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Earn 6 Figures With California Skincare Supply

Shop + Learn 24 Hours A Day With California Skincare Supply

California Skincare Supply is the vendor who can help you grow your business to earning 6 figures – you can learn and grow while you shop for all of your skincare and spa needs. You’re more than a customer to CSS – you’re part of an ever growing, successful family. They know a thing or two about sharing the knowledge and love of the skincare and spa industry – you see – the original owner passed the love to her daughter [Kelli] and now she’s passing it down to her daughter [Jullea].

California Skincare Supply has nearly 60 brands of skincare, makeup, bodycare, devices, supplements, and wellness products on their state of the art website that estheticians can order from 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. The website also has the CSS Learning Center and CSS Video Training that estheticians can use 24 hours a day – 7 days a week! Everything they do is designed to help estheticians find the ultimate success for their businesses.  

California Skincare Supply has been in business for 33 years and has had 3 generations of dynamic women helping skincare professionals grow and achieve incredible success. Kelli Anderson and Jullea Anderson’s sole focus is to provide their clients top notch education and support. 

If you’re an esthetician with big dreams who wants to grow a business and earn 6 figures or more – California Skincare Supply can help you achieve your goals. Kelli and Jullea provide ongoing training classes to help estheticians improve their skillset. These trainings help estheticians hone their skills and to expand the amount of services on their treatment menu. 

California Skincare Supply Sets Estheticians Up For Success 

After years of working with California Skincare Supply, Lipgloss + Aftershave has gotten to know many of California Skincare Supply’s clients. Many of their clients have run incredibly successful businesses. These estheticians have used the training and guidance of California Skincare Supply to reach and even exceed six figures in revenues for their respective businesses. 

Top 3 California Skincare Supply Six Figure Income Estheticians

california skincare supply

Katrina Yokoyama

Katrina Yokoyama is the owner of Trin Spa Skin and Wellness. She’s very active on Instagram.


“How has CSS helped you achieve success in your skincare business?”


“Kelli only brings in truly effective and active lines that provide immediate results. She does a lot of research when taking on a line which means  I don’t have to, this saves me time and helps me decide on what I should consider bringing into my practice next. CSS also provides weekly education, I’m constantly learning thus providing knowledge to my clients and I believe this makes my practice successful.” Katrina 

Carla Perez

Carla is the owner of Skin & Soul Care Haven


“How has CSS helped you achieve success in your skincare business?”


“California Skincare Supply has been a game changer for me! I have access to hundreds of products from different lines to help my clients achieve all their skin & beauty care needs!!! If I’m ever im doubt with what product will help I have 2 amazing women full of knowledge at my beck and call eager to help me! I just love CSS I wish I would have found them sooner!” Carla

Gigi from South Bay Beauty

Gigi is the owner of South Bay Beauty, Skin Rejuvenation


“How has CSS helped you achieve success in your skincare business?”


“California Skincare Supply is a key cornerstone to my business. They provide not only exceptional products and supplies, but also provide in-depth education and training for all products they carry. CSS is also very supportive on social media platforms. They have stuck with me during the pandemic and made sure I had everything I needed to stay in business. It’s a partnership and a friendship at CSS, and it’s been a pleasure from day one, and look forward to many more years to come.” Gigi

Thanks to California Skincare Supply for sponsoring this content.

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