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5 Tips For Glowing Skin. Acids, Enzymes, Oxygen and More

5 Tips For Glowing Skin. Acids, Enzymes, Oxygen and More

What causes glowing skin?

Everyone wants glowing skin!  An esthetician once told me if you really want to have glowing skin – go for a quick run!  The extra blood flow will help improve your luminosity!  We all want that rosey cheeked glow that you get when you just step out of a hot shower!  But the question is, how do we get and keep that freshly showered, post-run glow?

Make Your Skin Clear and Glowing

Um hello, it’s like all of our jobs to make skin clear and glowing!  We know this and we get this!  We’re here for you.  We have some amazing ideas.  We understand that our clients come to us for treatments and product advice to get clean, clear glowing skin.  However, in all honesty, skin care treatments and skin care products are only part of the equation.  A healthy diet, lots of water and getting enough rest also play a huge role in getting glowing skin!

I mean… if you want that Bae Glow – you will def need to lay off the processed and fast food and increase that water intake!  But may we also recommend some spa treatments and some home care?

Spa Treatmnts To Get Beautiful Skin!

I mean, duh!  Let’s get that skin in tip top shape!  Get on that treatment table and let us at that skin.  No matter what the skin condition – we’ve got a skin care treatment that will ensure you’ve got glowing skin!  Maybe you need a peel or microderm?  Maybe an good enzyme  is all you need?  How about a hydrating mask?  Or maybe microneedling or microcurrent or some combination of all of these!  Jenni had an entire assortment of modalities when she had her Spa Treatments To Get Beautiful Skin

Want Your Spa Clients To Have Glowing Skin?  Help Them Improve Their Skin Complexion This Winter

Getting a glow in the summer is so much easier than in the winter! Let’s face it, a summer glow, almost just happens!  Its warmer out, we’re more active, there’s a bit of a sun-kiss to our skin tone.  But winter is evil.  It just sucks the glow right out of your skin. Have no fear – need  about 15 recommendations for amazing skin care to give you a glow?  We’re here for you.  Check out our Winter Skin Care Guide.

If you’re headed out to holiday parties and want to make sure you have glowing skin all night long, be sure to follow our Holiday Beauty Party Prep Tips! 

This Week’s POP! 5 Tips To Get Glowing Skin This Winter

We promise that you can use these 5 products in your spa treatments and recommend them for your clients’ home care!  Glowing skin for the holidays and the new year can happen!  These advanced peels, organic enzymes and sophisticated ingredient technology in these skin care products will get that skin into a healthy state!

#1 Oxygen Power Booster – GLYMED PLUS

Add the Oxygen Power Booster from GLYMED PLUS  into your professional treatment products to add a brightening boost!  It provides more oxygen supply for cutaneous cells necessary for cell energy, protein cytoglobin to transport oxygen to fibroblasts and homeostasis. Oxygen Power Booster Additive will customize all your Oxygen or Professional Treatments and can be added to most GlyMed Plus cleansers, masques, peels & exfoliants to instantly dencrustate pores & kill acne causing bacteria. Also customize treatment and moisture cream formulas by adding oxygen powder to power up oxygen in these products.

#2 UV Remedy Peel – MedSpa Distributors

Nothing kills a glow like dark spots!  Boo!  Want to knock out UV Damage?  The UV Remedy Peel from MedSpa Distributors The strongest UV rays are emitted during the Spring and Summer months. With that said, why not make peels and UV remedying as prevalent as pumpkin spice during the Fall and Winter months in the skin care world?!? Clients can sip their pumpkin spice lattes or peppermint mocha’s while reducing the appearance of dark spots and premature aging from UV sun damage.

#3 Honey Enzyme Serum – Dawn Lorraine Skincare

Want to “de-gunk” the skin with something organic and gentle?  The get into the Honey Enzyme Serum – Dawn Lorraine Skincare.  It’s GLUTEN, DAIRY, SOY & NUT OIL FREE!  So it’s good for anyone who suffers from those allergies.  This luxurious light exfoliating serum with nutrient rich wild blossom honey is good for all skin types and gives glowing skin because of, Wild Harvested Blossom Honey, Papaya  Enzyme, Pineapple Enzyme  and Aloe Vera.

#4 Charcoal Mask – GINAMARIE Skincare

Need to detox the skin?  Then grab a head band, a cup of tea and the Charcoal Mask from GINAMARIE Skincare. This mask will detox the skin cells with the cleansing properties of charcoal, but will also hydrate!  Formulated to deep cleanse, exfoliate and calm the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant rich ingredients.  Apply a light amount of the Hydrating Charcoal Mask with a facial applicator brush over entire face, avoiding the eye area. Let sit approximately 15 minutes. 

#5 Blush – Advanced Mineral Makeup

Real Talk – what God and good skincare can’t give you – Blush from Advanced Mineral Makeup can give you!  Need to make sure you’ve got a just a bit more color that a good facial and a hot shower will provide.  You know what we mean… Want to wow them with great hair, glowing skin and that perfectly blown out hair? Add a little blush from Advanced Mineral and you’ll out shine every girl there, in the most polite and kind way ever!  

Glowing Skin Home Skin Care Routines

Glowing skin happens by design, not by accident.  A daily skin care routine along with a healthy lifestyle is very important.  Getting a professional skin care treatment on a regular basis is also crucial, but can not be a substitute for good skin care products being used every day.  

Thanks to Advanced Mineral Makeup, Gina Marie Skincare, Dawn Lorraine Skincare, MedSpa Distributors and GLYMED PLUS  for sponsoring this article.  

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