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There’s A Spa Revolution Happening

by Barry Eichner, Glenn Hogle and Kristin Sartore

Let thermaBliss Heat Up Your Services

Honestly, this concept took me a minute to wrap my head around!  Jenni told me about a company that she discovered in Florida last year that offered amazing thermal treatments that heated up on the basis of mineral energy alone – no appliances, electricity, batteries, or equipment.  When I experienced it for myself, I was hooked.

The Ingredients of a Revolution

Spa Revolutions® is the innovative company heating up the spa industry.

 They’re bringing the heat without the use of electricity, batteries or any heat source for that matter.

No, it’s not “magic”!

Spa Revolutions uses a revolutionary, patented self-heating technology called Lava Gel®.  The “magic” is actually science involving natural ingredients, magnesium, iron, salt and water, empowering any spa professional to heat up every spa treatment on their menu.

Recipe for the Revolution: thermaBliss Tools

When you combine the salt and water with the iron and magnesium, the natural self-heating technology results in blissful warmth lasting the duration of the treatment. This simple thermal heat application gives way to an array of thermaBliss spa products.

thermaBliss for Face

Estheticians can now add on the healing, therapeutic, luxury of thermaBliss to any facial with Spa Revolutions scientifically advanced products.

ThermaFusion Self-Heating Facial Mask

The ThermaFusion™Self-Heating Facial Mask is hydrating to soften fine lines and relax your client.  Self-heating mineral energy stimulates the skin’s natural processes of hydration, vasodilation, and drives molecular acceleration of your chosen skin care products.  Versatile dual-sided mask offers a moist application and dry occluse mask

Paraffin Anywhere

The first ever self-heating, brush-on treatment features medical-grade, therapeutic paraffin with apple stem cell technology in a Nourishment+ blend infused with vitamins A, C, and E, Green and White Tea Extract antioxidants.  Paraffin Anywhere™ is a versatile client-exclusive spot application treatment with dripless brush enables technicians to supercharge existing skin care product performance. 

thermaBliss Heated & Chilled for Face & Body

Let’s face it; everyone loves a little help sometime! Well, to every spa professional out there, here’s your help!  This is going to save your hands! These add on implements will not only elevate your treatments, but give your fingers and forearms a well deserved rest!

ThermaHerbal Poultice

Offer the ancient art of moist Thai herbal compression massage for unsurpassed heat-crafted spa experiences.  Sensuous natural herbs, exotic spices, delicate flowers, all wrapped in fine muslin and steeped, blend to form a powerful herbal tea elixir.  The ThermaHerbal™ Poultice Activates in only 3 minutes with warm water and lasts for 60+ minutes. Delightful gift with service that clients can take home for one personal use in bath or self-massage.

Lava Shells®

These come in multiple shapes and sizes, empowering you to select the best option for the treatment or client.  When filled with the patented self-heating technology of Lava Gel, Lava Shells® heat for up to 45-minutes, depending on the method of application, giving you the same heat as a full hot stone massage with just two shells

Glacial Shells®

The versatile Cowrie Shell can be used with the Chill Blend to create a Glacial Shell. Use Glacial Shells® as an enhancement to any facial to reduces dark circles & puffiness around the eyes, help to suppress acne flare ups, help to firm and tighten skin prior to a makeup application, increase circulation, diminish the appearance of wrinkles, suppress hair growth, help to rejuvenate the skin, and reduce skin inflammation.

thermaBliss Hand & Foot Luxury

This is perfect for every spa professional.  The esthetician can add a hand and foot treatment to any skincare treatment.  This is a no-brainer for Nail technicians. Massage therapists and lash artists can use this to add an element of therapeutic luxury to any service!

PerfectSense Paraffin®

PerfectSense Paraffin is a groundbreaking product that effectively eliminates every significant drawback of current paraffin delivery systems.  Nourishment+ age-defying formula blends apple stem cell with vitamins A, C, and E, Green and White Tea Extracts antioxidants for the most powerful heated moisturizer available.  Heat therapy relaxes muscles, stimulating self-hydration of the stratum corneum and increased blood flow through vasodilation, while accelerating the molecular action and speeding the efficacy of all skin care products.  Exceptional for dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, sore/achy or arthritic joints.

thermaBliss Hair Removal

Cut the cord to the wax pot! Ever wish you could just wave your magic wand and make a wax pot appear, with hot, melted wax?  If you’re an on the go therapist, the answer is probably – YES! Well, now you don’t need a magic wand.

Depilatory Anywhere – Hard & Soft Wax 

This client-exclusive, self-heating portable Depilatory Anywhere™ wax system melts on-demand in 3-5 minutes with Lava Gel® mineral energy activated by lavender AromaVapor® Solution.  Depilatory Anywhere™ Eliminates the hassle of long melt times and is perfect for off-site, remote and mobile services.

No matter what spa services you offer, thermaBliss will heat up your business! Regardless if you’re an on-the-go therapist or a therapist who has 4-6 pieces of equipment in a treatment room with one electrical outlet to plug them all into!  No need to stress over electricity or batteries! Spa Revolutions’ new thermaBliss line of treatment add-ons will give you freedom you’ve never experienced!

Freedom from an electrical cord.

Freedom to add-on as you treat!

Freedom from financial stress by allowing you to earn more!

Want to learn more about thermaBliss and how you can start a revolution in your spa?

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