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The 2021 Professional’s Guide To Treating Acne

The 2021 Professional’s Guide To Treating Acne

Treating acne is an incredibly rewarding segment of the professional skin care industry.  Many men, women and teens suffer needlessly because they are unaware that licensed professionals are available to help them.  Many attempt to solve the problem on their own using products and devices they find on the internet.  Sadly, many just live with the onging problem thinking there’s nothing that can be done!  

June Is Acne Awareness Month

To honor acne awareness month, we’re publishing our 2021 Professionals Guide To Treating Acne. We will dive deeper into treating acne in November, as we are going to focus on Skin Correction in the Fall. There are many facets that need addressed when treating acne. First, it needs to be understood that acne can be two very different situations on the skin. It can have active acne lesions on the skin that need treated OR it can be a skin condition that is being managed.  Skin can be prone to acne, but be managed properly thus minimizing acne lesions.

5 Options For Treating Acne

Facial Treatments  |  Using Devices  |  Facial Treatment + Device  |  Treatment Masks  |  Home Care 

Treating Acne – Facial Treatments

Many brands have created specific protocols for facial treatments that you can use for treating acne in your practice. Treating acne is not a one size-fits-all solution, these brands understand that and guide you through the process to help you understand how to adjust their facial treatment protocol in order to get the best possible result for your client. We’ve seen profound before and after images from DMK International’s paramedical skin revision treatment! We also have Dawn Lorraine Skincare,  for clients looking who want an organic option.

Facial Treatments

DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatments

Enzyme Therapy

Restores skin to its peak condition

DMK is the only company in the world to utilize the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. Enzymes are living substances that regulate health and work with certain minerals in the body to form a natural system of antioxidants that fight corrosive free radicals. Properly formulated, they can remove dead protein, toxins and other effluvia from the epidermis using a process called ‘reverse osmosis’.

Where some cosmetic facial treatments may only act on the surface of the skin, DMK Enzyme Treatments work with the skin. The enzymes aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in.Enzyme Therapy exercises facial muscles and works to leave the skin feeling firm.

Clear Harmony Facial by Dawn Lorraine Skincare

Clear Harmony Facial

For The Full Protocol – Register As A Professional HERE

This breakout busting facial incorporates a holistic approach to keeping problem skin under control. Skin clearing actives of Grapefruit, Fruit Acids, Tea Tree and Mint along with infusions of Vitamin C create the perfect harmony for out of control skin.   Featuring The Honey Nectar Healing Peel GLUTEN, DAIRY, SOY & NUT OIL FREE ACTIVES: Blossom Honey, Oat Kernel Extract, Willow Bark (salicylic acid), Bee Propolis , Jojoba Oil

Treating Acne – Devices

The amount of research and development that goes into devices in the professional skin care industry is incredible. Put that incredible technology to work when treating acne patients. While there are many devices, the general idea is to use devices to exfoliate, balance and rejuvenate acne prone skin.

Celluma’s LED Light Therapy will help to address many issues at the cellular level.

DermaJEM’s Anima Element offers options for clients with active acne and those who are acne prone.  


Anima Element from DermaJEM

Anima Element

Enjoy 2 Options with the Anima Element For Your Acne Clients.

1. Clients With Active Lesions Use the silicone tips for the most gentle application of  Salicylic Acid.

2. Clients Who Are Acne Prone Use the regular hydro-dermabrasion tips. The Anima Element Hydro-dermabrasion and Oxygen infusion is a perfect way to introduce your clients to hydrodermabrasion.

Even your clients that have had hydrodermabrasion have not had the special Element Facial. The Element is unique because it is so versatile and allows you to work on all skin types. We have harnessed the power of the mechanical exfoliation of diamond microdermabrasion and the chemical exfoliation of hydrodermabrasion and put them together in the Double Light and Double Exfo Hydro tips. Which allows you to give your clients deep and effective exfoliation without irritation. With the Ruffle Wave tips, you can offer hydrodermabrasion to your more sensitive clients. The Ruffle Wave gives you the ability to have a more gentle mechanical exfoliation without the diamond tip and still have the chemical exfoliation with the serum that you choose. Finally, the spiral deep tips are made of soft silicone and can create gentle vacuum pressure that is perfect for extractions.

The Element comes with one set of twelve tips for various sizes. Oxygen infusion is the perfect follow-up to the hydrodermabrasion. With its soothing, cooling, and healing benefits it really helps to calm the skin after the stimulation of the hydrodermabrasion. What’s best is that the serums you apply with the oxygen gun stay on the skin and don’t end up in your waste jar! So all of your skin-loving ingredients stay where you need them to be, on the skin!

On average, the Element Hydro and Oxygen treatment lasts approximately 25 to 30 minutes and the average treatment price is $150, and it can go up and down depending on your market. Hydrodermabrasion is currently one of the most popular treatments on the market and clients are asking for it. By selling 2 treatments to 10 clients you will already be making a profit. Let us do the math for you. 10 treatments at an average cost of $150 = $1500. The treatment is so pleasant that most of your clients will re-book so if you get 10 clients to come in twice for the Element Facial that means you will have made $3000, which means you will already be making a profit!

iPRO from Celluma LED Light Therapy

Get to know the Celluma iPRO

Why is Celluma Light Therapy for Acne Different?

Safety, effectiveness and value should always be the priority. Celluma is FDA cleared for the treatment of acne and is one of the few professionals grade devices also cleared for home use. Celluma light therapy for acne treatment goes above and beyond to achieve better and faster skin-clearing results.

Unlike other LED devices available on the market, Celluma is flexible and conforms closely to the treatment area for optimal efficacy. Because of Celluma’s unique ability to mold to the treatment area to improve cellular performance on a microscopic level, skin cells are able to absorb even more light energy in less time, speeding up the acne elimination and skin healing process. Because of the ability to place the device close to the skin, Celluma outperforms many even more expensive devices that cannot mold closely to the treatment area.

Celluma’s blue wavelengths kill the bacteria that causes breakouts, while reducing the inflammation, pimples and redness associated with acne. A reduction in lesions and overall improvement in skin appearance is often seen in only a matter of weeks. Of course, outcomes vary depending on severity of the condition and compliance to recommended protocols. Not only is Celluma light therapy naturally effective, it’s also affordable, portable, and hands-free, making it a convenient acne treatment at home or on the go. Celluma has more FDA clearances than any other panel-style light therapy device, so you can rest assured you’re getting high-quality blue light acne treatment that’s backed by science.

Understanding Science of Blue Light + The “Fake News” on Artificial Blue Light

Read The Excerpt From Celluma’s Article “BLUE LIGHT: the only thing to fear is misinformation” below

Blue Light’s Proven Benefits

It is well known that LED Light Therapy using light energy in the blue light range of the electro-magnetic spectrum (400nm – 500nm) is very effective in treating mild to moderate acne vulgaris.

Aesthetic practitioners treating the acneic client need access to quality, proven blue light LED devices. When C. acnes bacteria is exposed to blue light energy, a photo-toxic event is created, resulting in the death of the bacteria.

Specifically, LED systems utilize the mechanism of endogenous photodynamic therapy where bacterial porphyrins, which are produced as part of the normal metabolism of C. acnes, act as natural photosensitizers. When they absorb light, preferably wavelengths in the blue and red-light range, the resultant photodynamic reaction produces singlet oxygen species and reactive free radicals, which destroy the bacteria themselves. Essentially, the C. acne bacteria commit suicide.

Artificial Blue Light Has Negligible Effect On Skin

To quote a recently released statement from one of the world’s leading skin care manufacturers, the Beiersdorf research team headed by Dr. Ludger Kolbe, Chief Scientist Photobiology, refuted the sometimes critical voices circulating on the subject of artificial blue light.

“Public discourse has been characterized by a lack of knowledge and of scientific studies. But through our research activities, we’ve managed to prove that the amount of artificial blue light emitted during conventional use of electronic devices is nowhere near enough to trigger harmful skin effects,” explains Kolbe.


Treating Acne – Facial with A Device

dmGlow – giving inner beauty life.

This all encompassing facial treatment is wonderful for all skin types, especially acne prone skin. It combines manual exfoliation and chemical exfoliation to help keep skin clear. DermaMed Solutions™ is proud to present a game-changing facial treatment. Introducing dmGlow, a renewing and rejuvenating treatment that combines facial cup vacuum massage, mechanical exfoliation, advanced chemical peels and botanical skin care to produce a fresh, radiant glow for everyone.  

Treating Acne – Masks

Cleaning and calming the skin are two of the most important aspects of treating acne. Nothing helps to accomplish these two goals like an effective treatment mask. Learning how to customize a treatment is the mark of an advanced skin care professional. The Vital Clay Mask from Immunocologie and O2SKINPRO are ideal options that can be used to help customize a facial treatment.




Quickly calm the skin and address redness with the healing properties of oxygen!

O2SkinPro™ is a powdered form of oxygen, developed by a US-based company. It’s the only solid, non-gaseous, form of oxygen in existence. It is designed to be applied topically, for its healing and pain-relieving properties by delivering oxygen directly to any wounded area. Tested over several years, it’s non-toxic, easy to use, and compatible with your current after-treatment products.  

O2SkinPro™’s ability to provide oxygen makes it a therapeutic solution for any insult or injury to cells and tissues that results in low oxygen levels, such as abrasions, burns, rashes, bruises, or any skin treatment procedure affecting the epidermis. Also, O2SkinPro™ has been shown to relieve and sooth allergic reactions many clients have to more powerful enzymatic ingredients often used in a variety of topical creams and serums. 

O2SkinPro™ is a Back-bar product that pros can add to their treatments to promote skin healing and cell regeneration and will be sold only to professionals in the spa and med-spa industry. Primarily, professional estheticians will be able to add O2SkinPro™ to serums after micro-needling, use in acne treatments, and for all corrections whose purpose is healing and rejuvenation. 

Additionally, EF Tropics has O2SkinPro™ approved labels to use with “home use” products that you professionally formulate for your clients. This will bring the retail purchases back to the spa because they are personally formulated.

Vital Clay Mask from Immunocologie

Vital Clay Mask

Juicing For The Skin™ Detoxifies  |  Balances  |  Hydrates Vital Clay Mask is  deep-detox, mineral-rich mask with 3 earth clays and 12 essential minerals, that purifies your skin leaving in beautifully hydrated and glowing. It reduces the visibility of enlarged pores. Contains anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritation.

Treating Acne at Home

If your clients want to see a change in their skin home care is crucial. It takes daily use of professional skin care products to fight active acne lesions and keep skin clear. It can be an application of acid, like the BiON Skincare Mandelic Pads, or the Hale & Hush Clear Future Toner with Salicylic. You can even use wild crafted botanical products such as the Rapid Repair Fluid from Sunshine Botanicals or the Licorice Lemon Nighttime Serum from KM Herbals.

Home Care

Mandelic 5% Toner Pads by BiON Skincare

Mandelic 5% Toner Pads

Tone, exfoliate and brighten all with the Mandelic 5% Toner Pads all in one jar and an easy applicator that travels well.  BiON has combined the benefits of mandelic acid, lactic acid, azelaic acid, niacinamide and essential oils to produce a toner for mature skin, as well as acneic skin. The three acids gently remove bacteria, control sebum production, clear pores and help control acne.  Mature skin will enjoy an even skin tone, less wrinkles and a reduction in hyperpigmentation.  All of this while bathing your skin in three essential oils that rejuvenate and lighten dull skin, and provide moisture.

Clear Future Toner by Hale & Hush

Clear Future Toner

Extend blemish- and oil-control beyond cleansing with the Clear Future Toner. It is formulated to naturally clarify skin and shrink enlarged pores while maintaining balance and comfort with probiotics. The Tonic will leave skin cleaner, refreshed and more resistant to congestion and breakouts through the day or night BENEFITS:

  • Naturally clarifies skin, helps to control sebum and reduces appearance of enlarged pores.
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent, antifungal and antioxidant properties.
  • Protects barrier function and moisturization of stratum corneum.

KEY INGREDIENTS Salicylic Acid: BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) has an exfoliating effect to help clear skin’s surface and pores of debris (oil, dead cells); helps improve fine lines, reduce inflammation and control blemish-causing bacteria. Neutrazen: Neuropeptide prevents and reverses signs of neurogenic inflammation. It calms and soothes irritated skin and helps to maintain and restore a normal skin sensitivity threshold. Neuropeptide Malva Sylvestris (Mallo) Flower Extract: Mallo contain skin-soothing properties as well as some potential antioxidant benefits. Syinga Vulgaris (Lilac Stem Cells): Lilac helps to regulate sebum and contains antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Fomes Officinalis (Mushroom) Extract: With pore tightening, moisturizing, astringent properties and this mushroom extracts helps to control sebum. Yogurt Extract & Yogurt Powder: This probiotic is rich in protein, providing moisturizing properties that work to hydrate the stratum corneum. Yogurt helps decrease trans-epidermal water loss, thus increasing the smoothness and softness of the skin. It is also contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Licorice Lemon Nighttime Serum by KM Herbals

Licorice Lemon Nighttime Serum

Licorice Lemon Nighttime Serum is an illuminating skin treatment that helps to improve the look of discoloration. Licorice, Lemon, and Foraha Oil work to balance and brighten the complexion, keeping the tissues toned and protected from further stress. Since irritation can often result in more pigmentation, we’ve blended this formula full of soothing oils and botanicals like Lavender, Chamomile, and Hops to help calm the skin and senses.
*This product is a nighttime only treatment and should not be applied directly before sun exposure.
Rapid Repair Fluid by Sunshine Botanicals

Rapid Repair Fluid

Rapid Repair Fluid is a light, oil-free healing and hydrating fluid for all skin types.
Top 5 Recommended Uses
*Oil-Free Moisture Fluid
*Daily Rejuvenation Serum (apply before moisturizer or sunblock)
*Post Procedure Recovery Fluid
*After Shave for Men
*Post Sun Repair
The Rapid Repair Fluid by Sunshine Botanicals is a virtual arsenal of skin-repairing ingredients specifically formulated to treat the needs of sensitive, problem, and environmentally damaged skin conditions. This multifunctional serum is especially indicated for bruises and helps heal skins that are recovering and compromised from radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Cool, fresh and oil-free, this soothing serum may also be used as a daily hydrating fluid to help restore the skins natural barrier function and help fight breakouts and irritations. Rapid Repair Fluid contains high levels of betulinic acid (white birch bark) – one of nature’s most potent and well researched natural ingredients to fight melanoma and help repair severe UV damage, making this soothing skin serum perfect for ALL skin types.

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