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Correcting + Preventing Damage Caused By Hair Removal

Correcting + Preventing Damage Caused By Hair Removal with PFB Vanish Products

PFB Vanish Products can help!

Routine hair removal can bring a host of complications to the skin. If you’ve shaved your bikini area to prep for a beach vacation and are fair skinned, you understand the damage an ingrown hair can cause.

If you have a darker skin tone, you know that shaving, sugaring or waxing can lead to damage on the skin in the form of hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs and their resulting post inflammatory hyperpigmenation.

Men’s Shaving Issues
This isn’t just for women, men with darker skin tone experience these same issues with daily face shaving.  PFB Vanish Products were featured in Shave Isn’t a 4 Letter Word

We will cover tips, techniques, and insider secrets from Summer Jefferson, Brazilian Waxing Specialist and Makeup Artist.

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