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This Fall’s Leading Products + Devices To Correct Damaged Skin

Fall is Skin Care Correction Season

Top skin care products and devices to correct skin this fall are here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!  It’s fall and that means it’s skin care correction season!

15 Of Fall’s Top Skin Care Products + Devices for Correction

We started traveling again this summer and in just a few short months of networking and researching we found a collection of new products and devices that we think skin care professionals, resort spa managers, day spa, medical spa owners and managers are going to find highly valuable to their business’s profitability.

7 Key Areas Of Skin Care Correction

We have identified 7 key areas for skin care correction. Each area has a few products and or devices that skin care professionals can use to go through the process of correcting sun damage, fine lines, deep wrinkles, sagging, rough texture and dull, dehydrated skin.

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Detect It

In order to be able to use the top skin care products and devices to correct skin issues, you first need to identify what’s happening with your clients’ skin. Without technology, a client is forced to trust that the skin care professional’s analysis is accurate and then trust that the course of action recommended by the esthetician is the most appropriate manner to treat the skin.

However, with the advancement technology, that has all changed.  Now, skin care analysis devices to help detect and identify skin issues are readily available, cost effective, and easy to use.  This new technology allows estheticians to show clients the condition of their skin AND offer computer generated treatment plans.

The Pear 3D from Dermamed Solutions

THE PEAR 3D is the ultimate cutting edge device that will allow you to create a customized treatment plan for your clients + track their progress along the way. The PEAR 3D provides true photo analysis for planning and evaluating facial rejuvenation treatments + skin care regimens.

DP Harris Skin Analyzer from Germaine DE Capuccini
A great low-cost option is the DP Harris Skin Analyzer. We’ve known Natalia from Germaine DE Capuccini for years and were so excited to meet her in Las Vegas at the IECSC and learn all about this incredible app based solution that works with any iPad or Tablet.

Infuse It

The next area we think is so important to focus on for your top skin care products and devices for fall is infusion. Being able to infuse the skin with the incredible active ingredients is key.  We have some really cutting edge methods that skin care professionals can use to infuse the skin.

The EpiPin from EpiStep
The EpiPin device is a game changer – NEEDLE-FREE NEEDLING! Yes, we said it!  This device uses micro pins of 3D-lized Hyaluronic. The Hyaluronic is infused with an assortment of peptides, vitamins and minerals. The micro pins of Hyaluronic are absorbed by the skin and eventually totally dissolve, in a revolutionary process where the delivery system is literally used by the skin. 

The MesoBotanica by Sesha Skincare
The MesoBotanica is all-new from Sesha!  A truly unique experience. This 4 step nano pen facial uses Sesha’s top skin care products that  we’ve loved for years and now power infuses them into the skin with their all new pen! 

Renew It

As we age our skin’s own regeneration process slows down! You can help the skin renew itself with two of devices that we found! Skin needs energy and these top skin care products and devices can energize the skin using FDA cleared technology!

Restore from Celluma
Celluma introduced Restore in August of 2021! The all-in-one Celluma Restore is the first device to be FDA Cleared to treat 3 common concerns of the mature individual. Addressing hair regrowth, aging skin and general pain conditions.

Ares from DermaJEM  Coming Soon!

An all new device from DermaJEM that combines modalities to offer skin care professionals more versatility!

The Ares is unique because it combines 2 of the most popular types of exfoliation, hydrodermabrasion and microdermabrasion. Allowing you to offer your clients both forms of exfoliation with one machine. 

The Ares features ultrasound for deeper product penetration to ensure that your clients are receiving the full effect of your powerful skin care ingredients, and cold therapy to soothe and calm the skin post exfoliation. 

Be the first to know about this device.  Sign Up for VIP Access to this device. 

Sleep On It

Using top skin care products while you sleep is a great way to give your skin a regeneration boost.  We all know that your skin works to repair itself while you sleep. Why not give your clients’ a few tips to make their sleep time really productive? 

SilcSkin Silicone Pads
The SilcSkin pads are a cult favorite for many estheticians around the world! They treat wrinkles like scars and work to build collagen from the inside out. Use them on your face and body on clean dry skin – they are not to be used with any serum under them, ever.  

Oxygen Treatment Cream from Immunocologie
Get to know the Oxygen Treatment Cream so you can help clients brighten and firm their skin while they sleep. This overnight detoxifying mask sweeps away dead skin cells and stimulates the skin’s natural collagen production, diminishing the appearance of dark spots for a radiant, clean, and clear complexion.

Peel It 

Peels are the Pumpkin Spice of skin care in the fall! Some of the top products for skin care correction season must be performed in treatment by a licensed esthetician. We have 3 that we love and are exclusively a back bar item that can be offered in treatment.

Intimate Bikini Brite Peel System from California Skincare Supply
One of the hottest treatments on the market right now!  Intimate bleaching products allow you to create a uniform color of the vaginal/anal area, under arms, and areola. This 4 step Intimate Bikini Brite Peel System is easy to use and clients love the results.

BeeDazzle Revitalize from Hale & Hush
One of our favorite products! The BeeDazzle Revitalize is an incredibly versatile Manuka Honey and AHA Refiner.  Sensitive-friendly AHAs (mandelic and lactic) recondition skin’s texture and complexion while bioactive Manuka Honey nurtures healing with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and conditioning effects.

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
One of BiON customers’ favorites year around, Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is an enzyme exfoliation mask made from natural pumpkin puree, enzyme ferment and seed extract containing antioxidants and moisturizers for a wonderful spa experience. Pumpkin contains dozens of beneficial nutrients which can help to reverse the signs of aging and re-texturize the skin while adding essential hydration. Pumpkin Enzyme Mask helps increase cell turnover, promotes skin healing, helps restore the skin’s elasticity and reduces fines lines and wrinkles, which leads to a more youthful complexion.



Soothe It

After many of these correcting treatments, you need some of our top skin care products and tools to help soothe the skin. 

ICE Dice from BDR
ICE Dice can be used in Chill Mode (ice) or Relax Mode (warm). 

Chill Mode will eliminate puffiness, reduce oiliness, ease acne and reduce swelling and inflammation.  Relax Mode will increase blood flow, promote comforting relief during facial massage and ease stress and tension in facial muscles.  

Finipil from Equilabs Nufree
Finipil is scientifically approved, patented, FDA registered OTC antiseptic made by Equibal Labs which is applied on clients after and in between Nufree Nudesse hair removal services. This antiseptic cream destroys 99.999% of bacteria and cools and soothes the skin while protecting the empty hair follicle.

Fortify It

Giving the skin what it needs to protect and fight against environmental aggressors is crucial. Flooding the skin with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will give the skin the ability to fortify itself.  We have two suggestions that we love!

Mineral Powder from Advanced Mineral Makeup
The Pressed and Loose Mineral Powder from Advanced Mineral Makeup is ideal to apply to skin after any skin care correction treatment. The minerals will nourish and fortify as well as give the client a finished look rather than leaving with a pink / raw look to their skin.

DO NOT WORRY!!! These minerals won’t negatively impact the treatment or clog pores. Also, the fallacy that the skin “needs to breathe” is a total scam! Your skin doesn’t breathe, in fact, a properly functioning acid mantel precludes moisture loss, so it would also preclude any oxygen loss.

Triple AntiOX Serum from PFB Vanish

Triple AntiOX Serum has Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid in a hyaluronic base. Ascorbic Acid, Alpha Tocopherol, and Ferulic Acid provide virtually complete AntiOXidant protection. The sodium hyaluronate base will leave your skin perfectly hydrated. Skin will be brighter, firmer and show fewer fine lines and wrinkles.


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