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4 Effective Anti-Cellulite Spa Treatments

Featuring Aqua Laure Spa, Circadia, Institut’ DERMed + SculptICE

Aqua Laure Spa, Circadia, Institut’ DERMed and SculptICE have anti-cellulite spa treatments that make ideal “New Year – New You” treatments in January!

We all know that January is when everyone wants to reset – and commit to a healthier lifestyle.  The New Year’s resolutions that are made usually always include: getting in shape, dropping a few pounds, toning up, getting fit, or something similar.

Your clients who have been cooped up in doors for months and months will have inevitably put on a few extra pounds.  They will see January 2021 as the time to grow and flourish out of a pandemic.  They’ll be looking for wellness opportunities and there’s no better place to find wellness than in the trained hands of professional estheticians.

Part 2 of 3 Series Of Body Contouring Articles

Part 1 – 5 Devices For Fat Reduction + Cellulite Treatments

There are so many topics to discuss when it comes to body contouring.  There are fat reduction and cellulite treatments that require devices.  There are spa body treatments that can be performed by estheticians and massage therapists using products and implements. Finally, there are home care products and treatments that spas and treatment providers can sell to clients for home use. We will cover all of these topics in this series.

Cellulite is not an indication of an unhealthy lifestyle.  It’s also not an indication of being over weight. Cellulite is simply fat cells that are bulging through fascia.  It’s more prevalent in women because women have criss cross shaped fascia which makes it easier for the fat cells to bulge through and become visible.

These series of article will focus on shaping and contouring the body using devices and treatments.  The series will also focus on topical products that will help to reduce the size of fat cells using active ingredients to flush them.

Be Well W Barry

Lipgloss + Aftershave is committed to wellness. We created Be Well W Barry, a dedicated column to fitness, yoga, holistic healing, bodywork, nutrition and supplements.  We even have free workouts from nationally respected personal trainers.

4 Anti-Cellulite Spa Treatments

Aqua Laure Spa, Circadia, Institut’ DERMed, + SculptICE


We love these ice body treatments.  These treatments are made from clay, essential oils, herbal infusions and other deliciousness.  The blocks are frozen and then used as a tool to sculpt the body.

If you want to learn more about how this incredible treatment works – you can go to SculptICE.com!

Be sure to tell Ania and the team (who are amazing at customer service) that Barry + Jenni From Lipgloss + Aftershave sent you!



Aqua Laure Spa Slimming Body Wrap

If you’re looking for something that not everyone else has, look at this Aqua Laure Spa Slimming Body wrap.  This is a multi-step scrub and wrap that will firm and tone the body! This treatment has many benefits -Stimulates Metabolism, Removes Toxins, Hydrates, Remineralization, Stimulates Blood Flow, and Tissue Oxygenation.

Want more information on the Aqua Laure Spa’s Exfoliating Effervescent Gel, Slimming & Firming Algae powder and Detox & Firming Veil products? Reach out to the girl power team at California Skincare Supply!

Aqua Laure Spa Recommends Pressotherapy

Aqua Laure Spa recommends Pressotherapy after their body treatment.  Pressotherapy is ideal for after any anti-cellulite or fat reduction treatment.  If you’re not familiar – get to know Pressotherapy.

DermJEM offers Pressotherapy  – lean more about it at DermaJEM.COM.  Tell Elizabeth and Jamie that Barry and Jenni told you to ask them about it.


Circadia Hot Chocolate—Winter Warming Body Ritual

New for 2020 this incredibly delicious new treatment from Circadia is LIFE!  Michael and his team created a full-body head to toe treatment!  It’s a facial with an anti-cellulite body treatment included!  Genius right?

Come in from the cold and warm up with Circadia’s Signature Hot Chocolate Body treatment. The Warmth of the wrap will leave you relaxed and ready for your Cocoa and Whip Facial.

Want to know more?  Reach out to the team at Circadia and tell them you saw their new Circadia Hot Chocolate—Winter Warming Body Ritual on Lipgloss + Aftershave. 



The team at Institut’ DERMed have created an incredible treatment.  Perfectly packaged for you in a lipo kit! This treatment includes a little glycolic exfoliation, a warming wrap and a generous amount of nourishing hydration!

Want to learn more about CELLULITERX?  Reach out to the amazing team at Institut’ DERMed, ask them about the lipo kit that was on Lipgloss + Aftershave!

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