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Surgeons Know – World’s Easiest Eye Treatment

Silicone pads. You’ve heard of these? Surgeons recommend them after surgery – they recommend that patients use them on the incision wound to prevent scarring.

The Science of Silicone Pads 

Ever wonder why they recommend silicone pads for use after surgery? Medical grade silicone pads have been used by doctors to treat scarring and burns.

Pressure from the silicone pads stimulates collagen and cell growth. Silicone draws the skin’s moisture to the surface.

Silicone Pads
silicone pads

Beauty Guru Camille Calvet Has Genius Idea

Multiple Emmy Award-Winning makeup artist Camille Calvet had a genius light bulb thought! What if we used silicone pads on wrinkles?  If they stimulate collagen for and draw moisture to scars………

“Won’t silicone pads do the same thing for wrinkles?” Camille Calvet

Her hunch was right on the money! Silicone Pads treat scars in the same manner as wrinkles. The new collagen and moisture plump out wrinkles.

Camille was using silicone pads as part of special effects makeup on the set of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and she noticed that the actors’ skin was smooth and wrinkle-free after removing the silicone prosthetics for the characters on the show.

One particular instance she was working on Rob Lowe, who had just woken up from a nap – she applied a silicone pad under his eyes and it took the wrinkles away. It was then that she knew she was onto something!

Camille Created An Under Eye Treatment For While You Sleep

silicone pads

Why SilcSkin Silicone Pads are World’s Easiest Eye Treatment 

Whenever you have clients who are unhappy with their under-eye area one of the easiest tools you can give them to use are the SilcSkin Eye Pads. Clients can use these under their eyes at night while they sleep! Be sure to tell them to avoid applying any serums, eye creams, or moisturizer under the Eye Pad. SilcSkin insists that there is no product under the Eye Pad for best results.

Silicone Pads

What I love more than the before and after results of SilcSkin Silicone Pads are the countless testimonials from advanced medical estheticians around the country.

I’ve been in conversations with medical estheticians, nurse injectors, and day spa owners from all over the country, and when I mention SilcSkin, I get a resoundingly positive response to the effectiveness of the product!

They just work!

Barry Eichner

Co-Founder, Lipgloss + Aftershave

Cassie Randolph’s Favorite Beauty Find

SilcSkin is so proud to have a very public fan!

Cassie Randolph from the Bachelor made Instagram Reel that showed her love of SilcSkin.

Cassie was excited to let the world know that SilcSkin silicone pads were one of her favorite beauty finds!

Thank you to SilcSkin for sponsoring this content.

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