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Medical Spas + Estheticians in Caribbean Welcome These Clinical Peels

Lira Clinical’s Vita Brite is this brand’s number one selling peel worldwide so it’s not surprising that medical spas + estheticians in the Caribbean are raving about this bestselling pee! The Lira Clinical founders took the Purely Clinical Global Skin Affair training tour to Trinidad. Together with their Caribbean distributor, Reesel’s Spa and Beauty Supply, they hosted 150 medical spa owners from Trinidad, medical aesthetic clinics from Barbados, and medical estheticians from Trinidad and Guyana to train on the Lira Clinical skin care philosophy! 

Purely Clinical Global Skin Affair – Huge Success in the Caribbean 

Reesel’s Spa & Beauty Supply and Lira Clinical invited L+A to attend the launch of Lira Clinical in the Caribbean at the Purely Clinical Global Skin Affair training class. The event was an overwhelming success with 150 medical spas and medical estheticians and medical spas attending the class to learn from Lira Clinical Founders Francine Kagarakis and Metaxia Dalikas.

The full-day event included training on the Lira Clinical overall approach to skin health, showcasing the brand’s Melanin Management Philosophy and approach to Skin Conditioning. The training went deep into how to incorporate home care, home treatments, and in-treatment Smart Peels™, as well as hybrid peels, and peel cocktails. 

Barry was thrilled to be a treatment model for a triple peel cocktail at Serenity Esthetics and to watch Kasmira from Serenity Esthetics, who is also a trainer for Reesel’s, demonstrate a treatment for the event. Barry also had the opportunity to tour The House of Aesthetics Spa in Trinidad and see how they incorporate Lira Clinical into their treatment menu. He also had the chance to chat with Nikki from The Spa Lounge in Barbados about the island’s reaction to Lira Clinical. 

Serenity Esthetics – Medical Esthetician, Acne and Hyperpigmentation Specialist 

The day we spent at Serenity Esthetics was truly special. Barry accompanied Francine and Meatxia as the treatment model as they “trained the trainer”. Serenity Esthetics owner Kasmira is one of three trainers that Reesel Spa & Beauty Supply has on staff.  

Vita Brite, Pumpkin Plus, and Pure Peel Cocktail Peel 

The Lira Clinical founders spent the day training Kasmira on cocktailing Lira Clinical peels. Barry loved the triple cocktail peel that contained Vita Brite, Lira Clinical’s most popular peel, the Pumpkin Plus, and the Pure Peel. This is an advanced cocktail peel that can only be performed on skin that is highly conditioned. Luckily, Barry had been using the Lira Clinical PRO Brite-Plus Serum, PRO Retinal-Plus Treatment, the MYSTIQ iLuminating Beauty Oil, and the SPF Eliō Drops 30 Sheer for the past 30 days so Francine and Metaxia were confident that Barry’s skin could handle this level of peel. 

Now, all the spas throughout the Caribbean that want to work with Reesel’s Spa and Beauty Supply to carry Lira Clinical will have access to the highest quality training with Reesel’s dedicated team! 

The House of Aesthetics Spa  – Medical Spa 

Barry was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with the owners Brittany and Gerald. Their treatment facility has three rooms with a special area for nails and hair as well as a separate retail boutique. They offer microneedling, chemical peels, laser treatments, massage, nails and hair. Brittany gave me a tour of the facility. During the tour she shared with me that she loves using Lira Clinical Smart Peels™ and is looking forward to adding more treatments that are focused on the simultaneous treatment of acne and hyperpigmentation. 

The Spa Lounge Medical Aesthetic Clinic

This was Barry’s third visit to Reesel’s Spa & Beauty Supply and each visit allowed him the opportunity to meet with Nikki Grant-Watson, owner of The Spa Lounge Barbados, a Medical Aesthetic Clinic. Nikki also works directly with Reesel to manage their accounts in Barbados.  Nikki is a dynamic esthetician and is always on the lookout for the highest quality clinical skincare products.

Barry chatted with Nikki about the launch of Lira Clinical in the Caribbean and her focus on expanding the brand’s reach into the many medical spas and resort spas, as well as to all the estheticians in Barbados. 

Connect With Reesel’s Spa & Beauty Supply

If your spa is located in the Caribbean and you want to include the Lira Clinical line in your practice, you can connect with Reesel’s Spa & Beauty Supply. 

The best forms of contact are:

WhatsApp (868)770-8702 

Instagram Direct Message 

Thanks to Reesel’s Spa & Beauty Supply for sponsoring this content so that we can share their launch of Lira Clinical with our community.

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