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Pregnancy Safe Serums That Are Effective For Acne + Sensitive Skin

The Versine Skincare reviews will show you that their serums are pregnancy-safe, safe for breastfeeding mothers, and are OBGYN-approved. Yet, Versine is still so effective it’s approved by Dermatologists for the treatment of acne and dry or sensitive skin in virtually every client.   

Versine Creed 

Now if you have clients who are pregnant and experiencing pregnancy-related acne, have dry skin, or Rosacea, you have a go-to product that is OBGYN-approved! 

The Versine Creed, “We trust experts. Our ingredients are selected through a process of extensive literature review, and in consultation with a panel of relevant scientists and doctors. Our goal is to create stress-free and safe products that work and bring pleasure.” 

Versine Skincare Reviews

What’s NOT In Versine Serums

For your peace of mind and assurance, here’s a list of what is not in the Versine Serums! 

Retinoids, Salicylic Acid, Willow Bark Extract, and Other Salicylates, Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic Acid, Bakuchiol, Hydroquinone, Arbutin, Sulfur, Essential Oils, Chemical Sunscreens, Phenoxyethanol, Artificial Colors, Artificial Fragrances, Animal-Derived Ingredients, Parabens, Petrolatum, PEGs, Mineral Oil, Sulfates/SLS/SLES/SCS, Silicones or Phthalates. 

L+A Offers Versine Skincare Reviews Of Acne + Dry/Sensitive Serums

We are excited to be able to offer Versine Skincare reviews on their two serums. Huge thank you to Jillian Wright for letting us know that we needed to do a few Versine Skincare reviews!

Versine offers 2 serums that are ideal to have on the back bar and retail shelves of any skincare business. The stringent creed that Versine uses when formulating their products can allow even the most discerning esthetician to trust that their Acne and Dry/Sensitive Skin Serums will be ideal for virtually any client! 

Versine Serum For Sensitive Skin

The Illuminate Multi-Tasking Serum for Dry or Sensitive Skin is OBGYN and Dermatologist approved so you know it’s going to be great for even the most reactive clients that you have. 

“This serum is like an orthopedic loafer meets a Christian Louboutin Stiletto! It’s formulated with recovery and correction in mind, but crafted with luxury and prestige for the ultimate in cosmetic elegance! It’s a medium viscosity, off white lotion that is fragrance-free and feels incredibly luxurious. It’s got a silky texture as it glides across the skin and just sinks right in to begin hydrating and calming the skin!”  Barry Eichner 

You’ll want to check out the ingredient list of this serum to fully understand how it can illuminate, nourish and calm! 

Versine Skincare Reviews

Versine Serum for Acne

The Calm & Hydrate Serum for Acne-Prone Skin  is also OBGYN and Dermatologist approved so you can help women dealing with pregnancy related acne, postpartum breakouts, even while breastfeeding.  This serum can also be trusted to help virtually all of your clients suffering from acne! 

“This serum is sort of like a dermatologist’s office that’s set in a Four Seasons hotel! It’s got the credentials to take care of your skin, but it’s going to be incredibly luxurious while it’s getting the job done. It’s a silky-rich, pale yellow lotion that spreads generously across the skin. A little goes a long way! Massage it into the skin and it finishes with a non-greasy silky feel.” Barry Eichner 

You’ll want to check out the ingredient list of this serum to fully understand how it can do so many things for acne! 

Versine Skincare Reviews

Organic Breastfeeding Mom offers Versine Skincare Reviews

“The moment that Jillian mentioned Versine to me, I knew exactly who I was going to connect with and ask to use these serums!  My friend Lindsay!”  Jenni Nagle

Lindsay is a mother of two, avid surfer, and a yogi.  She spends most of her time taking care of her two kids. She met her husband while surfing in Costa Rica. Together they traveled the world then started a family. Living between New Jersey and Costa Rica, you will most likely find Lindsay running after their little towheads on the beach, teaching virtual yoga or preparing healthy food for the family. 

We asked Lindsay to name her top three ways she maintains a healthy lifestyle. “Picking three is hard but here we go!! First I eat a healthy organic whole food diet. Second, I stay active- practicing yoga and surfing regularly. Walking and riding my bike instead of driving whenever possible! Third, I prioritize rest, relaxation, and family time to limit stress and embrace life daily!!!”

Lindsay has been breastfeeding her children for the past 4 years and  she’s always looking for the most natural ways to nourish her body. In the trial with Versine, she felt a huge difference in the feel and texture of her skin. It is a brand she can definitely stand behind and feel good about using. 

We asked Lindsay if she would consider using Versine if she was ever to become pregnant again, “Yes, absolutely and will continue to use it on my breastfeeding journey. I ran out a few weeks ago and I’m missing it here in Costa Rica!”  

Versine Skincare Reviews

Get To Know Versine – Watch Their Webisode

We’re thrilled to have an App Exclusive Webisode of L+A Now with Barry and Jenni that showcases Versine! You can download the L+A Mobile App. You can watch it after you log in to the VIP Area. Tap Webisode Replays and search Versine!  

You can hear from celebrity esthetician Jillian Wright as to why she loves Versine and then hear the brand founder tell her inspiring story.  

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