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6 At Home Exfoliating Secrets That The Pros LOVE!

At Home Exfoliating Tips

Need at home exfoliating tips? We’ve got some of the best advice for you! If you want to get a glow like every celebrity that you see online – WITHOUT a filter – pay attention!  Skin can’t glow with a layer of dead cells on top! That’s just science! It’s like fog on a mirror!

Clients can get all of the chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and microneedling treatments from skin care professionals – BUT – if they’re not using at home exfoliating products – their skin is not gonna glow! The proper type and amount of, at home exfoliating, depends on what’s happening with each client’s skin.  Some clients need more, some clients need less, some clients need to be very gentle, while others can go deep and hard.  It all depends on their skin situation.

No worries – we’ve got 6 at home exfoliating tips that will help every client on your list!


6 At Home Exfoliating Tips

There’s Something For Everyone

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#1 Microdermabrasion Holistic Cream - Nature Pure

You can go deep with this scrub!  Just ask Jenni about it and listen to her rave!

Microdermabrasion Holistic Cream is a handcrafted formula evenly and thoroughly polishes skin with the exclusive green exfoliator blend of Ecoscrub, Jojoba Beads, and Pumice Powder. It gently, yet effectively buffs away surface dead skin cells and impurities to reveal silky smooth skin. The perfectly balanced therapeutic botanical combination of Milk ThistleBlackberryHorse ChestnutCalendulaMoringa and Cannabis Sativa herbs enrich skin with cell repairing antioxidants, omegas, and CBD to deliver immediate results.

Appropriate for most skin. Immediately improves uneven texture and complexion.

#2 Cherry Pepper Peel - Sorella Apothecary

It sounds like someone I used to date – really sweet but had a bit of a bite!  Sorella says this has a slightly sweet tingle.  Which just makes you want to try it!

The Cherry Pepper Peel will help you get your glow back. This active herbal exfoliant that’s loaded with hydrating ingredients to balance the skin while providing a deep yet gentle pore cleanse. This peel smooths and re-texturizes with capsaicin, vitamin C and honey.

#3 Retinol 2% - California Skincare Supply

This is not for everyone.  If you have sensitive clients, you’ll want to skip this at home exfoliating produt!

Youth Transformation Pro-Retinol Complex Serum 2% delivers a high level of Retinol to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, rough skin and other skin imperfections. This transformative serum also provides hydration brightens skin making it the perfect addition to any skin care routine for multiple skin conditions including acne prone skin. This product is paraben free and does not contain any chemical colorants.

For Best Use: As part of a regular skin care routine, cleanse face with M.A.D Age Diffusing Cleanser, pat dry. Tone with M.A.D Anti-Aging Glycolic Toner. Apply Youth Transformation Retinol Complex Serum 2% to face and décolleté, avoiding direct contact with eyes. For optimal results, follow with Transforming Daily Moisturizer.

#4 Illuminating Facial Polish - KM Herbals

“If I had to pick a favorite facial scrub – this would be on the short list!” Barry!  Honestly, this product has a rich and nourishing cream base, with INTOXICATING essential oils for fragrance and therapeutic effect, but has a good manual scrub exfoliant, which makes it a great at home exfoliating option.

Soothing extracts of Hops and Lavender paired with the gentle granules of Bamboo stem make this lightweight exfoliating crème a wonderful rejuvenating skin treatment for dull, congested, and even sensitive skin. Based in Golden Jojoba Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, and Seaweed extract, this formula immediately replenishes freshly exfoliated skin, protecting it from dryness and improving texture. Additionally, Sea Buckthorn and Lemon help to clarify and brighten, balancing skin tone and improving the look of discoloration and scarring.

#5 Queen's Cloth - Queen City Beauty Group

If you have clients who don’t need a strong at home exfoliating option – this is your go-to!  You can also give this to your clients who need a more aggressive at home exfoliating option too!  You can gently whisk away dirt, debris and excess pre-cleanse oil with The Queen’s Cloth.  However, you can apply a deeper amount of pressure to help clean off skin that has a heavier layer of sebum, dirt, and debris to remove.

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#6 Green Tea Nutrient Scrub

This is a great at home exfoliating spa treatment.  It’s a combo product.  You get a manual scrub and an enzyme peel all in one!

The Green Tea Nutrient Scrub is an all NEW FORMULA … VEGAN  +GLUTEN, DAIRY SOY & NUT OIL FREE – Antioxidant rich gentle exfoliating gelee with Sustainable Bamboo Fibers, Beet Sugar, Manuka Honey and Fruit Enzymes.  This product can be left on the skin for 10-20 minutes for an at home enzyme facial treatment… making it a scrub and masque all in one!!!

Thank you to kmherbals, nature pure, queen city beauty group, dawn lorraine skincare, california skincare supply and sorella apothecary for sponsoring this article.

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