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Top 5 Skin Care Finds at IECSC

We had a blast finding the Top 5 Skin Care Finds at IECSC in Florida!  It’s the last important trade show of the year, so we were amazed that we were able to come across anything new! But the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference never lets us down!  They always have new brands at their shows and this show was no exception!  We found a bunch of new brands, new products and a few new treatments.  But since we’re product junkies, we want to showcase all of the amazing products!


#1 Top 5 Skin Care Finds at IECSC

MIRApeel by Emira

Think, wet microdermabrasion, meets wet microneedling, meets LED.  Resurface, infuse and renew in one treatment. 

“MIRApeel™ system is a new, comprehensive, transdermal delivery system with unique accessories, attachments and add-ons.

 Fractional Transbrasion™ – is a novel desquamating & non-invasive micro protrusion technology, helping to infuse cosmetic serums to produce the best results.” Emira

#2 Top 5 Skin Care Finds at IECSC

Hadaka Beauty

This was their U.S. launch!  A boutique collection of skin and body care that is as luxurious and delicious as it is beautifully branded and packaged.  Hadaka means nude in Japanese. You will definetly look better naked with this decadent line of skin, body and hair care.

“Our HADAKA line is simple yet efficient, pared down to the essentials in the beauty regimen. The ingredients are chosen for their qualities, their efficiency and especially their truthfulness. The list of ingredients in our products are short, just the essentials that our bodies need. No fillers or harmful ingredients.”  Hadaka


#3 Top 5 Skin Care Finds at IECSC

TourneSOL Curated Beauty – SUNPOP Self-Tanning Towelette

One word – O  B  S  E  S  S  E  D!  We’ve been recommending a drug store brand tanning towelette for years.  But NO MORE!  This tanning towelette is epic.  So subtle that no one even noticed that Barry had a warmer glow on the 2nd day of the IECSC show!  He used a SUNPOP for a pop of color and you couldn’t even tell he “tanned”!  It was just a natural warm glow!  They’re amazing!

SUNPOP Self Tanning towelettes are the most innovative self tanning product to hit the market. The self contained, single use package contains a biodegradable towelette infused with an advanced self tan formula incorporating the Algo-Tan technology.”


#4 Top 5 Skin Care Finds at IECSC

CBD Lipgloss from CBD Care Garden

Shut up!  Yes 2 of our favs in one!  CBD and Lipgloss!  What more can we say?

Positive Pink Hemp CBD Lipgloss
Moisturizing, hydrating and healing. This is non-sticky, sweet smelling, glam lip gloss at its finest! Built in with a push-button LED light and mirror suited for your finest selfie-ready moments.”  CBD Care Garden


#5 Top 5 Skin Care Finds at IECSC

Lift Kits from Viktoria DeAnn

You had me at Lift.  This cult favorite peptide rich brand is now helping estheticians to sell! They’ve created 3 kits for estheticians to easily sell home care to clients.  The 3 kits contain products and INSTRUCTIONS, that make home care a no brainer for our spa clients!

Lift Kits contain all the necessary peptides for clients wanting to look 5-20 years younger. Each Kit has a PEPTI-lift and PEPTI-tone along with one Eye Serum. The difference between each kit is the strength of Rejuvenator in each. Your professional should direct you one whether you will need a Mild, Regular, or Ultra Lift kit.” Viktoria DeAnn

So Many More Finds

It’s so hard to limit our finds to just one!  Truly so very hard! There were well over 200 exhibitors ath this show! We took almost 200 photos, if you want to see all of the amazing products! Be sure to check out our online gallery!

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