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Aesthetic + Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress Collabs with Lipgloss + Aftershave

The AMWC Miami [Aesthetic + Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress] was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, February 22 – 24, 2024. 

The AMWC is the world leader in evidence-based aesthetic and anti-aging education. It offers a global exchange of ideas and education.

The AMWC Miami 2024 offers evidence-based, cutting-edge scientific content, for all medical + spa skin care aesthetic practitioners. From nonsurgical to minimally invasive treatments, regenerative aesthetics, anti-aging therapies, sexual health, and personalized nutrition, this program covers it all! Plus, valuable business and practice management education.

L+A Spots Medical + Spa Skin Care Trends at AMWC Miami 2024

Lipgloss + Aftershave attended AMWC Miami 2024. This was just a few weeks after our trip to the U.K. and Europe where we met with medical + spa skin care distributors in London and then attended IMCAS Paris 2024. During these trips, L+A  interviewed distributors in London in order to learn what was trending in the U.K. market. L+A also sat in on several press conferences at IMCAS Paris 2024 and met with international distributors and global device and cosmeceutical manufacturers to uncover 5 Global Skin Care Trends in Paris.

During our tour of the exhibit hall at AMWC Miami 2024, we saw injectables and devices continue to dominate the market. Fillers and neurotoxins were shown by several major brands. LED Light Therapy, Imaging Technology, Lasers, Body Contouring, Needling, and Radiofrequency devices were everywhere. 

Celluma LED Light Therapy, Candella, Sciton, Emerald, Aerolase, and Canfield Scientific were showcasing the latest device technology. Allergan Aesthetics was showcasing devices, dermal fillers, and of course, BOTOX! Galderma was there with their range of injectables and their skincare brand Alastin! 

AMWC Miami 2024 Shows A Major US Medical + Spa Skin Care Trend 

The day that L+A spent at the Aesthetic + Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress [AMWC Miami 2024] solidified what we learned in London + Paris. However, there was a trend we spotted in Miami that we think is going to have a huge impact on the medical + spa skin care market. But this wasn’t even the most exciting part of the day. 

One exciting session we observed at AMWC was a panel discussion on the main show floor on the topic of AI in the industry. AI was a huge topic of conversation at IMCAS in Paris. The speakers we observed in Paris discussed the use of AI in the industry and how it can impact patient perceptions. The speakers also discussed ethics of practitioners using AI. At AMWC, the panel discussed practical uses of AI in helping to market businesses, and how to use AI responsibly in improving efficiencies in many of the creative functions of a medical / spa skin care business.  

Exosomes Are The Hot Ingredient 

We saw exosomes at AMWC Miami 2023, this was the first major industry event that L+A saw this ingredient. This year, we saw at least 7 brands in the exhibit hall that were showcasing exosomes. We met with AGF Mesenchymal®, during our visit. 

The team from this brand gave us a description of the exosomes that we loved: 

“Exosomes are ​​extracellular vesicles secreted by mesenchymal stem cells. They allow intercellular communication, these vesicles are related to different cellular processes, both proliferation and control of cell activity, inside are proteins, lipids, and other important nutritional factors for cells. Exosomes are between 30 and 150 nanometers in size, due to their small size they have a great capacity to be entered by the cells of the dermis and epidermis.”  

L+A also learned from NIH.Gov, “In contrast to stem cells, exosomes cannot self-replicate, eliminating concerns about potential tumor formation after stem cell transplantation. Exosomes are also stable enough for long-term frozen storage and storage at room temperature after lyophilization.”

The overwhelming modality that we’re seeing exosomes being paired with is microneedling. Professionals are incorporating exosomes into the needling treatment to help ensure fast and effective delivery of the product to the skin. You can even use them with microchanneling and ultrasound. 

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