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Microneedling + Phyto-Hormones 3 Part Facial Treatment For Menopausal Skin

3 Part Facial Treatment For Menopausal Skin

We found a treatment for menopausal skin.  In case you didn’t know, when a woman goes through menopause, there are some serious changes to her skin.  Obviously, everyone’s aware of the hormone fluctuations, however, those hormones have a dramatic impact on the skin.  It brings about menopausal skin change.  This is a new term for us, so we reached out to Victoria Tabak, CEO of Nature Pure Clinical Skin Care to get a deeper understanding of what happens during menopausal skin change.

Menopausal Skin Change Explained

Menopausal skin change is the rapid almost exponential rate of skin aging that occurs when the estrogen levels begin to decline for a women at this stage in her life, some of these changes include wrinkle depth, skin dehydration, blotchiness, and loss of volume.

Victoria Tabak

CEO, Nature Pure Clinical Skin Care

Is There A Facial Treatment For Menopausal Skin Change?

Yes, there is a sudden and dramatic change in a woman’s skin during menopausal skin change.  The skin is dehydrated and and there are deeper wrinkles. Is there anything that can be done?  We asked Victoria if she knew of anything that could help this specific situation.

Facial Treatment For Menopausal Skin

There’s good news!  I have found that phyto-hormone based skin care products combined with a glycolic peel and microneedling work beautifully as a facial treatment for menopausal skin.

Victoria Tabak

CEO, Nature Pure Clinical Skin Care

Victoria’s 3 Part Facial Treatment For Menopausal Skin

Part 1: Glycolic Peel

The treatment incorporates Nature Pure’s Alpine Rose Stem Cell Glycolic Peel 40%

Learn more about the peel – Register As A Nature Pure Professional HERE.


Part 2:  Phyto-Hormones + Botanicals

Phyto-hormones are quite extraordinary in how they work. Without introducing actual hormones into the body, they trick the hormone receptors to behave as though they are being activated by real hormones, but without any real hormones at play.


The key Rockstar phyto-hormone in this treatment for menopausal skin is Genistein, which, is acquired through Nature Pure’s patented technology.  This is really the one that activates the receptors and triggers cellular memory to cause the skin cells to behave as they did when skin was younger, hence, initiating a cellular age reversing process. The Genistein is derived from soy isoflavones.  

Nature Pure features Genistein in the Soy Beauty Trio The Wrinkle Repair Serum, the Anti-Wrinkle Face Refiner and the Anti-Wrinkle Eye H-Perfector!  


The other phyto-hormone is Diosgenin, derived from wild yams. Diosgenin works to promote the skin’s own natural ability to self-lubricate and to counter skin dehydration exacerbated by menopause.  Nature Pure features Diosgenin in their Age Antidote Complex and Diopin Wrinkle Diffusing Serum

Hippophae Berries

Hippophae berries are truly Mother Nature’s gift to us and perfect for a treatment for menopausal skin. They are small orange berries that are abundant with vitamins, antioxidants, omegas, acids, and minerals. They contain a bioactive skin soothing complex, while simultaneously enhancing skin elasticity and working to repair damaged DNA. Its most unique component is the rare omega 7 sourced only from the hippophae berries. It is incredible in its healing ability, and in Eastern Europe was used for just that in burn victim clinics. Hippophae berries are one of the original and signature ingredients around which Nature Pure came to be. Victoria’s father formulated the first professional hippophae berry rich skin care product.  This truly remarkable ingredient is featured in Cleansing Soy Milk, the Hippophae Hydration Balm and the Soy Beauty Trio 

Soy Beauty® Complex

The  Soy Beauty® patented complex with over 3% pure Soy Isoflavones, Phospholipids, Phytosterols and Saponins is truly mind-blowing in how it works, completely naturally with the skin and body. As women get older, their levels of estrogen begin to dramatically drop and this causes practically exponential visible signs of aging.

Nature pure features Soy Beauty® Complex in the Soy Beauty Trio The Wrinkle Repair Serum, the Anti-Wrinkle Face Refiner and the Anti-Wrinkle Eye H-Perfector!  

To simplify, the way the soy beauty complex works – the chemical structure of genistein, the basis of the patent, is structurally similar enough to real estrogen. This means that it has the ability to trick the hormone receptors to activate and re engage. Bear in mind that the current state of the receptors is that they are idle in their action, due to an insufficient amount of hormones in the body. Without anything invasive or even the use of real hormones, the complex jumpstarts the biological hormone to receptor flow, and this triggers cellular memory. As a result, the cells remember their behavior when they were youthful, and go through a cell-re-educating process. The end-result is that skin begins to behave as it did when it was younger.

Part 3: Microneedling

Microneedling enables instant epidermal delivery of ingredients into the skin. With the CIT microneedling roller, typically, you roll for 10-15 minutes and create hundreds and thousands of micro-channels directly into the epidermis. This allows all the actives applied to the skin to penetrate into the epidermis immediately during this treatment for menopausal skin. Then the product’s own delivery systems take over, working the ingredients down to a lower layer. As a result, the products deliver not just cumulative lasting, skin re-educating results, they also enable a dramatic instant effect as well.

Effective Without Microneedling Too

This treatment can be done without microneedling and it will still be just as effective. The product’s own delivery-system will take over.  It will just take slightly longer for the ingredients to work their way down through the epidermal layers.  

Breathe New Life Into Menopausal Skin

With this 3 part facial treatment for menopausal skin, you’re able to breathe new life back into skin that may otherwise remain dehydrated and deeply wrinkled.  The treatment combined with home care products will give your menopausal clients the opportunity to reverse the impact of menopause on their skin.

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3 Part Facial Treatment For Menopausal Skin Demonstration

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