A Facial Better than Chocolate + Peanut Butter


Are you old enough to remember the commercials from the 80’s about Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? If you are, you’ll want to pay close attention to this article!

So, in the 80’s there was a commercial where a man and woman collide while casually strolling down the street. He’s eating a chocolate bar – she’s eating from a large jar of peanut butter and they collide….

Guy Says: “Hey, you got your peanut butter in my chocolate!”  

Girl Says :  “Hey, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter!”  

I mean other than the fact that this woman is randomly walking down the street eating from a large jar labeled “Peanut Butter”, you can almost believe this can actually happen.

Bottom line – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So a peanut butter cup is so much better than peanut butter or chocolate by themselves.  This combination has been my favorite mash up ever! Until I got an email from Acupuncture Off Broad about one of their treatments “Facial Acupuncture and Microcurrent.”  

Wait – What?

You may not know that I’m obsessed with acupuncture.  Nothing works to fix the strains and pulls from lifting like acupuncture. You should also know that I’m in love with microcurrent – I’ve written countless stories and discussed all the benefits!

Eva Zeller Co-Owner Acupuncture Off Broad Lipgloss Aftershave Well now my two loves are together in one treatment at Acupuncture Off Broad.  I was so excited to meet Eva Zeller, Co-Owner of Acupuncture Off Broad and Facial Acupuncture guru!  She’s been performing facial acupuncture for 15 years and has been combining it with microcurrent for 2 years.  


Facial Acupuncture Explained

Eva told me that, “Ultimately, much of facial aging is caused by the deterioration of the collagen network that holds everything tight and snug when we’re young. Serious wrinkles won’t respond much to acupuncture. However, acupuncture can improve the body’s ability to clear excess fluid from under the eyes, thereby reducing puffiness resulting from too much salt in the diet, insufficient sleep, allergies, or tight jaw muscles interfering with lymphatic drainage. Facial acupuncture is also surprisingly effective in firming up a jawline made jowly by muscles shortened from all those hours we spend looking down at our computers and phones.  The most noticeable benefit, though, is a more refreshed, glowing complexion.”


Why Add Microcurrent To Acupuncture?

I asked her about the benefits of adding microcurrent to the treatment?  She explained that, “Microcurrent will bring extra Qi, (life force energy flow) into the meridians of the face, to give you an extra glow.”  Who doesn’t love a little extra glow??

NuFace Microcurrent in Acupuncture Treatment Lipgloss Aftershave

We’ve had Cherie Callahan, from Success Through Active Listening tell us that, “Microcurrent is like they gym for your facial muscles.  It gives muscles a workout so they can be a strong foundation for your skin.” A good workout; extra glow; microcurrent is amazing for the skin.”

Pinpointed Microneedling

As Eva was inserting the needles into the deep furrows on my forehead and in the deep parentheses lines around my mouth, she explained that this would help to stimulate collagen production.  It’s essentially very pinpointed microneedling. As the area heals from the the controlled wound, collagen growth is stimulated which helps to firm and tighten the skin.

What To Expect

I asked Eva what I could expect after one treatment.  She explained, “Some people see results right away and especially with microcurrent, most people look extra great.  For the more long lasting effects, usually after the 5th visit, clients have reported back that friends take notice.”  She recommends that clients come in for 10-12 treatments. Once or twice a week.

Jade Roller For Acupuncture Treatment Lipgloss Aftershave

As with any type of advanced treatment, you need to take precautions and make sure it’s safe.  I was curious about contraindications. Eva explained that it’s not recommended for clients who have BOTOX, are pregnant or who have just had a facelift.  

“WHAT?  Why no BOTOX?”, I asked.

She chuckled.  “This treatment increases blood flow and lymphatic flow in the face and it will increase the rate at which the Botox dissipates in your facial muscles.”  Ok, that makes sense. Botox is too expensive to flush it away.

There are so many options to improving your skin.  Great skincare products, advanced devices, amazing skincare treatments and now you can add facial acupuncture to the list of options available to improve skin.  This treatment is based on an ancient modality and modern technology. It harnesses Qi and brings is bursting into your skin for a radiant, refreshed glow and stimulation!  If you want to try this amazing treatment you can book an appointment at Acupuncture Off Broad or find an acupuncture practitioner here.

Acupuncture Off Broad Lipgloss Aftershave Treatment

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