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Yoga Butt with Microdermabrasion Revealed at Face & Body Midwest

 2 Days of exploring the spa world with Skin INC Magazine, one of the staples in the U.S. Professional Skincare Industry and they did a great job organizing a great event in Rosement, IL!  They had treatments, live demonstrations, products and classes to share with the midwest!  

Amazing Treatments

GeGe Greene was “Keepin’ It Glossy” with Dermasweep 

Our roving reporter GeGe Greene had a blast on site at Face & Body with Dermasweep. She is always “Keepin’ It Glossy” and this won’t let you down.  GeGe loved the glow that she got from Dermasweep!  

Barry Gets Scalp Microderm With A CBD Infusion  

The team at MedSpa Distributors always deliver with something that we love!  This time it was combining Micordermabrasion with the power of CBD! They have a treatment that combines Diamond Tome microderm with a CBD infuision.  First step is to microderm with a dry setting and the 2nd step is to do a CBD infusion with the Diamond Tome Hydro Wand on the machine’s wet setting.  You can easily switch betwen the two with the press of one button.  The final step was the application of the Expürtise CBD Professional Skincare Mask!

MedSpa Distributors Showcases New Microdermabrasion Technique for a yoga butt!  

Diamond Tome has created a new wand for their device that can do large parts of the body!  During the Facebook Live treatment below around minute 6:11, Pam explains that Dimaond Tome has an amazing for chest, arms, lets and even the butt! Yes, spas in SOHO are showcasing the Yoga Butt Treatment.  Pam from MedSpa Distributors discusses the new Yoga Butt treatment that utilizes the newly launched Body Wands from Diamond Tome.  She explains !  If you want more information on how you can perform Microderm on they body MedSpa Distributors can help!

Power Of CBD Explained

Face & Body Spa Conference Offers LIVE STAGE

The LIVE STAGE is one of the coolest attributes of the Face & Body Spa Conference & Expo!  Attendees can count on sessions that are engaging and entertaining!  Demonstrations, panel discussions and educational talks.  These are included with admission and are a great way to grow your skill set!  Cali, from Perron Rigot uses Cirepil Boudior Wax to wax over Barry’s Tattoos! Learn more about Cirepil and their exciting new training center where they offer training classes.


Barry Gets Waxed On the LIVE STAGE

Get Waxing & Make Up Training

Barry was invited to tour the new Perron Rigot Center for Training.  Perron Rigot conducts training classes there for waxing and make up.  They use their Cirepil, Epilysis and Couleur Caramel Organic Make Up there.  Schedule Of Classes.

Show Photos

We love shooting these events!  Here’s a link to our photos that capture the day and night!  We invite you to download and share! 

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