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5 Tips for Treating Breakouts

Treating Breakouts is easy! 

Breakouts happen—usually when our clients are least expecting them to. But don’t stress, the authority on acne care is here to provide 5 tips to help you treat your client’s breakouts.  

Tip #1 To Treating Breakouts Address the Acne Type 

When it comes to treating acne, knowing when you’re dealing with inflamed and/or noninflamed acne will make a big difference. Any time there is inflamed acne involved, always proceed with caution. The first thing that needs to be done is to soothe that inflammation and heal the skin. Start by incorporating plenty of hydration and moisture, along with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. If your client was previously using a scrub, have them hold off until the inflamed acne has cleared up. When dealing exclusively with noninflamed acne, a more aggressive approach may be needed. Stronger exfoliants like glycolic acid or retinol may be necessary along with a physical scrub. These options will all depend on your client’s skin type and the severity of the acne. 

Inflamed Acne: Papules, pustules, cysts, & nodules 

Non-Inflamed Acne: Open and closed comedones 

Tip #2 Focus on Lifestyle & Diet 

Diet and lifestyle play a huge part in the exacerbation of acne. If your client is coming in with breakouts they weren’t previously experiencing, go through a list of common triggers to see if they have incorporated anything new. This can include new makeup, hair care, a change in laundry detergent, or the start of a new medication/supplement. Face Reality Acne Experts are trained to identify and coach their clients through these different triggers to ensure they can easily live an acne-safe lifestyle.  

MedSpa Distributors 


C2S Serum is an ideal antioxidant to have on your back bar and for clients to have in their daily skincare home care plan. It glides onto the skin easily and effectively fuels skin cells to stimulate regeneration, bringing renewed vitality to the skin.

It features Salicylic Acid, an Oil Soluble Vitamin C, and a Water Soluble Vitamin C.

The potent antioxidants in this product bring long-term benefits, along with a clearer, brighter complexion. This makes it a go-to age management product. It also offers clients with congested and acne-prone skin a perfect antioxidant-rich skin-balancing serum.

Tip #3 Know Your Acids & Preventatives for Treatment 

At Face Reality we pride ourselves on having the best options for acne clients. This means that we have a variety of treatment options to ensure that you can provide truly customized routines for your clients. Being able to properly identify the acne type or imposter you’re seeing allows you to choose the best products to combat it. For example, if you suspect acne rosacea is the cause of sudden breakouts, salicylic acid will be the best serum option. Or if you’re seeing combination acne + PIH, l-mandelic acid will be more appropriate. Benzoyl peroxide is our go-to for prevention because it stops retention hyperkeratosis in its tracks within the pores. Any client experiencing moderate to severe acne should be using a daily benzoyl peroxide product. 

Tip #4 Spot Treat, Don’t Pick! 

Not picking can be hard, especially for those driven more so by compulsion than vanity. It’s important to warn your clients of the damage that can be done if they can’t or won’t stop (*practice caution and empathy when dealing with someone with the compulsion to pick). When trying to extract their own lesions or picking at their skin, clients can cause post-inflammatory erythema, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and atrophic scarring. Spot treating and icing acne lesions is a much safer and effective way to soothe inflamed breakouts. Our Sulfur Spot Treatment contains 6% sulfur and the peptide Neutrazen—these ingredients come together to quickly reduce the size and inflammation of acne lesions. Icing can be done morning and/or night using an ice cube to keep it simple or with a cold roller to keep it mess-free. 

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Skin Awakening Cannabis Renewal Facial

This facial treatment has Anti-Inflammatory benefits that work to alleviate redness or skin irritation.  It contains high doses of antioxidants and omegas to nourish the skin.   It offers Instant glow and enhancement of complexion. It provides age prevention and age management to combat wrinkles. 

Tip #5 Use an Adaptive Method 

Many times, clients come to us with an impaired barrier and preconceived notions because they were using products that were too strong and/or using them too often. This can make them apprehensive if you begin recommending treatments, exfoliating acids, and benzoyl peroxide. It is very important to educate your clients on why you’re different from OTC or RX options and how you will repair their skin by introducing an adaptive approach. Once the skin has been brought back to a healthy starting point, you will slowly introduce any active products. For example, any exfoliating serums will be used a few times a week at first rather than every day. By slowly introducing things like exfoliating acids and benzoyl peroxide you are avoiding adverse reactions like excess dryness and irritation. Certified Acne Experts are trained extensively in the Face Reality Clear Skin Method to learn how and why this adaptive method is so important for long-term success. For your clients with one-off breakouts, tips 1-4 are things you can work on with them to keep breakouts to a minimum. Those clients with consistent acne will benefit from steps 1-5 plus a customized Face Reality treatment plan with a Certified Acne Expert. 

Contribution by Alex Hernandez

Alex Hernandez, a Licensed Esthetician of 6+ years, serves as the Lead Educator at Face Reality Skincare. In her role, Alex oversees professional educational training materials, protocols, and classes on a national level. Additionally, Alex supports other key departments including marketing, R&D, and Face Reality’s Acne Clinic. Alongside Laura Cooksey, owner and co-founder of Face Reality Skincare, she learned how to educate clients and professionals on the treatment of acne using the brand’s safe and effective signature adaptive protocol. Through diligent practical training and the completion of Laura’s personal training, Alex became a Face Reality Certified Acne Expert in 2018. Since then, Alex has worked with hundreds of professionals and acne clients in her esthetics career and is a daily witness to the impeccable results achieved using Face Reality Skincare treatments and protocols.

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