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Facial Results Look 10X Better After These…

You just gave your client perfect, glowy skin – now what? How are you going to help them leave your studio or salon feeling totally transformed and empowered?

One word: Lashes.

Give Your Client A Lashgasm

“Lashes give clients a feeling of ultimate pleasure and total confidence when they open their eyes – an experience we like to call “lashgasms.”

Jenelle Paris

Founder, Lash Affair

Jenelle Paris, Lash Affair

Contribution by Jenelle Paris

I entered the beauty industry as a Licensed Esthetician in 2002 and after a fulfilling career, I started Lash Affair in 2013 because there wasn’t enough love in the lash extension industry from products to education. I wanted to bring quality products and customer service to the lash industry that empowers artists and helps them cultivate meaningful, long-lasting careers. Being able to change the story of so many lash artists is what keeps me motivated. Our industry is experiencing exponential growth, and I’m excited that Lash Affair is a part of advancing our artists forward in an educated, ethical way.

Get Wholesale Lashes For Your Skin Care Business

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Estheticians and cosmetologists worldwide are searching for wholesale lashes. They have seen the allure and adding lash extensions + lash lifts their offerings to give clients the beauty transformation of their dreams. We’ve got all the deets on why these two services have been game-changers for the beauty industry. Here’s why you need wholesale lashes from Lash Affair and why should offer them to your clientele.

Dawn Lorraine

What are wholesale lashes

Wholesale lashes or eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes attached to clients’ natural lashes to give clients the fullness and length they long for (or try to achieve using mascaras and eyeliners). Extensions add length, create volume, enhance the shape of the eye, and create a polished look to really make your clients’ eyes pop. The best part about this service is that the lashes are completely customizable, so clients get to choose the look they’re going for, whether it be subtle or sultry, and use them to accentuate and/or correct their features.

How Clients Care For The Wholesale Lashes You Apply

There’s no need to use an eyelash curler or wear mascara, so you’re giving your clients that “wakeup in your makeup” feeling. Eyelash extensions are a luxury service that require extensive practice and understanding of technique, so they also allow you to charge a higher price for your art. Lash extensions also require maintenance appointments every 2-3 weeks, so you’re able to create lasting relationships with your clients and continually give them great lashes to go with their great skin. If you’re interested in taking the first step and becoming certified, check out our online classic course here.

Alternatives Options To Lash Extensions Are Lash Lifts

If your clients experience an allergic reaction to wholesale lashes extensions, or they’re simply looking for a more natural, low maintenance look with less upkeep, lash lifts from Lash Affair are the next best thing! Plus, lash lifts allow mascara lovers to still wear mascara. Like lash extensions, the results of lash lifts are immediate, causing instant client smiles. The entire appointment takes 45-60 minutes and lash lifts last 4-6 weeks, meaning you can fit more clients into your schedule with this service – adding lash lifts to your service menu is a great way to increase your clientele and earning potential.

The more services you offer, the more diversity of clients you’ll see come through your door. With our ModestTease Lift Kit, you’ll also have all the necessary products for brow lifts (AKA brow laminations) that clients LOVE. Additionally, lash + brow tints are a popular add-on to offer clients who get lash lifts, which will supplement your profits. We even offer an online tint course to help you get started with this service.

Basically, there’s no better way to treat your clients and elevate your studio offerings than by giving them great skin and the wow factor of great lashes. (Bonus – you can even up your retail game with our lash aftercare collection for extra profit). With lash extensions + lash lifts, you can grow your biz and give your clients amazing results that will keep them coming back to you for all their beauty needs. Trust us, lashes are the trend that never ends!

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