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Treating Stretch Marks In Spa + At Home

L+A Now Treating Stretch Marks In Spa + At Home

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Minimizing The Appearance of Stretch Marks Spa Treatments + Home Care

Stretch marks – virtually every woman has stretch marks! They’re almost a right of passage after having a baby. If you want to learn how to treat clients in your treatment room and give them recommendations for home care, this webisode of L+A Now is for you!

We are joined by a panel of experts who will show case 2 in spa treatments, and 3 home care treatments that will help to minimize the appearance of stretch marks!

You can choose one of the treatments or combine all 5 like Jenni did in her case study 8 Weeks Of Treating Stretch Marks

Joining us will be:

Microchanneling In Spa
A complete protocol for microchanneling stretch marks on the body in your treatment room using ProCell Therapies and back bar products.
Robyn Newmark from NewMark Beauty

Microdermabrasion at Home
Microdermabrasion In Spa
Complete protocols for in spa and at home using DimondTome + BodEX along with NeoGensis, Viktoria De Ann Peptides and Photozyme MD
presented by Pam Huck from MedSpa Distributors

Microneedling at Home
Full protocol using a CIT Roller and Nature Pure Botanicals home care products.
Presented by Victoria Tabak from Nature Pure Botanicals

Silicone Therapy at Home
Presented by Camille Calvet of SilcSkin

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