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5 Key Vitamins And Minerals For Healthy Skin

Get Your Essential Daily Vitamins and Minerals For Healthy Skin

Is It Hard To Get Essential Vitamins and Minerals For Healthy Skin?

Yes! Getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals for healthy skin is a challenge for most skincare clients! 

Everyone needs these essential nutrients – that’s easy to understand. Yet, most Americans don’t get everything they need in terms of nutrition for optimal skin health.  That’s just a fact.  Most Americans eat too much sugar, too much saturated fat, and do not exercise enough to ensure really good blood and lymphatic circulation.  This leads to deficiencies in proper levels of vitamins and minerals and increases the amount of toxins which can end up causing inflammation.  

Inflammaging Comes From Poor Skin Environment

When we did a webisode with Marc St. Onge from Bend Beauty we learned that Bend’s supplements are designed to help improve the skin’s environment to help combat inflammaging, which is, inflammation-related aging.

We can fight inflammaging in 3 ways:

  1. Eating foods that are good for skin health.
  2. Take Ingestible supplements.
  3. Use topical vitamin and mineral-rich skin care products.

10 Foods That Help You Glow! 

Nutrition for healthy skin begins with a balanced whole foods-based diet.  A diet that includes the right ratios (for the person’s individual needs) of macronutrients: healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates; and micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and antioxidants. While there are a multitude of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, and proteins that contain skin-healthy nutrients, here are some that are particularly beneficial… see all 10 Foods

Rachael Pontillo

Guest Blogger

5 Vitamins and Minerals For Healthy Skin

Ingestible Supplements and Topical Skincare Products 

Minerals For Healthy Skin from Source Naturals®

1 Magnesium 

Magnesium plays an essential role in over 300 enzymatic processes. It also aids in relaxation. You can get your daily dose of Magnesium from Serene Science Magnesium Serene Peaceful Body.

2 Copper

Copper helps the body to build collagen! Hello, we love that, especially after we turn 35.  When our body needs a little kick start of collagen production. Check out Wellness Formula® from Source Naturals. This ingestible supplement is power-packed and delivers high-potency vitamin C plus more than 25 other vitamins, minerals, and time-tested traditional herbs to support immune health.*

Source Naturals®

Inspiring people to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives with better nutrition as the center of an integrative, holistic, and natural approach to wellness.
 vitamins and minerals for healthy skin

The ABC’s of Vitamins For Healthy Skin

Gorgeous, healthy skin needs the A, B, C’s of Vitamins!

Vitamin A – To help generate new cells.

Vitamin B3 – To keep skin hydrated and and bright.

Vitamin C – To protect, brighten and to help ensure collagen production.

Scroll Down For A List of Our Favorite Products To Get our ABC’s

Props To DMK For our Vitamin C "Ah-Ha Moment"

Shout out To DMK for the nugget on Vitamin C and its link to fibroblast activity and collagen production in our skin cells. Drew gave us our ‘ah-ha’ moment during a recent webisode of L+A Now as he was teaching about skin cell anatomy! 

Want to learn more from our recent webisode of L+A Now – “Intro To Skin Revision with DMK” – watch it on the L+A Mobile App.

Vitamins For Healthy Skin

3. Vitamin B3 in Vita Cura® B3 Serum Complex by Repêchage

Barry is obsessed with the Vita Cura® Gold Collection.  He used this serum extensively last year when Repêchage launched the product.

“Your skin will love this product!”, Barry.

In independent laboratory tests, the Vita Cura®️ Gold B3 Serum Complex has shown:
58% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles
41% reduction in the appearance of pores

Born from our heritage as forerunners in seaweed-based skincare since 1980, the powerful Repêchage® Vita Cura® B3 Serum Complex is the next generation of our best-selling antiaging serums.

Formulated to provide youthful smoothness, visible lifting and firming, and a reduction in the appearance of enlarged pores, you will see immediate results with long-term benefits.

The Vita Cura® B3 Serum Complex gives you true, laboratory-tested results you can see and feel.


4. Vitamin C - Liposomal C from Herbal Skin Solutions

Liposomal Vitamin C delivers a powerful dose of essential nutrient, Vitamin C, in a liposomal delivery system that offers optimal absorption. 
Liposomal C aids collagen synthesis and combats oxidative stress. The antioxidant rich blend supports a healthy immune system by helping to form red blood vessels and protect against free radicals. 

Liposomal delivery system works more efficiently than pill form methods of delivery. The liposome has hydrophilic and hydrophobic components offering a fat and water portion which allows the Vitamin C to be absorbed through the fat and water soluble path-ways for optimal absorption by the body.

5. Vitamin A in Renew from Osmosis

Spoil your skin with the most advanced, age reversing formula available. Using the highest possible potency of our liposomal retinaldehyde, Renew offers sun safe, barrier protecting, DNA preserving technology that is proven to stimulate collagen 1000 times more than regular retinols. It is designed to increase nutrient delivery to the skin enhanced by a pharmaceutical grade delivery system that delivers 9 holistic, scientifically validated collagen stimulators and 7 potent antioxidants far beyond the surface layers to create real, lasting changes.

  • 9 collagen stimulators counter fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin perfecting age-fighter
  • Strongest non-inflammatory Vitamin A

We’d like to thank Repêchage, Herbal Skin Solutions, Osmosis and Source Naturals  for sponsoring this article.

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