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3 Skin Care Tips For Makeup To Stay On Longer

by Michael Moore

Knowing a few tips for makeup to stay on longer will make your holidays much brighter!  Want some advice so your face will look flawless and never overdone or obvious?  First, just say NO to obvious looking foundation. If it does not look like skin, it’s not flawless.

This holiday season, and all year round, for that matter, you can have a truly beautiful, flawless makeup look.  After years of working in the beauty industry and doing literally thousands of makeup applications, I have come up with tips for makeup to stay on longer that you will absolutely love!

Michael’s Tips For Makeup To Stay On Longer

1. Get Rid Of Dry Build Up

Cleansing the skin is obviously the first step. But before that, think about getting rid of dry build up on the face or soft peach fuzz! Please go see your esthetician or find a fresh razor. An esthetician can do a service called “dermaplaning,” but the razor will work just as well on a large part of the face. You can simply get rid of peach fuzz quick and easy at home. This will allow your moisturizer to go deeper into the skin, as well as the foundation will be adhering to the freshest, most supple skin. This is a great long-term benefit for anti-aging of the skin. Constant exfoliation is great for turning over the skin cells, but also great for making the foundation “not look obvious”!

2. Get Perfect Texture 

My 2nd tip for makeup to stay on longer is often one of the easiest to do. Prepping the skin is very important to ensure your foundation looks and acts its best. Pick a moisturizer that is right for your skin type and skin texture. Texture is very important when trying to achieve a desired look to your foundation. If you have oilier skin, start off with hydration, not oil. Oilier skins need a good hyaluronic acid-based moisture. Again, it is important to remember oily skin needs hydration, not oil. I feel that normal skin does well with a lightweight cream or lotion cream. Conversely, dry skin should use heavier cream, but not greasy. This way it will give you a base for the foundation to keep looking its most optimal.  If the texture is not correct, the foundation could look drier, will slide off the face too quickly, or possibly oxidize.


3. Get a Smooth Surface

Primer will make your application truly look professional. How, you ask? The right primer can fill in fine lines and wrinkles, smooth out the look of pores, as well as give your makeup longevity. This essential step will make your makeup hold all day long. Apply your primer after you have freshly applied your moisturizer. One pump should do it for you. A tip is to use your fingers and apply the primer to the area with the most moisturizer first; then blend it out from there. You need to find the right texture of primer for you, as I do not believe all primers are equal. Oily skin: look for a matte primer. Dry skin: find one to add a supple texture. If redness is a problem, look for a colored primer for maximum brightness; this will tone the red down for a longer period of time. A more golden complexion will do really well with a purple toned primer. This will bring a bit more life to the yellow skin tone.

Follow Michael’s 3 Tips For Makeup To Stay On Longer

After following these simple and easy tips, you should be prepared for a beautiful and glowing complexion. Never settle for mediocrity; your foundation should match your skin tone, skin type, and skin texture! I believe we all deserve to look our best, correct?

Guest Blogger – Michael Moore

Michael has been in the cosmetic and skincare industry for over 30 years with the mission of making people feel better about themselves. His career started behind a cosmetic counter and quickly escalated to working with many industry leaders such as Bobbi Brown, Borghese, Chanel, Lancôme, and Nars. In 2000 Michael became an Esthetician, and later partnered his make up talents and love for Skincare by founding Simply Moore Make up Artistry and Skincare studio…Read More

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