product line?”

Here’s what she had to say, “Yes, I was so nervous to invest in the training that before I did, I actually called Face Reality Headquarters and talked to an Acne Expert in their clinic about the certification process and bringing Face Reality into my practice. At the time I was a solo esthetician with a brand new business and felt anxious about taking that next step. 

Now I can say it was the best decision I have ever made for my business and my clients!” Cara Dempsey

Cara Dempsey on the Face Reality Acne Expert Training 

In the course of our conversation with Cara about Face Reality, we had the chance to dig into her thoughts on their initial Acne Expert training, their ongoing education, and the support they provide to their Acne Experts.

“Cara, what did you think of the Face Reality Acne Expert Training course?” Barry Eichner. 

“At first I was overwhelmed by all the information (but in a good way!) We don’t focus on acne in esthetics school so it was a lot of information I had never heard before. The course is self-paced so it allowed me to take my time and really have a grasp on each topic before moving to the next. I learned so much through the training course and refer back to it often.” Cara Dempsey

“Cara, have you taken any ongoing education with Face Reality, can you give us your thoughts?” Barry Eichner 

“Yes, I have taken advantage of many of their online continuing education classes. Some live and some recorded. I also did an in-person continuing education class at their Headquarters in California. Whether it was in person or over video I always took something new away that I didn’t know before. Their educators are truly amazing!” Cara Dempsey

We published a very popular article on the Face Reality Acne Expert Success Team, so we wanted to get insight from Cara about her thoughts on the team. “Have you ever had the chance to work with the Face Reality Acne Expert Success Team?” Barry Eichner

“Yes, my team and I utilize the Acne Expert Success Team often. It’s actually one of the things I love most about Face Reality. It can be overwhelming treating acne, especially in the beginning or as a solo business owner. The Acne Expert Success Team is always available by phone or email to help you troubleshoot a tough client case, answer questions on protocols, or give you feedback when you need it. I love that Face Reality offers this!” Cara Dempsey 

Cara Recommends Face Reality To Other Estheticians

It can be scary trying to decide what brands to work with. It can be a huge investment of time and money to bring in a brand to a skincare business. We love helping estheticians make informed decisions about what they can do in their business. 

“Cara, do you recommend Face Reality to other estheticians?” Barry Eichner

“Yes, yes, yes! Face Reality training and education are unmatched in my opinion. Acne is not a focus taught in many esthetics programs. Face Reality bridges that gap and helps us as skincare professionals to feel confident when treating acne.” Cara Dempsey 

Cara’s Philosophy And Approach To Treating Acne 

We asked Cara, “What is your overall approach to meeting a first-time acne client?”  She told us, “Most of the time new acne clients come in feeling defeated and hopeless when it comes to their acne. We make it a priority to really spend the first part of our appointment with them listening to their acne journey. We want to make them feel heard and seen which, surprisingly, most tell us they haven’t in the past.” Cara Dempsey

Then we asked her for a favorite Face Reality success story where she was able to make a marked difference in a person’s life by clearing their acne. 

“There are truly so many but the one that comes to mind is my virtual client, Stephanie. When she first came to us her acne was unmanageable. To the point she wouldn’t want to leave the house in fear people would stare or judge her. She felt hopeless. After working with us for 3 months and using her Face Reality Skincare her acne has completely cleared. She now feels confident to go out without any makeup and doesn’t feel defined by her skin. That is why we do what we do!” Cara Dempsey

Cara Has An Acne Bootcamp + Virtual Acne Bootcamp

“Acne Bootcamp is our #1 service! We take the first appointment to really dive into our clients’ personal acne triggers, educate them on pore-clogging ingredients, and teach them how to live an acne-safe lifestyle. From there we curate their unique acne-safe home care routine using Face Reality Skincare products. After that, we see them every 2 weeks for their customized acne treatments. Most clients achieve clear skin in 3-6 months. Acne Bootcamp results are truly life-changing! 

Virtual Acne Bootcamp is something we have just launched in the last year. It’s been amazing being able to help treat clients all over the country using Face Reality’s Clear Skin Method™. 80%+ of clients’ results come from lifestyle changes and home care so virtual clients often get the same amazing results as they would in clinic!” Cara Dempsey

After The Acne Is Cleared 

We know that Face Reality has a huge line of professional and retail products that can keep all skin types looking fabulous. So we asked Cara, “What is your process with clients after you clear active acne, how do you change their Face Reality home care?” 

“Once clients clear, we call it “maintenance mode.” Instead of coming in every 2 weeks, they will then come in every 4-6 weeks for maintenance treatments to help maintain clear skin. Their home care routine will not change much, especially in the months following. That routine they have been on helped get them clear so we want them to stick with that and be as consistent as possible.

Since we are an acne clinic, Acne Bootcamp is the main service we offer. Our clients seek us out to specialize in acne. Once clients clear, we offer advanced treatments such as the Facial Infusion and Microchanneling to help fade acne scars and keep our clients’ skin as healthy as possible.

We also use the Celluma LED Light Therapy device. 

Face Reality treatments and home care products are very versatile. You’re able to really customize and curate different treatments based on your clients’ concerns.” Cara Dempsey 

Thanks to Face Reality for sponsoring this content so that we can bring you Cara Dempsey’s story.

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