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A 6 Month Plan To Pure Profit

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Owning a small day spa can be nerve-wracking.  There are so many responsibilities and expenses.  It can be so challenging to make ends meet on a regular basis.  

Yet in order to grow and stay on the cutting edge, you need to be innovative.  In order to grow and improve you must offer the hottest treatments on the market.  Yes, that sounds great, but that can also be scary! It’s scary because it can cost money!  

The scariest part is trying to figure out a way to pay for everything that you need for your skincare business.  

It seems that almost every day there is something “new” that you want to add to the business.  Most of the new machines, devices and products lines don’t come with any support on how to recoup your investment!  

But ThermoClear is different!  Yes, our machine is $5,400, but that investment can be recouped in just 6 months! After that you’re earning total profit!  

Because ThermoClear allows you to correct the Top 5 Skin Irregularities on your existing client base, regardless of skin type, skin tone, age or gender!  It works on every one of your clients! The number one skin irregularity is hyperpigmentation – and you know your clients all have some degree of hyperpigmentation!  Imagine being able to treat it in a single 15 minute session!

The price of a ThermoClear treatment ranges from $75-$150 depending on your location!  

If you charge the average price of $100 per treatment on just 10 clients per month, you’ll be able to pay off your machine in less than 6 months! 

Make A List of Clients
One of the easiest ways to plan your sales strategy for your business is to make a list of potential clients who would benefit from  for the ThermoClear treatment. There are several classification of clients who will be ideal for ThermoClear treatments. Segmenting your list will help simplify the process.

Hyperpigmentation Clients
Many times those who are getting resurfacing for hyperpigmentation are the most obvious potential ThermoClear clients. List out the clients who are getting:

  • Chemical Peels
  • Microneedling
  • Microdermabrasion

You can easily add on a 15 minute ThermoClear treatment to their next appointment.  

Rosacea Clients
Your Rosacea clients are also ideal candidates for a ThermoClear treatment to help eliminate the red spider veins that tend to present with Rosacea.  Make a list of those you’re treating with a sensitive skin facial or are selling sensitive skin products to, this will be a great source of potential ThermoClear treatment sales.  

Not Just The Face
You’ll also need to keep in mind that ThermoClear treatments aren’t just for the face.  

Make a list of clients who have skin irregularities on their:

  • Neck
  • Decollette
  • Shoulders
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Back

You can find many clients who have hyperpigmentation all over their body.  How many times have you talked to clients about applying sunscreen regularly?  Many clients are not compliant with sunscreen application which results in dark spots all over their body.  Many of the presenting dark spots are a concern to clients and they will be happy to have it easily removed!  

Skin tags can be pervasive on the neck and can be a huge issue for women who want to wear necklaces. You can help them find relief in a few 15 minute treatments.  Clients often don’t seek treatment for skin tags, because they are unaware of how easy they are to treat!

You can see how easy it will be to create a list of potential ThermoClear clients.  Our experience shows that when clients who have the Top 5 Skin Irregularities are presented with ThermoClear as an option for treatment – they happily buy the treatment.  

You will easily recoup your investment in less than 6 months if you make a goal to book just 10 $100 TheroClear treatments every month.  If you’re a real “go-getter” and can book more than 10, you’ll be making pure profit on your ThermoClear treatments in no time!

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