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Winter’s One Redeeming Quality

This Week’s Pop 5 Products…

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It’s winter!

That’s just a little reminder. Ha!

As if the recent frigid temperatures weren’t enough of a reminder.  

As if the ongoing grey skies aren’t enough of a reminder.

As if the 4:30pm sunsets aren’t enough to remind you that, yes, it is, in fact, WINTER!  

All I want to do is wrap myself in sweats, get under a blanket and watch Netflix and Hulu all day and night.

While winter is my least favorite season, there’s a tiny little part of me that loves it.

What part you ask?

The part of me that knows you can do some serious anti-aging work on your skin during the shorter days of winter!  

I’m 48, gay and single. I’m fighting on the regular to keep everything cute.

I mean let’s face it, fighting Father Time is hard work.  And not all of us have Jane Fonda’s Money.

Just ask Jane, or maybe ask her doctor.  One of them will tell you that winter is a great time to exfoliate.  Strip off that dead skin, and get those fresh new skin cells to the surface.  Kiss the dark spots good-bye! Wish those fine lines a fond farewell.

You say hello to fresh, dewy, luminous, firm skin.  Exfoliation has so many benefits. You can combine manual exfoliation and chemical exfoliation.  You can do exfoliation at home or you can have it done at a spa or doctor’s office.

I am always on the hunt for amazing exfoliators.  I reached out to my skincare gurus and asked them for their best exfoliating products.  They came through with some great products and treatments.

This Week’s Pop 5 Products To Exfoliate Winter Away!

California Skincare Supply  – Glycolic Age Diffusing Cleanser from M.A.D Skincare

Quite simple the simplest and most effective way to whisk away dead skin cells.  Just wash them away with this amazing foaming cleanser.  This was the first M.A.D. product Barry ever used, want to all about it and find out why he loves it  Click Here


Wild Air’s Chocolate Body Scrub  

Don’t forget to scrub away the dead skin on your body!  You’ll fall in love with the magical aroma of Wild Air’s Chocolate Body Scrub – want to know the hydrating ingredient that they use to make your skin feel delicious – Click Here

GLYMEDPLUS 5 Berry Pigment Control Peel

If you don’t know about this peel, you’re 100% missing out!  It seems every time I mention this peel on line – estheticians who use it, go crazy!  Want to know what the GLYMEDPLUS team does to create such a popular peel  –  Click Here.

dmGlow by DermaMed Solutions

 This is a brand new treatment that incorporates manual and chemical exfoliation in a treatment.  But dmGlow also uses an ancient skincare modality to improve the oxygen levels in the skin and improve the flow of lymph to the skin cells.  Want to know what that ancient modality is – Click Here.



Shankara’s Microcrystal Exfoliation Treatment

Want a purely organic way to get a winter glow?  Shankara’s Microcrystal Exfoliation Treatment is made from the finest organic ingredients.  Want to know what they use to manually exfoliate –  Click Here.



Take advantage of the darkness and scrub away the sins of the summer. Use the shorter days to offer exfoliating treatments that will eliminate dark spots!  These 5 treatments and products are great recommendations for your spa and for home care.

Thank you to GLYMEDPLUS, WildAir Skincare, California Skincare Supply, dmGlow, and Shankara Skincare for sponsoring this article.

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