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Without Science, We Would All Be Forced To Look Our Age!


What you may not know is that I almost went to medical school….until I took Chemistry.

It’s crazy because I never really got into science classes in high school – but I fell in love with Biology in college!  I couldn’t get enough and I fantasized about being a doctor. Which is funny, because I was totally into L.A. Law at the time and E.R. hadn’t even debuted on TV.

Ah, but then came chemistry…..

I took Chemistry For The Citizen (which we all called Chemistry For The Idiot) because it was a “watered down” version of chemistry that Business/Communications majors like me could take and not struggle too hard.

I got a D.   FINE! You know what – I’ll just grow up to write about science, by the pool, in a speedo!  I bet I can get an A in that!

We thank you!  We’re grateful!  We, being all of the millions of men and women with even toned skin.  We – who have fewer fine lines. We – who have firmer skin with smaller pores. We’re all so grateful that you stuck it out through Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, and all the other classes that I would have most likely failed.

Without science we would all be forced to look our age – and that is totally unacceptable! There’s no reason to look 50, when we live in a time when scientific and technological advancement that can help us look like we’re a solid 40-ish on a good day.  We reached out to our skincare gurus and asked some products or devices with some cutting edge science. We got some great responses.

5 Reasons to Thank A Scientist

LightStim For Wrinkle

We know – you have, like a thousand questions on how light helps with wrinkles right?  Want to get ALL the facts? – Click Here

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OUTCREASE Retinol Trifecta Serum by Dermelect

Want to know why OUTCREASE is the scientific deliciousness in this product? – Click Here

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Jenasus Growth Factor Peel by M.A.D Skincare from California Skincare Supply

Want to know why this peel gets the respect of estheticians from all over the country? – Click Here

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BioAcne Serum by nelly Devuyst

It takes some amazing science to create an effective ORGANIC acne serum!  Want to know what’s in it that makes it work? – Click Here

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FirmAge Portable RF by Saiain Natural Clinical Skincare

There’s a lot of research and development behind a handheld device that can firm your skin. Want to know how RF can firm your skin? – Click Here

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We know – you’re in love!  Who wouldn’t be in love with the science girls and guys who toiled in their labs in order to create these products and devices.  The amount of research and development is staggering and I personally shed a little tear every time I see one less fine line around my eye area after an amazing peel or after I use a device to firm and tone my skin!  Keep it going scientists – I’ll happily be a test dummy for any new anti-aging discoveries you’re working on!

Thank you to Saian, nelly Devuyst, M.A.D Skincare from California Skincare Supply, Dermelect and LightStim for sponsoring this article.

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