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If you’re anything like me, when you step into get the shower, you go into some sort of autopilot mode. How many times have you heard people say, “I get my best ideas in the shower!”?  I truly believe this is true because we go into an almost hypnotic trance in the warm water as we perform the same routine task that we’ve been doing for decades.  Although, on a good day I also sing and dance a little too!


“Maybe, while singing one of your favorite Beyoncé songs you know, while the back up singers are filling in…”

However, one of those mundane “things” I always do in the shower is wash my face with my favorite cleanser.  It’s been part of my morning routine for the past 20 years.  I even have an order – I always wash my face first.  I don’t know why…I just do. Sometimes, it’s good to pause and break out of that routine.  Maybe, while singing one of your favorite Beyoncé songs you know, while the back up singers are filling in.   It may be a good idea to think about what you’re using to clean your skin.

Ask yourself…

Wait, why is this my favorite facial cleanser?  

Why am I using this?  

What’s special about it?  

What is it doing for my skin?

If you can’t answer those questions, it’s time to change up your cleanser.  If you’re not sure where to turn, don’t stress – I got you!  I’ve come up with a few really unique cleaners.  They’ll do a little more than just “clean” your skin.  This list has cleansers that will help treat hyperpigmentation, aging, and dull skin.


Gr8Skin Cleanser

Clean by GR8/SKN
My skin felt clean and refreshed after using this!  It didn’t feel like all the oil had been sucked out of it, leaving it super tight and dry.

The fresh fragrance is the first thing you’ll notice about this product!  It purifies without stripping natural moisture. Skin is left hydrated and balanced. A pH of 4 helps kill bad bacteria, while a blend of willow bark and tea tree oil works to eliminate redness and to unclog pores. Something that sets this cleanser apart from others is that it contains clay to help remove impurities, mop up excess oil, and feed the skin micro-nutrients.

dmSkincare Botana Scrub

Bonta Scrub Cleanser by dmSkincare

I love this cleanser for when my skin is feeling heavy and I can see build up or my fine lines are a little more prevalent.  This scrub gives me the “punch” I’m looking for when I want to get all of the surface gunk off of my face!

This scrub does double duty – manual exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. Glycolic and Salicylic acids break down bonds that hold skin cells together and clean out pores.  Bamboo crystals sweep away excess dirt and oil from the skin.

Keracell Antiaging Cleanser

Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser by KERACELL

This cleanser has a fresh, sweet aroma that will make you want to wash your face.  It’s got this velvety texture that makes you feel like your giving your skin the most amazing treatment. But in the back of my mind, I just know I’m giving my skin ammunition to fight back against aging because this cleanser is full of human stem cells.  Knowing that I’m fortifying my skin and giving it the tools it needs to be as healthy and young looking as possible, makes me love love love this cleanser.

M.A.D. Brightening Cleanser

Brightening Cleanser by M.A.D Skincare

This cleanser has the freshest and brightest aroma. Let this radiance boosting, nourishing gentle facial cleanser lift away dirt and protect your skin cells, leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh and nourished and so you can get a great start to your day!

This calming cleanser is infused with M.A.D’s specially formulated Trinity Tea Tree Complex made up of red, white and green tea tree and packed full of antioxidants. Natural skin brightener’s, Licorice, Bearberry, Mulberry and Grape extracts have also been infused to help diminish hyperpigmentation. This outstanding product is paraben free and does not contain any chemical colorants.

There you have it!  So now, when you ask yourself why you’re using a cleanser, you won’t have to wonder.  These 4 cleansers are made by some of the most respected skincare manufacturers in the professional skincare industry.  Give one a try and when you do, be sure to tell them that Lipgloss + Aftershave sent you!

A huge thank you to GR8/SKN, dmSkincare, Bella Sciences, and M.A.D. Skincare for sponsoring this post.

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