Madonna, What The F*&k?


Wait, did you read the title differently?  You many want to consult your spiritual advisor because your mind went to a bad place.  I mean really…. We’re here to talk about anti-aging skincare!


But first, a little about the queen.


I grew up in the 80’s, a fledgling little gay boy on a farm in central Pennsylvania and nothing made me come alive like watching Madonna!  It’s like it was just yesterday, when I was 16 watching the Open Your Heart Video on MTV and was obsessed with Madonna. Cut to 32 years later…Madonna and I are in the same boat.  We’re both working overtime to make sure we don’t look …. like it’s 32 years later…




Now your asking, what in the hell is she doing?  She’s having one of my favorite anti-aging treatments –  Microcurrent. But not just any microcurrent, she’s having NeurotriS microcurrent with their now famous Pico Probes, the multi-channel 4 prong facial sculpting probes for their SX-3800 device. I ask you, don’t we look like twins?



Now at this point you should be asking yourself –  if Madonna – who is how old these days… like 60? A woman who is worth $600 million dollars (give or take a few million). This woman can literally get any anti-aging treatment she wants – ask yourself this:

“Why is Madonna copying Barry and getting the same amazing anti-aging treatment?”



Ok, I can’t and won’t speak for Madonna.  I mean, she’s Madonna and can do whatever she wants.  But I can tell you that I am obsessed with Microcurrent.  Truly one of the most effective anti-aging skincare treatments available.  The NeurotriS devices have some of the most effective results that I’ve ever seen. 4 years ago in Las Vegas, I was given “Fork Facial” on one half of my face, using the NeurotriS Pico Probes.  I was astounded at how much “lift” I noticed around my eyes. I reached out to the team at NeurotriS and asked them to break it down for me.  Cherie Callahan, who owns Success Through Active Listening, a company that partners with NeurotriS to provide product training and education, spent some time with me.



The most important points that Cherie brought up during our chat in the video were that as estheticians, “we work on the skin and make the skin beautiful, get good texture and color, all that’s going well, but that skin is sitting on top of muscle baby, and if that muscle atrophies, everything comes down.”

Cherie went on to explain to me, “Microcurrent is like a personal trainer for your facial muscles. It’s a workout for your facial muscles to tone and tighten them.”

Microcurrent from NeurotriS also improves the circulation to the facial skin and muscles. All of that oxygenation works to improve their overall health. However, not all microcurrent is created equally.  NeurotriS has patented technology that provides a totally unique microcurrent experience that sets them apart from their competition.





I asked Cherie Callahan if NeurotriS Microcurrent was all someone needs for glowing, amazing, younger looking skin.  She gave me an emphatic answer! “No, patients will see at least 30% – 40% better results if their skin is brought into homeostasis before performing microcurrent.”  I asked her to elaborate on that. She went on to say that, “Estheticians need to use high quality skincare products in treatment and for their recommended home care.  They need to work with their clients to get their skin into best shape, and then perform microcurrent.”



It’s pretty simple to understand.  As we age, the systems in our skin slow down.  The skin stops producing stem cells and hyaluronic acid after age 35.  Gravity is an ever present force that causes skin and muscle to sag. The bottom line: microcurrent from NeurotriS combined with highly effective skincare products will help to improve the skin function.  The patented NeurotriS technology will help to tone the facial muscles to give you a lift.

Get NeurotriS for your skincare practice and help your clients to look as good as Madonna and me…

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