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The Future For Skin Care Pros Is Bright Baby!

California Skincare Supply was one of the pro skincare industry leaders at Face & Body in Sacramento. This was the first year for Face & Body in Sacramento and here’s what we learned from walking the show floor and classrooms for 2 solid days:  

1. Brands were showing new professional products.
2. Classic treatments were everywhere.
3. The device segment of the industry continues to shine.

What Did Everyone Say About Face & Body’s First Sacramento Show

We polled so many of the estys, educators, and brands over the two days of the show. We had so many estheticians tell us they were thrilled Face & Body was in Sacramento, and we saw a rush of attendees in the show in the morning on the first day! 

We spoke to educators who had classes on the LIVE Stage and who taught classes in the classrooms, held on the upper floor of the convention center. They all had positive feedback about the number of attendees.  “We had over 70 people in our first class today, we’re thrilled with the turnout.” Metaxia Dalikas from Lira Clinical.”  Lashelle Ullie was at Face & Body teaching a class on Men’s Skincare and when we asked him how his class went he had this to say, “It was great, I love seeing the interest in men’s skincare.” 

Shawna Rocha from Hale & Hush told us, “This show has been great, we’ve been able to connect with so many estheticians!” Alex from Procell gave me a strong thumbs up when I asked him how the show was for their team!  Lindsay from Lilac + Flint said, “This was our first trade show ever, so we didn’t know what to expect. We met so many wonderful pros on day one and were thrilled when so many came back on day two to sign up for a Lilac + Flint professional account. 

Here’s What’s New

We love indie brands and brands that are just starting out – that’s why we fell for Lilac + Flint, we loved the duo esty team that founded this gorgeous little brand! We get pumped when we see something new from brands that we’ve known for years. The new Lira Clinical SPF ELIŌDROPS 30 sheer are a must-try! 

iLike was showing their all new Retinal Collection – we’re obsessed! 

Dawn Lorraine Skincare is showing a new pro-peel and new pro mask – that we can’t wait to get our hands on! 

We love Sorella Apothecary and swooned when they gave us their New Body Kit to try! We’re loving the all new mandelic products that we got from Glymed+. We connected with Le Mieux and learned that they have launched a new Pro Form mask collection. 

Industry Hero Treatments 

If you are looking for classic treatments to add to your skin care business, the Face & Body show in Sacramento offered that for you! We saw DMK international showcasing their Enzyme Therapy – IFYKYK! Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills showed their chemical peel that bubbles – the Champagne Peel. Jenni raved about it in her article reviewing the bubbling peel she received. Then we saw Trin Yokoyama and Jenni Tryon performing M.A.D Skincare + DermaJEM peel/hydro combo treatments at the California Skincare Supply Booth. 

Devices That Make Treatments Sing

If you’re looking for hand-held devices to use and sell – don’t sleep on ZAQ – we are obsessed with their ZAIN tool!  You can always look to give the BEST. FACIAL. EVER. with Rezenerate. Medspa Distributors was showing their MICRO-DUO, they sell two devices, Jeunesse petite and NewApeel petite that allows you to offer microcurrent and microdermabrasion to your clients. You can’t miss the EpiFusion Facial if you’re looking to create glowing results. 



Rezenerate’s benefits are as varied as the targeted serums you use in your practice. Rezenerate acts as an infusion catalyst, assisting the products and serums you are already using on your clients’ various skin issues. It assists skin care professionals by allowing for increased efficacy of the products they currently use. Whether your facial is targeting blemishes, fine lines, uneven skin tone, etc., using the Rezenerate NanoFacial System will give the short and long term improvements your clients seek. Skin care professionals across the country are raving about their never before seen results!

California Skincare Showed Out with 5 Brands 

We are so in awe of California Skincare Supply and what they’ve done over the past few years. They’ve grown immensely and the Face & Body in Sacramento really showed that! They were on hand with:

M.A.D Skincare
E.F. Tropics
Saint Minerals

Grab these brands at CSS on their extensive brands page! 

If you want a one stop show for all the brands you love – check out CSS – they have incredible education and support! They really help you grow your business and can get you to become a 6 Figure Esthetician. 

Men’s Skincare Was A Heavy Favorite 

We’ve been watching men’s treatments and products expand over the past few months! We see M.A.D Skincare’s focus on the men’s grooming game ramp up! We saw Lashelle Ullie at Face & Body teach a class on Men’s Skincare. Hale & Hush has a complete men’s facial protocol and Le Mieux just launched a men’s line! 

We love seeing the industry expand to showcase how to help estheticians grow their business. Opening up your treatment menu to different segments of the market allows you to boost sales! The men’s segment has so many options! 

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