5 Steps to Beautiful Skin This Winter

5 Steps To  Beautiful Skin This Winter

Probiotics – Antioxidants – Nano Technology – Growth Factors – Primer

This is a webisode of L+A Now that you will not want to miss! We’ve enlisted 5 experts to join us to discuss a 5 Step Plan to ensure your clients will have beautiful skin this winter and beyond!

Learn how probiotics supplements can help the body function better, allowing the skin to glow. Then we’ll show you how organic antioxidants that are Rezenerated into the skin work to improve the skin’s luminosity. We’ll give you a tutorial on the optimal home care that’s infused with growth factors that can give skin a post – treatment boost!  The session is concluded with a presentation on how high quality ingredients in primers and foundations can nourish skin and give a flawless finish – that every woman wants! 

Step 1 – Probiotics For Great Skin! Serene Skin is a probiotic supplement

Step 2 – Fortify Skin With Organic Antioxidants – ilike Organics Quad Defense

Step 3 – The Rezenerate Delivery System to boost the antioxidant absorption

Step 4 – Post Treatment Care with FACTORFIVE

Step 5 – The Perfect Finish – Luka Cosmetic 3 Step Organic Foundation Kit

Join us for this 90 minute webinar! 

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