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The Brand That Has a “Success Team” To Help Esties Win

The Acne Expert Success Team [Success Team] at Face Reality has a singular focus and that is to help estheticians win! We discovered the Success Team on a tour of the Face Reality acne clinic and corporate office in Danville, CA. Barry visited the location in Danville with the intention of showcasing the Face Reality Acne Clinic that gave birth to the now famous acne-focused skincare line over 10 years ago. However, what he found was something totally different! 

It was during a tour of the facility with CEO Jeremy Soine, when Barry learned of the Face Reality Acne Expert Success Team. During the tour Soine dropped this bomb, “This area is for the Face Reality Acne Expert Success Team.” 

“What is a success team?” Barry asked. 

Face Reality Acne Expert Success Team

Jeremy had this to say, “Yeah, we recently realized that not many people are aware that we have this. The Success Team at Face Reality is composed of estheticians and industry professionals whose role and function is to support all of our Face Reality Acne Experts across the country with protocol and product guidance, account assistance, professional development, and general cheerleading. We know that a successful client-clearing journey can only be accomplished through the partnership with a Certified Acne Expert, and our team’s mission is to support our Acne Experts however we can, so they are empowered to take care of their client community.” 

Responsibilities of the Success Team

Barry had a chance to spend a good amount of time with the Success Team during his visit. He asked the members of Success Team to give him a run down of their overall responsibilities. This is what they had to say about their overall responsibilities.


When a skincare professional first joins Face Reality, our team assists with the initial process of establishing their account, answering any questions they have as they complete their certification training, conducting our weekly Orientation webinars, and just providing a general lay of the land, and point of contact as new Acne Experts are getting started. 

Protocol and Product Knowledge Support

A significant part of our daily interactions whether on the phone, email, or our private Facebook group is to support Acne Experts with any questions they have about protocol and product information. We also have a “Protocol Support Form” Acne Experts can access at any time to provide information about a particular client along with photos so that our team can provide efficient protocol guidance. A majority of our Acne Experts are solo practitioners so we know that having a second set of ears to bounce ideas off of for challenging client cases can be helpful in the treatment room. With 18+ collective years of experience between us, it’s really a pleasure to be able to lend our guidance and expertise in this way!

Continuing Education & Development

We support all the wider education initiatives created by Lead Educator, Alex Hernandez and Onboarding & Training Manager, Kelsey Duque, as well travel with our Face Reality trade show teams throughout the year. This year, the Acne Expert Success Team also launched our first newsletter to provide another source of insight and education to the community. 

Meeting The Success Team 

I was blown away! I was introduced to the Success Team and was really impressed with these women! I had the chance to interview several of them on camera to find out the different ways that they can support Face Reality Acne Experts.  

Kelsey Duque, LE

I met Kelsey Duque, LE who serves as the Onboarding & Training Manager. I had the chance to talk to Kelsey, who told me that treating acne can be complex, not all acne looks the same and it’s not treated the same way. She said that it’s important to identify triggers and the Success Team is available to help through that process Monday-Friday between 9am – 5pm. 

Acne Expert Success Team Kelsey

Joy Shimura, LE

During a chat with Joy Shimura, LE, the Communications Manager of the Success Team shared with me that the team is in place to help Face Reality Acne Experts create ongoing treatment plans for clients after the active acne has been cleared. 

Acne Expert Success Team Joy

Amy Zellmann, LE

I was really inspired after a chat with Amy Zellmann, LE  who serves as the Associate Manager of Growth Accounts. She gave me a great insight that the team is also available to help Face Reality Acne Experts create treatment plans for clients who aren’t dealing with any type of acne. She informed me that the Face Reality line of professional and retail products are ideal for treating all skin conditions. 

Acne Expert Success Team Amy

Michelle Parker, LE

I also met Michelle Parker, LE who serves as an Account Specialist! Michelle provides Certified Acne Experts with one-on-one guidance on how to navigate Face Reality’s Business Resource Center (exclusive for Acne Experts), building first orders, and any other business support Acne Experts might need. Along with the rest of the team, she is also on deck to help troubleshoot particularly complex cases of acne.

Acne Expert Success Team Michelle

What Face Reality Acne Experts Are Saying About The Success Team 

“I know I can rely on the Face Reality [Success Team] any time I have a question! Thank you for providing us esties a lot of support and for having great experts to answer our questions!” Margarett M.

“Always so helpful! I appreciate the quick and thoughtful messages. Thanks FR!“- Alison G 

“[The Acne Expert Success Team] always goes above and beyond!”– Christy R.

Become a Certified Face Reality Acne Expert 

If you’d like to improve your overall skin care education – then you need to take the Face Reality Acne Expert Training. Face Reality Skincare offers skincare professionals the most comprehensive online acne training available so that they can identify and treat even the most stubborn acne cases using Face Reality’s holistic treatment protocol.

Thanks to Face Reality for sponsoring this article so we can educate our community about the Face Reality Acne Expert Success Team.

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