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This Esthetician Treats On The Streets

Wellness On Wheels is a mobile esthetics treatment room that delivers skin care treatments!  Founded in 2021, Wellness on Wheels provides skin care for clients in active cancer treatment or recent recovery. This is why owner, Tatiana Morales loves to use Hale & Hush skincare products. Tatiana is also an educator for Hale & Hush skincare. 

Tatiana is currently providing skin care treatments for cancer patients going through chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy as part of the Support Team in the Oncology/Hematology Department at Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL.

What’s Inside Wellness On Wheels

When Shawna Rocha from Hale & Hush told us about Wellness on Wheels, Tatiana’s mobile esthetics treatment room – we were so intrigued! We couldn’t wait to see how she had it set up and how she was able to perform facials in a mobile environment. I was blown away! 

Wellness on Wheels is in an 18-foot-long Ford Transit 15-passenger van that’s been completely converted into a mobile esthetics treatment room. Tatiana nailed every detail perfectly!  The converted van provides a really beautiful and spacious treatment room. There’s a full-size treatment table, a full back bar area, and a sink with hot and cold water. There’s also a hot towel cabinet. It’s got high ceilings so one can stand up and move easily without feeling constricted.

It’s beautifully decorated with neutral colors, floral and natural wood accents. There’s a space to remove your shoes and a space to hang your clothes. Tatiana has installed a large mirror along with an inspirational saying, “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.”

wellness on wheels

Tatiana refers to her van as Ferdinand the Van! “In case you are wondering why ‘Ferdinand’, look at the movie with the same name. It is a big bull with a heart of gold. Same as the van – it is huge, with a beautiful cause inside.” Tatiana Morales

Barry Receives Customized Hale & Hush Wellness on Wheels Treatment 

Hale & Hush arranged for Barry to receive a Hale & Hush skin care treatment in Wellness on Wheels. 

“After having to travel so much, it was wonderful to have a spa show up at my house! All of my neighbors were asking me about the van parked in my development! They loved the idea of a mobile spa!

I legit fell in love with Wellness on Wheels. It’s just so damn cute! It’s also a first-class operation from beginning to end. The sheets, the blankets, and decor – gorg!

Tatiana did an incredible skin care treatment. It included a ton of massage: facial, scalp, neck, shoulder, hand, and arm! I died! 

wellness on wheels

Hale & Hush & Men’s Skincare 

Hale & Hush are experts in offering skincare treatments to men! They’ve even created a guide.

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Hale & Hush Products Used in Barry’s Facial

She used the following Hale & Hush products:

Quite Wash
I can’t say enough good things about this cleanser. It’s a go-to for me and I keep the small size in my travel kit permanently!

Refine Polish
If you’re looking for an ultra-gentle physical scrub, this is the one you want!

Mist Me
It’s just a joy to use, it’s like happiness and sunshine being spritzed on your skin.

Incredible Enzymes
This product is delicious – just take a deep breath over the open container and tell me it’s not a gorgeous scent – there’s no fragrance – it’s just what the ingredients end up giving your nose!  It eats away dead skin and leaves skin glowing! Keep this on your back bar as a staple! 

Soothe Essence
Just helps to calm down the skin, great for anyone with flare-up issues.

Hush Hydrate Mask With Relief Bio Powder
This combination is one of your best options whenever you need a go-to concoction that will bring down redness and provide relief to irritated/inflamed skin.

Rare C Serum
Please have this on your retail shelves for anyone who can’t tolerate a “regular” Vitamin C. It’s just amazing! It’s a clear, highly viscous product, so it works great with the ZAQ handheld microcurrent device.

Hush Hydrate Gel
Love this for a summer moisturizer and an everyday aftershave gel.

Broad Spectrum SPF 30
This is a great SPF, I massage it in my hands to warm it up and increase its viscosity so it glides on with no residue. 

Interview with Tatiana Morales

How long have you been an esthetician and how long have you used Hale & Hush?

9 years as an esthetician, and 8 years with HaIe and Hush, because it was only until I became oncology trained that I was introduced to Tecnich, the brand’s name before it was Hale & Hush.

What’s your favorite Hale & Hush professional product?

My favorite professional product is Incredible Enzyme. It is super versatile and I have seen immediate results with my clients. The brightness and glowing effects are unbelievable.

What is your favorite retail product?

My favorite retail product is Quiet Wash. It all starts with a good cleanser. And I love how Quiet Wash can help any skin type and how easily you can remove your makeup with it.

How Has Hale & Hush helped you in your business?

Where should I start?
Hale & Hush has been with me since the beginning of my career. When I started as a solo esthetician, I didn’t have enough money to get all the retail products I wanted for my clients, and the fact that Hale & Hush doesn’t have minimums and can drop ship was a lifesaver.

It is not a secret that Kris has the best customer service in the industry. Every question I had, she was always there to answer it for me. When you start working with sensitive skin, especially with cancer patients, you always have questions about products and ingredients, and being able to have all the specs for the products was a big help. 

Hale & Hush has always backed me up with samples for my cancer clients. And what about the education Hale & Hush offers? The education Kris offers, I have been “re-educating” myself constantly lol. I have been with Hale and Hush from the beginning of my esty life, and I know I will be with them until the end. 

Why did you choose Hale & Hush for your Business?

Because it is the only line out there for sensitive skin. From the beginning, my goal has been to work with cancer patients, and Hale & Hush is the only line that I have been able to find with the safest ingredients for my skin-compromised clients. But! I do use H&H with pretty much all my clients, not necessarily immuno-compromised, and the results have always been amazing.

wellness on wheels

We’d like to thank Hale & Hush for allowing us to share the Wellness on Wheels story by sponsoring this article! 

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