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The Device This Esthetician Uses in 99% of Treatments

Tiffany Underwood is one of L+A’s 10 Estheticians To Watch! She’s an award-winning esthetician, she’s a medical spa owner, and she founded a non-profit for cancer patients! She’s also a huge fan of Celluma LED Light Therapy devices and uses them in 99% of her treatments! 

Thanks to Celluma LED Light Therapy for sponsoring this content so that L+A can share Tiffany’s story with our community.

Tiffany Underwood is Celebrating Celluma National Light Therapy Day as their Feature Esthetician

Celluma LED Light Therapy selected Tiffany Underwood to be their Feature Esthetician for June, 2024 which also happens to be when we all celebrate National Celluma Light Therapy Day – June 20th!

Tiffany became an esthetician in October of 2022 after dealing with a horrible case of cystic acne that was not responding to medications or topicals. Tiffany felt terrible and didn’t like looking in the mirror!

She found help from a virtual consultation with an esthetician in Seattle. Raeann Kelly was amazing and helped her skin get back on track. After a new-found confidence, Tiffany thought what better way to help others with the same acne issues than becoming an esthetician? She felt a huge nudge to do it and hoped her background would help and it did. She didn’t tell anyone that she applied to an esthetics school that was an hour away from her home until she was accepted.

Then life threw Tiffany a curve ball. She was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia on June 8, 2022, but she still graduated from esthetics school on August 2, 2022. Her last chemotherapy treatment was on September 6, 2022. This experience drove her to start Tiff-Tiff’s Chemo Bags, which became a registered official 501(c)(3) nonprofit on November 22, 2022. Then In February of  2023, she founded SkinCo, which has four treatment rooms and a team of two. 

SkinCo carries M.A.D. Skincare, BioSkin Aesthetic’s BioRePeel, and SERA mesotherapy. Hale & Hush, FACTORFIVE, DermaPlane Pro, Circadia, Neogenesis, Linder Health, Intelligent Elixirs, Hydrinity. 

Tiffany Underwood

Barry From L+A Chats with Tiffany Underwood

Barry asked Tiffany to talk about the treatments offered at SkinCo.

“I offer corrective treatments and love to educate clients on home care, ingredients, and consistency. Every service is customized. I love peels, dermaplaning, Jet plasma, US, RF, microcurrent, hydrodermabrasion, nano and microneedling. I love to tackle age management by targeting sagging/muscle tone and an instant skin glow gratification at the same time.” Tiffany Underwood

Barry then asked Tiffany to talk about SkinCo’s most popular treatment.

“My most popular treatment I would say is dermaplaning paired with another modality that will help my client to achieve their goals. Every treatment is finished with Celluma!  No treatment is complete without Celluma
Tiffany Underwood

Tiffany Underwood Uses Celluma in 99% Of SkinCo’s Treatments 

Tiffany told L+A, “I don’t feel my service is complete without using Celluma! I use it with 99% of treatments, before a peel, after extractions or exfoliation, and even after or during a mask (if not opaque). 

I use it before applying finishing products and if I have a client that has talked in the service they usually are really quiet after 5 minutes and some fall asleep – which I love because I know they are relaxed.”

Tiffany Underwood Discusses Celluma Results 

Barry asked, “What results have you seen from Celluma?”

The before and after you see here is a client of Tiffany’s who has an autoimmune disease and is on lots of medications and has been to several dermatologists and came to Tiffany as a last resort. 

“In her first visit, I did a calming mask and Celluma LED light therapy. I could tell she was instantly calming. The next week we did a treatment and she was very reactive! So for the next couple weeks, we just did Celluma LED Light Therapy 2 – 3 times a week to assist with the transition of home care and purging. This client purchased a Celluma and has used it every 2 – 3 days.” Tiffany Underwood 

“Instantly, I have seen inflammation reduced after a lip or eyebrow wax. Even with a client with rosacea or inflamed acne, I can see an immediate result. 

Long term, I have seen acne clear and wrinkles significantly reduced. Rosacea clients say, ‘What Redness?’”  Tiffany Underwood

Barry asked, “What are clients saying about their results from using Celluma?”

“My clients are amazed by their results. They usually hug me or thank me but truly the credit is to the light. I feel like Celluma LED Light Therapy is compared to Windex (cures everything) in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you come to me with any ailment just know I’ll put you under the Celluma! I have gotten requests from clients to come on their lunch break to sit under the light bc they feel relaxed after!” Tiffany Underwood

Tiffany Underwood

Why Tiffany Underwood Chose Celluma 

Barry asked Tiffany to explain why she chose Celluma and to talk about how she uses Celluma. 

“When struggling with my own acne/aging I tried several brands without any real results. After reading about Celluma and the technology it was my gut that told me to purchase it. I am so glad I did it! Worth the investment! My husband and I rotate nights. He uses it for pain.

I use Celluma for age management. I had cancer a few years ago and had chemotherapy, so I use the RESTORE and am starting to notice my hair coming back after thinning from chemo. I am seeing little sprigs on my part and on the sides of the temples.  

I also recommend Celluma and/ or microcurrent when clients ask what they can do in addition to home care and in between treatments with me. Almost all start with Celluma LED because you can relax under the light and get results! 

I do like that I can use this device on the body!! Knees and tummy!!! That is where I use it too.” 

I own Celluma PRO and Restore. I also sell the Celluma devices at SkinCo and have sold 9 lights in a year!” Tiffany Underwood

Tiffany Underwood on Celluma’s Support 

Barry asked Tiffany about Celluma’s training and customer service. 

“I have taken their training! I am such a skin nerd and loved the technology and how they explained it on a biochemical/cellular level. They do a great job educating their professionals! 

The customer service is superb with Celluma. Kimberly and Kathryn are exceptional. I have always received a call back if needed and all of my questions have always been answered.  Once, I was trying to order a light and Kimberly (my rep) was at a show and she had someone else on the team call me, place the order, and ship the same day! 

The educational and marketing assets are helpful and easily accessible and appreciated.” Tiffany Underwood 

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