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How Does $275 In Profit Per Hour Sound? 

Let’s get real, your clients absolutely love you, especially for those soothing, relaxing facial services!

But if you’re waxing – it’s not the time to linger and chat.  Trust me when clients are laying half naked having hair ripped from their skin, it isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun – so get it done fast – they’ll love it, and so will your bank account. 

Waxing Boosts Sales

Increasing your speed during a waxing service means happy clients & even MORE clients which = MORE revenue. It’s a WIN WIN for everyone involved!

Every demographic is different, obviously, in the bigger cities such as mine (NYC), a Brazilian wax starts @ $75 (NaturaverdePro recommends using hard wax only for this service). The all-gender Brazilian wax can cost upwards of $125 in the more upscale spas and salons. A Brazilian waxer’s s time to complete the waxing service is dependent on their skill level, you can refer to the bullets below for examples. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, however the bullets below are a general guideline.

  • Beginner level waxer (generally) booked 45–60-minutes
  • Intermediate level waxer 30 minutes
  • Advanced level waxer about 15 minutes 

Waxing Brings in Repeat Business

As an educator, I meet estheticians and cosmetologists daily who are looking to increase their revenue. My answer is always the same – WAX!!! Adding waxing to your service menu will not only increase your revenue. Expect to see 1/4 of your Brazilian clients re-book every 4-6 weeks. Expect your facial & brow waxing clientele to rebook bi-weekly.

Speed Waxing Increases Revenue

NaturaverdePro recommends leveling up with our speed waxing certification classes to increase accuracy and speed. I personally book out one every 15 minutes., That means door to door, my client comes in gets undressed and is on the table, skin prepped, waxed (So Fresh & So Clean) and they’re on their way at that 13-minute mark! Leaves me 2 minutes to clean and disinfect and ON TO THE NEXT ONE.


Contribution by Elise Agostinelli

Elise Agnostinelli, a 20 year beauty industry veteran, is a Master Esthetic and Cosmetology educator who has traveled globally training and doing events for companies such as Dermalogica, Satin Smooth, Arrojo Cometology School, Atelier Esthetique, and The Aveda Institute Soho. After receiving her license from the Aveda Institute NY in Soho, Elise immediately began her esthetics career and quickly developed expertise in waxing. Committed to continuing education, she has received many awards and certifications and has been an educator for the NY state waxing program. Elise also operated 4 salons and spas in the metro New York area for over 10 years, but her passion has always been educating beauty professionals. She is considered a wax expert in both hard and soft wax techniques and joined NaturaverdePro to be able to continue sharing her expertise in hair removal.

Brazilians Make Me $275 Profit AN HOUR!

I’m booking 4 clients per hour at a minimum of $75 with a cost per service of $7. A profit of roughly $275 (not including tips) per hour, not too shabby for 1 hour worth of work! My clients appreciate the speed and no, they never feel rushed, or GASP find hair when they get home!!! Have you been asked, “Was college too hard for you?” Trade work is admirable work, and tradespeople are just as successful if not more so than college graduates. Our work is important, giving a client self-confidence is so much more than just waxing hair. Not to mention it’s quite profitable.

Brows Are Big Business

Then there are brows, we all know if your Brow GAME is strong, your clients will love you for forever and a day. Keeping brows looking great is part of skin care – PERIOD!

Brow Shaping – Lamination and Tinting Are HUGE.

Brows require skill and lots of practice. My advice, take as many courses as possible on brow shaping, waxing, lamination, tinting, and the list goes on and on. I think it’s safe to say brows are BIG BIG business. Your brow clientele is loyal, there’s no client like a brow client!! They literally trust you more than their partners! 

Add On Retail To All Wax Appointments

You can easily book multiple appointments per month and let’s not forget about retail. A brow kit or aftercare kit to keep those ingrowns at bay, this is an easy sell. After you’ve created that perfect look, given them that amazing Brazilian they’ll do whatever it takes to keep those results and those brows on point. Lastly, referrals are everything! There’s no greater tip or compliment than a referral! Waxing clients will sing from the rooftops when they find a highly skilled fast waxer, so level up that wax game in 2023! 

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