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The Seasons Of Growth – Dawn Lorraine Celebrates 10 Years

Dawn Lorraine celebrates the seasons of growth of her brand. Dawn Lorraine is so focused on organic, sustainable, and conscious ingredients, that it only seems appropriate to honor Mother Nature with a walk through the seasons that grew this national award-winning brand.

Celebrating the brand’s accomplishments over the past ten years and marking those milestones by the seasons will honor how Mother Nature uses each season to bring something special to the world. Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall all bring something truly unique to organic, wild-crafted skin care ingredients in the Dawn Lorraine brand.

Here’s a look at Dawn Lorraine’s growth from a single esthetician making products in her kitchen for her next day’s clients to the brand that distributes products across the country to hundreds of other estheticians.

After years of working with brands that just didn’t feel right, Dawn Lorraine had a dream of using products that were organic and pure! When she couldn’t find them on the market – she just created them and used them in her practice.

Then she decided to share them with the world.

Here’s a look at Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare through the seasons over the past 10 years.

Dawn Lorraine

Fall 2011

Dawn Lorraine started making products in her kitchen. At first, she was using inkjet-printed labels that would rub off over time, and clients would call and say, “I love this creme and want to reorder it but the label wore off!”

Dawn Lorraine

First Product Created 

Pomegranate Lift Creme
The Dawn Lorraine Pomegranate Lift Creme is a sensory experience. Not only does it smell as luscious as it feels it has a smooth, rich texture that sinks right into the skin.

It is a super firming daily-use cream with DMAE & Peptides. It’s Vegan and Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and Nut Oil Free. It contains DMAE., Argireline, Amino Acid Peptides, Organic Fruit Acids, Pomegranate Extract, Sea Minerals, Matcha Green Tea, and Panthenol.

Dawn Lorraine

Summer of 2012 

Dawn decided to venture outside of her treatment room in the Summer of 2012 and start selling her products to consumers. It was this summer that she began selling her homemade products at local farmer’s markets, street fairs, and local events.

Dawn Lorraine

Fall 2012 

Dawn moved product manufacturing into a very small 2 room facial suite. The facial room was only 7’ x 11’ but had a very large closet and Dawn installed a kitchenette. Dawn saw clients 3 days a week and the other 2 days, she worked on products. Dawn would make all of the products;  fill and label all of the jars.

At that time Dawn had all of the product in plastic bins and had to pull everything out to work and then put it all back in the closet so the space would be ready for clients the next day. At that time, most of the sales were to Dawn’s solo facial clients and locals.

Dawn would walk down to the post office each day after work to ship any orders, which at the time were only a few a week.

Dawn Lorraine

Summer 2013

Dawn expanded her space and hired her first employee to help with the product line. She broke through the closet where she stored all of her products and components into the adjoining suite and doubled her work area.

Dawn moved the product production into the new space and was able to reclaim her facial room just for clients.  Dawn still saw clients 2-3 days a week and worked on products the other days.

Dawn Lorraine

Fall 2013 

A little over a year after she began selling to consumers – Dawn Lorraine realized that she had something that consumers really enjoyed using. So she branched out and attended her first large retail show, Green Fest SF where she got her first professional account, a Green Spa in Oakland, CA.

Dawn Lorraine

Winter 2013

Dawn Lorraine

First Professional Product Created

Blueberry Creme Peel
This peel has a ph of 5.5 and is Vegan, Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and Nut Oil free. It contains Wild Blueberry, Lactic acid, Organic Multi-Fruit Glycolic Acid Complex, Enzyme Complex, Hibiscus, Argireline®, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C, Organic Green Tea, and Cranberry Extract. 

Register For Pro Account For More Information

Estheticians love using peel.

“This is amazing!! Not only does it deliver amazing results, my clients love the smells of this product! Over the course of a few treatments my clients have noticed a significant amount of clearing from sun damage.” Diane Eldridge Ciao Bella Salon, MA

Dawn Lorraine

Summer 2014  

First Skincare Industry Wholesale trade show
Face and Body San Jose

Dawn Lorraine

Winter 2014

Dawn was now totally focused on wholesale, sales had increased enough that she began looking for a new space. Her first employee, Lauren, was with her for several years. She eventually moved on to study marketing and move out of the area. But she is still with Dawn Lorraine,  as a regular shining bright spirit working the trade shows with the team. She is more like family now than just a worker.

Dawn Lorraine

Summer 2015 

Redesigned the Logo, Dawn simplified her brand symbol, the lotus going for a cleaner more professional look, and adopted Dawn’s fave color which has become a hallmark of her branding… Orange… of course.

Dawn Lorraine

Summer 2015

Dawn Lorraine moved into the space that they currently occupy.  At this point, the business had grown 20-30% every year, even through Covid. Dawn is no longer seeing personal facial clients and at this point is now 100% focused on the product line.

Dawn Lorraine

Summer 2015

First NASN Pro event Costa Mesa, California.

Dawn Lorraine

Spring 2016

Dawn Lorraine

First Product Award – Earth Day Beauty Awards 

Lemongrass Enzyme Creme
The Lemongrass Enzyme Creme is brightening, smoothing, and rejuvenating. It’s vegan and gluten, dairy and soy free.  Featuring Niacinamide, Papaya & Papaya Enzymes, Multi Fruit Acids, Willow Bark (salicylic acid), Lemon Peel and Kojic Acid.

Dawn Lorraine

Summer 2016

Dawn hires Sydney, a full-time employee who has stood out over time and is still with the company today. Sydney is a star employee who is still with the company today. She is also the company mascot, Sprout’s, second mom, and best bud.

Dawn Lorraine

Winter 2016

Dawn Lorraine

Truth in Aging Best of 2016: Best Anti-Aging Product under $100

Acai & Dmae Firming Serum
Dawn Lorraine was very proud to announce that their Acai & Dmae Firming Serum won Best Anti-aging product. She loves what Truth in Aging is all about and is so happy to partner with them. Here is what they had to say…

“Looking for a product that packs a punch at a price that won’t knock out your bank account? You’ve come to the right place. Dawn Lorraine Acai & DMAE Firming Serum pairs high-performance organic ingredients with proven actives for firming and brightening in a potion that’s priced very modestly. Touted as an “organic face lift in a bottle,” it provides immediate improvement in radiance and lift while working overtime to strengthen tissue, reduce wrinkle depth, and lighten age spots.

Dawn Lorraine

Summer 2017

First Las Vegas IECSC Trade Show!

Dawn Lorraine

Summer 2018

Dawn Lorraine

First Lipgloss + Aftershave L+A Fav’s Award – Fav Organic Product

Black Currant Hydra Creme
This Award Winner is ultra-rich, hydrating, and nourishing, it’s also AHA-free. It’s vegan, gluten, dairy, and soy free.

Dawn created the Black Currant Hydra Creme for those clients that are so dry they say they want butter on their face! This ultra-luxurious formula loaded with nourishing oils drenches super dry skin with tons of moisture. It really is like butter on your face.

“Best moisturizer I have ever used. I have dry sensitive to breakouts skin and this stuff hydrated my skin without being heavy. Soaks in and leaves a glow! I was turned on to Dawn Lorraine by a family member, hooked and I have used TONS of products in my years. I have tried her other moisturizers and this one worked the best for me”  Brandy, Alaska

Dawn Lorraine

Summer 2019

Dawn Lorraine

2nd Lipgloss + Aftershave L+A Fav’s Award – Fav Organic Product

Green Tea Balancing Cream

This award winner for brightening and soothing is lightweight, gluten, dairy, and soy free. The Green Tea Balancing Creme is a lovely lightweight quickly absorbing creme with Manuka Honey, Jojoba Oil, and Turmeric. Low in oils for congested skin types but nourishing enough for combination skin. 

Honorable Mention – ASCP Skin Deep Readers Choice Awards –  Best Indie Brand


Lipgloss + Aftershave L+A Fav’s Award – Fav Organi Clinical
Luscious Berry Fruit Oil Serum 

Winner – ASCP Skin Deep Readers Choice Awards Best Indie Brand
Honorable Mention – ASCP Skin Deep Readers Choice Awards Best Organic Brand


Lipgloss + Aftershave L+A Fav’s Award – Fav Tinted Spf
Dawn to Dusk Moisture Tint SPF 30

Lipgloss + Aftershave L+A Fav’s Award Fav Food Inspired Product
Honey Nectar Healing Peel

Earth Day Beauty Awards –  Best Exfoliant
Fruit Acid Cleansing Scrub

Runner Up  – ASCP Skin Deep Readers Choice Awards  – Favorite Organic Line
Honorable Mention ASCP Skin Deep Readers Choice Awards Favorite Indie Brand


Dawn Lorraine continues to thrive! Even during the Covid-19 shutdown, Dawn Lorraine continues to grow 20-30%. The brand continues to stay true to her core values of being an environmentally conscious brand. Dawn uses recyclable materials and eco-conscious labels, ink, and packaging. 

Anyone who uses the Dawn Lorraine can trust that they are getting the purest ingredients that are artfully crafted with care and love. It’s an effective skin care brand that offers an array of treatment masks and peels that offers professional protocols for every service.

Dawn Lorraine
“The photo in vegas with you and Jenni at the awards dinner is among my favorites. In many ways even though I couldn’t stay to receive the Award, For Organic Skin Care, placing 2nd, behind Eminence and being at the ASCP Skin Deep Awards Party with Barry and Jenni,  who have been with me for nearly all of my journey truly felt like a culmination of all my hard work, efforts, and personal sacrifices. I keep this photo where I can see it when I work from home as an inspiration for what I’m reaching for, as well as a reminder of how far I’ve come anytime I’m having a bad day.” 
Dawn Lorraine

Dawn Lorraine
“Here’s a great photo of me and my team at the beach together during the Fae & Body, San Jose. I love this photo because it’s the love fest that happens when we get together for the trade shows! I always come home re-inspired.” 
Dawn Lorraine

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