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Brow + Lash Services – 3 Steps to Boosting Your Beauty Biz

A brow lamination and lash boom is coming –  Is your esthetics practice ready?

If you’ve scrolled through your social media feed lately, you’ve likely already noticed a huge uptick in the emphasis on bold brows and luxe lashes. From DIY tutorials on TikTok to influencers shouting out their favorite eye-enhancing makeup products on Instagram. Lately, everything is all about the eyes.

In fact, because many people are still working via Zoom or wearing face coverings on a regular basis, odds are high that clients are going to gravitate more and more towards services that enhance their most-seen features – i.e. lashes and brows.

While you may already be highly in demand for your skincare skills, there’s never been a better time to show clients that estheticians are the true masters of creating beautiful lashes and brows. If you’ve been thinking about adding these trending services to your menu, you’re going to want to keep reading. California Skincare Supply has an action plan to help you get strategic.

Step One: Get savvy about new services and what they can do for your business

Of the many options hitting the market today, two of the most popular are lash lifts and brow lamination. According to the numbers, Google is seeing nearly 15,000 hits per month for “lash lifts near me” and brow lamination is an even newer service that isn’t far behind. What this means is big business opportunities for professionals who are offering these services.

However, if you haven’t started yet, the good news is that it’s not too late. Both of these popular procedures are within your scope of practice in most states. (Check out this recent California Skincare Supply article regarding changes to the California laws governing these eyelash and brow services.) They’re also easy to learn and don’t require a hefty investment to bring into your business.

Although you don’t need additional licensure to offer lash lifting or brow lamination, proper training is a must to perform these services safely, effectively, and with stunning results. For getting certified, California Skincare Supply offers comprehensive training that can be completed both in-person and online. Check their website for the full class schedule and get signed up to learn from the experts.

Lash Lifting & Curling 101

brow lamination

What it is: For taking natural lashes to new lengths, lash lifting is a method of semi-permanently lifting the lashes, making them appear longer, fuller, and more defined. Lash lifting makes the eyes appear larger and creates an instant facelift effect. Lash Curling is a method of semi-permanently curling the lashes, giving the lashes a defined curl. Typically, lash lifting and curling results will last 4-12 weeks, making them a great option for clients who want the look of extensions, without quite as much maintenance, and is also much gentler on the lashes. Supplies you’ll need: Curl and lift glue, eyelash curl rollers and eyelash lift pads in various sizes, saline solution for cleansing, eyelash curl and lift application sticks, soft cosmetic brushes, and application mini dishes, perm and neutralizer solution.

SilcSkin eye treamtment

Brow Lamination Basics

brow lamination

What it is: For creating a full, fluffy, and beautifully defined browline, brow lamination enhances existing brows using a semi-permanent solution to manipulate the hairs and keep them locked in place. Results look super polished and professional and will last for weeks or even months at a time.

Supplies you’ll need for brow lamination: Lash and brow perm solution, eye protection pads, neutralizer solution, soft cosmetic brushes, and application mini dishes.

Where to Get Stocked Up

For eliminating the guesswork and choosing the proper professional products, California Skincare Supply has already vetted a variety of vendors and has a complete selection of the best lash lifting and brow lamination supplies. They also offer kits with absolutely everything you need to get started. Check out this lash lift kit or this lash curl kit by Refectocil that has everything you need and enough for 36 applications! Or this brow lamination kit also by Refectocil.

Kelli Anderson

Contribution by Kelli Anderson

Kelli graduated from college in 1989 and quickly realized she did not want to become an elementary school teacher. She went to work as a receptionist for her mom’s spa and quickly realized her passion for helping others feel more beautiful and confident. She decided to pursue becoming an esthetician. She received her license in 1990 and joined her mom’s team in the treatment room!

Together they specialized in treating acne, and their business grew rapidly. They then began a global search for a skin care brand with the highest level of active ingredients to make a dramatic difference for their clients suffering from acne and other multiple skin concerns. This search ultimately changed the future of their business.

They realized the need for continuing education for our industry. They decided to pursue their dream of helping other estheticians, and California Skincare Supply was born in 1990. Kelli’s daughter Jullea Anderson joined CSS in 2014, making CSS a three-generation female, family-owned business. Together they travel the U.S together working closely with estheticians and business owners, training and building relationships.

Kelli absolutely adores working and traveling with her daughter and they love educating and services their customers. California Skincare Supply provides the Estheticians Edge and is a leader in providing the absolute best skincare and equipment brands at wholesale to our Esthetician community.

Step Two: Position yourself as the go-to beauty expert customers are searching for

Ready for more good news? These services are super versatile and marketable. Both are quick and easy to execute, meaning they can be performed as standalone offerings or as an add-on to your other treatment room staples such as facials and waxing. They also pair perfectly with lash and brow tinting for the full works. (And even more add-on potential!)

Once you’ve perfected your technique by getting trained, you’ll want to start to generate a buzz about your new offerings. As a beauty expert in your community, customers are likely already looking to you for advice on how to look great and stay on-trend. All you have to do is spread the word.

Using all of your usual marketing resources, including social media, newsletters, and other email blasts, you can bring your clients up to speed on all the benefits of lash lifting and brow lamination. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Budget-friendly – Compared to other popular procedures like lash extensions and microblading, lash lifting and laminated brows are incredibly affordable. Even if you already offer more high-end services, you may have some clients who are looking for a less cost-prohibitive alternative. By offering multiple options on your menu, you stand to gain and retain more business.
  • Quick and painless – Another perk of brow lamination and lash lifting is that these services are very safe, time-efficient, and non-invasive. Clients will love that they can get in and out of your treatment room, skip the downtime, and still achieve the effortless eye-catching looks they covet.
  • Amazing outcomes – Speaking of turning heads, have you seen the before & afters from a lash lift or brow lamination? The benefits are instant and Insta-worthy, so don’t forget to take pictures of your work and share them with all your clients. These services produce a serious wow-factor and will essentially sell themselves.

Step Three: Set clients up for the best results ever with additional home care add-ons

Of course, an esthetician’s job is never complete until you’ve given your clients the right tools to care for their brows and lashes post-treatment. Providing your clients with aftercare advice and perfect products not only boosts your bottom line but also ensures the kind of results that get noticed. (Hello, more rebookings and referrals!)

For lash lift services, Lashes MD is a great choice that helps build lash length and volume and enhances the look of lifting and curling even more. It is prostaglandin-free and pH balanced to be non-irritating to the eyes.

Or for brow lamination, we love HowNowBrowMD, which encourages growth and supports a full, beautiful browline. Color options include Bleach Blonde, Downtown Mocha Brown, Double Espresso, and Tru Bru. 

You can find these and more lash and brow products on the California Skincare Supply website.

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