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Treating The Most Vulnerable Skin: True Testaments About Oncology Skincare

*million* Number of new cancer cases expected in 2019

*dollars* The annual cost of treating skin cancers in the U.S.


Reduction in cancer death rate since 2016

Statistic Sources: cancer.org, skincancer.org

In April, we learned that the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) was focusing on Oncology Skincare during the month of June and we were eager to learn how we could take part.  We’ve worked with several skincare brands and professionals that dedicate their purpose to helping those dealing with cancer treatments…before, during and after.  Several of the Compassionate Category contestants for The Skin Games have qualified, and even won, focusing on this category.

We decided to enlist the help of Hale & Hush, one of the most respected skincare lines in the esthetic industry, formulated specifically for sensitive skin.  9 of their products are oncology approved, and ideal for sensitized skin. We wanted to document the story and experience of two women undergoing treatment that were supplied with skincare products from Hale & Hush.

hale-hush-logo lipgloss and aftershave

Connecting with these incredibly strong women has opened up a floodgate of compassion for Jenni.  Hearing their stories and heart wrenching emotions surface as they express how cancer treatment has impacted them, not only physically, but mentally, was tough.  They have a hard time recognizing themselves because their skin has completely changed; they have a hard time coping with the hair loss and adjusting to a “new look” with wigs.  These are experiences that many of us will never understand.

In the next few weeks, you will meet three women: Jennifer K., Jennifer D., and Dee Mason.  Both Jennifers are currently undergoing cancer treatment, and are using the Hale & Hush line.   Dee Mason is an oncology trained esthetician that met with them to discuss Hale & Hush skincare products.  We’ve been working with the women over the past few weeks, and will continue throughout the month of June to document their experience with Hale & Hush skincare.

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