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California Skincare Supply – The Professional’s Skincare Shopping Mall

30 Day Skincare Challenge – Barry’s California Skincare Supply Review


Asking me to review California Skincare Supply is like asking a French person to review Paris.  Duh, I love everything, which is exactly what you expect from Kelli and Jullea Anderson, the mother/daughter duo who are currently running California Skincare Supply.  Jullea is the 3rd generation to work inside this female, family owned business.

I’ve been trusting California Skincare Supply to do, well, just about anything they want to my skin for almost 5 years!   There was the time they did a 3 layer peel that included a microneedling alternative – this treatment SIZZLED!

Then there was the time we cocktailed multiple chemical peels and multiple treatment masks  to create a treatment that could revive the most damaged skin!

California Skincare Supply Microneedling Alternative Peel

Here’s a quick video that showcases that 2B Bio Peel that is a great micrneedling alternative!  It’s great to do on its own or you can layer in a few chemical peels to add some heat!

I love the team at California Skincare Supply – you have access to a one stop shop for 20+ brands and all of their top notch educaiton!   You’re also more than a client – you’re family!
Barry Eichner

Lipgloss + Aftershave

Barry’s California Skincare Supply Daily Routine

Shir Radiance
Deep Foaming Cleanser

Emergency Eye Lift Serum
Vitamin C Reversal Serum

M.A.D Skincare
Daytime Defense Shielding Moisturizer
Photo Guard SPF 30 Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer



Shir Radiance
Deep Foaming Cleanser

Illuminating Eye Serum

Bright White Serum
Nighttime Repair Plus

3 X A Week Mini Nighttime Treatment 

Pure AHA Treatment Scrub

2B Bio
Bio Enzyscrub

France Laure
Illuminate Purity Effervescent Mask

I’ve listed out individual California Skincare Supply Product reviews of each product in the list of products below.

Barry's Complete List Of California Skincare Supply Products

Shir Radiance Deep Foaming Cleanser

“It’s foamy and delicious!  Super creamy on the skin, feels like silk! The slight fragrance of citrus is refreshing and not overwhelming.”  Barry

Deep Foaming Cleanser Benefits:
• pH balanced foaming provides a gentle, yet deep pore cleansing, removing impurities without drying out the skin.
• Accelerated removal of old skin cells allows better absorption of topical creams.
• Enhanced cell renewal process leaves skin hydrated and supple.

Circadia - Emergency Eye Lift Serum

“While using these produts, I had laser skin tightening on my eyes and loved using this serum to make sure that I was giving the collagen in my eye area, everything it needed to come back with a vengance and firm up the skin under my eyes.”  Barry

This crystal clear gel instantly tightens and lifts the eye area, plumping fine lines for a younger look. In addition to the quick action, Emergency Eye Lift also offers long term benefits to maintain a youthful look over time. Recommended for all skin types, particularly effective for those with crows feet.

Feature Ingredients and their Known Benefits:

Sodium Hyaluronate – Binds moisture, soothing

Panthenol (provitamin B5) – Regenerative, soothing

Pentacare (Hydrolyzed gluten and Ceratonia Siliqua Gum) – Skin tightner with instant feel, moisturizing and film forming

Pephatight (Microalgae extract) – Immediate skin-tightening effect and long-term firming effect, stimulates formation of collagen I

Distinctive Phytostem Gardenia stem cell extract (Gardenia jasminoides meristem cell culture) – Rich in moisturizing phytosterols and polysaccharides, along with antioxidative phenlypropanoids (e.g. feruloyl-6-glucoside), protects the skin’s extra-cellular matrix from degradation by MMPs and stimulates collagen production

Circadia - Vitamin C Reversal Serum

“This serum is a 2’fer!  You get the lovely benefits of Vitamin C along with the plumping benefits of the Hyaluronic Acid.”  Barry

This age defying Vitamin C Reversal serum us an essential treatment for anyone with mature or pre-maturing skin! It contains the most stable and active form of Vitamin C to increase the firmness of skin and neutralize free radicals. This soft, silky serum also contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 to hydrate and smooth. Recommended for all skin types, but is particularly effective for those in need of connective tissue rebuilding and restructuring.

Feature Ingredients and their Known Benefits:

Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C) – A biologically active form of Vitamin C that inhibits the breakdown of collagen

Sodium hyaluronate – Binds, moisturizes and soothes

Panthenol – Provitamin B5, regenerative and soothing


• Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate appears to have the same potential as other forms of Vitamin C, to boost skin collagen synthesis, but is effective in significantly lower concentrations.

• Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is converted to natural acid Vitamin C in the skin.

• Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant.


M.A.D Skincare - Daytime Defense Shielding Moisturizer

“Super light weight lotion that just disapears into the skin.”  Barry

This ultra light weight day moisturizer, provides cell detoxifiers, oxygen boosters and peptides to effectively protect skin cells. Skin will feel quenched, nourished and fortified without leaving a greasy or sticky residue. This product is paraben free and does not contain any chemical colorants.

Action Ingredients:

• Pollution Defense Peptide– Enhances the function of skin to help eliminate toxins and minimize damaging effects of physical and emotional stress. It also guards against free radical damage.

• Cellular Enhancing Isoflavones- These organic compounds help to reduce the breakdown of collagen and prevent fats in the skin from forming aggressive compounds. Also helps to improve skin breakdown due to environmental stress.

• Cell Detoxifiers- A blend of natural extracts including cranberry, apple and phellodendron which help to rid the skin of damaging toxins and help to combat environmental and emotional stress.

• Oxygen Boosters – Help to enhance and improve skin circulation and boost immunity for overall cellular health.



M.A.D Skincare - Photo Guard SPF 30 Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer

“I’m an SPF PIA – that’s right, I’m a pain in the A** when it comes to finding an SPF that I love.  Can’t be too thick! It’ can’t have “that” spf “smell”.  It’ can’t leave a white cast. I don’t love tinted at all.  This SPF fits all of my PIA needs.  Trust it to make, even your pickiest customers happy!”  Barry


Shir-Gold - Illuminating Eye Serum

“Love the roller ball applictor.  Make it super easy to apply.” Barry

Shir-Gold Illuminating Eye Serum:
• Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Helps to brighten, lift and hydrate the eye area
• Keeps the eye area hydrated

Formulated with 24K gold, this eye serum combines hydrating, anti-puffiness and nourishing ingredients to provide the most effective anti-aging eye treatment.


Circadia - Bright White Serum

“Using this on the dark spots on my forehead and top of my head.” Barry

This ultra lightweight milky serum is specially formulated with potent antioxidants and inhibitors of melanin production to brighten the skin and diminish the appearance of hyper pigmentation, age spots, sun spots, uneven pigmentation and post pregnancy melasma. This versatile serum can be worn under daily moisturizer or sunscreen and is gentle and safe.

Feature Ingredients and their Known Benefits:

Regufade (Trans-Resveratrol) – Powerful skin brightener.

BV-OSC (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) – Oil-soluble vitamin C ester that is highly stable and reduces melanin synthesis.

Vitamin E acetate (Alpha-tocopherol acetate) – Very powerful fat-soluble antioxidant that protects cellular membranes from free radicals.

Phenylethyl Resorcinol (SymWhite) – Tyrosinase inhibitor, skin lightener and antioxidant.

Marrubium Stem cell extract – Rich in phenylpropanoids (i.e. forsythoside B and verbacoside) which are defensive molecules that protect the skin against oxidants and activate the skin’s self-defense systems.

Tyrostat-11(Rumex Occidentalis extract) – Inhibits tyrosinase, limits tanning, anti-erythemia effect, age spot reduction.

Circadia - Nighttime Repair Plus

“I’ve used this product many times in the past.  It’s kind of confusing – it’s so creamy and nourishing it’s hard to believe that it’s a Vitamin A treatment!”  Barry

This powerhouse formulation tackles the amplified demands of more mature or damaged skin. This repairing plus product contains higher levels of Vitamin A, antioxidants and peptides than the Nighttime Repair and is the perfect solution for anyone with Dull skin requiring nightly moisturize, showing damage or needing increased cell turnover. Size fL 2fl oz/59 ml

Feature Ingredients and their Known Benefits: Vitamin A (Retinyl acetate) – A family of vitamins ultimately converted to retinoic acid in the skin. They act as free radical scavengers, protect against UV damage, and assist in DNA repair following UV exposure. They also recruit moisture to the skin and promote collagen production. Retinoic acid may also play a role in keratinocyte differentiation and proliferation.

Palmitoyl tripeptide-38(Matrxyl Syth 6) – Evens out skin, relieves and unfolds wrinkles by stimulating constituents of the skin matrix and dermal-epidermal junction (i.e. collagen I, II, IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid, and laminin 5)

Ergothionine (Thiotaine) – Antioxidant that helps to regenerate Vitamin C

Roxisomes (Arabidopsis thaliana extract) – Repairs DNA damage from oxidants generated by UVA

Phytosirt – Complex of Mexican bamboo (resveratrol), Boldline from the Boldo tree, aminoguanidine, and decarboxy carnosine, prevents glycation and boosts Sirtuin 1 and 2

BV-OSC (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) – Highly stable, oil-soluble Vitamin C ester that reduces melanin synthesis

Vitamin E (Tocopherol acetate) – Very powerful fat-soluble antioxidant that protects cellular membranes from free radicals

Shir-Organics - Pure AHA Treatment Scrub

“Ok, this is one of those scrubs that you can take from a gentle whisper of exfoliation to an all out assault on your dead skin.  The granuals are no joke and if you leave it on during a hot shower – those AHA’s can really dig in and do a bang up job.” Barry

AHAs are a mix, “fruity cocktail acids,” mostly derived from sugar cane, lemon, apples and grapes, which have extremely beneficial properties for the face and skin. These acids help clarify and polish the skin’s surface. AHAs provide a better absorption level of other skin care treatments, therefore stimulating new skin, leaving it younger, and healthier looking. The natural exfoliating beads are a bonus to this treatment; improving the skin’s overall tone and texture. The Pure AHA Treatment Scrub will provide rejuvenation and health to even the most lackluster skin and reveal a baby-soft complexion.


• Blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and refines and balances skin tone
• Natural non-abrasive, ultra-fine bamboo and jojoba beads gently unclog pores and exfoliate skin
• Restores smoothness to skin and combats appearance of fine lines
• Brightens complexion, leaving skin more radiant
Shira Organic skin care products represent the finest all natural and organic anti-aging formulations available today.

2B Bio - Bio Enzyscrub

“Probably one of my all-time favorite enzyme peels.  You must try this!  It has a gorgeous texture and hypnotic fragrance.  It’s rich and nourishing all while zipping away those dead skin cells!  It’s a must have on any back bar for mature skin that needs a little refresher!” Barry

The principle
It nourishes the epidermis and release it from dead cells. Lightening and dermo purifying, the 2B Bio Beauty enzymatic mask enlightens the skin and protects it against pollution.

The secret of the formula
Sweet almond oil : softening, calming and repairing.
Macadamia oil : nourishing, soothing and protecting.
Sugar derivated emulsifying – hydrating : allows to create oily gels that will change into milk on contact with water.
Papaya extracts : keratolytic, hydrating and stimulating.
Hoya lacunosa flower extract, porcelain flower : anti-inflammatory, soothing and lightening.
Red seaweeds stem cells extract : dermo-purifying active that fights against the effects of water pollution.
Perfluorodecalin : increases the oxygen rate in the skin. The cell metabolism stimulates then the collagen production.
Vitamin E : antioxidant and protective.

The result
Perfectly purified and protected, the skin breaths. Brighter and even , the complexion looses its dull and rough look.

France Laure - Illuminate

“So fun to watch activate into a foam!  You just know it’s brightening!” Barry

Offer a simplified beauty routine to your clientele thanks to our new illuminate Collection’s mask !
A multi-action product that innovates with:
An immediate oxygenating effect
Prevention and treatment of the signs of aging
Normalization of sebaceous secretions as well as a radiant complexion in 5 minutes at most.

Its effervescent micro-bubbles enable a quick action, helping active ingredients to penetrate easily.
Ideally used whenever you want in the day, it reveals a bright complexion, and prevents and treats skin aging signs.

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