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Treat Menopausal Skin with Growth Factors, Stem Cells + Peptides

TheraGenesis is the brand you didn’t know you needed for menopausal and perimenopausal clients! Now you can give your clients the Lift + Sculpt Facial that produces remarkable results. 

TheraGenesis founder, Trish Green is a premier thought leader in the treatment of menopausal skin conditions. L+A had a chance to chat with her about the TheraGenesis Lift + Sculpt Menopause Facial. L+A tested this treatment of growth factors, stem cells, and peptides, and we were TRULY IMPRESSED AT THE RESULTS FROM ONE TREATMENT! 

Thanks to TheraGenesis for sponsoring this article so that we can share how to Treat Menopausal Skin with Growth Factors, Stem Cells + Peptides.

TheraGenesis Lift + Sculpt Facial 

Designed to be performed with or without microcurrent, this facial offers a firming and lifting result for your client. Full of Growth Factors, Stem Cells, and Peptides, this facial is perfect for anyone looking for a dramatic change in the appearance of their skin. Paired with home care containing professional strength ingredients, makes it easy for your client to maintain their results between their sessions.

Jump Start The Skin with a Two-Step Exfoliation 

The treatment begins with a two-step exfoliation. The first is with the TheraGenesis Lactic Microfoliant. This product offers dual action exfoliation with lactic acid and mechanical exfoliation, which will promote greater product penetration for the rest of the facial as well as promote blood circulation to the area and improve skin texture. The second is the Professional-Only Resveratrol Gel Peel, a dual-action pumpkin enzyme and AHA exfoliator. Highly effective for treating pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Resveratrol, a key ingredient in this formula, has significant antioxidant properties and will also help reduce hyperpigmentation, promote collagen production, and encourage cellular proliferation.  The addition of Arnica and Green Tea makes this formula ideal for skins that need resurfacing but also require calming ingredients for balance.


Add In Optional Microcurrent 

Next, you flood the skin with peptides and Ultra Filling Spheres™ in the TheraGenesis Hydralift Serum. This product will plump, hydrate, smooth out wrinkles, and firm the jawline. Next, give the skin a dose of Copper PCA to regulate moisture with the Hydravite Toner.

Then perform Microcurrent according to your device’s protocol. For an effective glide, use Hydraboost, it contains a highly concentrated form of Hyaluronic Acid supported by Saccharomyces/Copper Ferment to add that extra boost of moisture while protecting the skin barrier by stimulating the production of ceramides. You can use Hydravite Toner to reactive the glide. The iontophoresis from the microcurrent will help the product ingredients penetrate the skin. 

Mask to Infuse and Hydrate the Face + Neck 

This step uses TheraGenesis’s Vitamin C Masque with skin rejuvenation, hydration, and powerful peptide-driven ingredients resulting in firmer and smoother skin. It also contains ArgirelineTM to help reduce the depth of wrinkles caused by the contraction of muscles used in facial expressions. You can perform an optional facial massage with the mask for 10-15 minutes then rinse with tepid or lukewarm water. 

Pro Tip: For home care, this masque can be left on overnight for maximum results.

Close with More Powerful Ingredients.

The treatment is concluded with the application of more TheraGenesis growth factor, peptide, and stem cell rich products.  

Use Eye Contour Serum around the eyes, between eyebrows, and out toward the temples to take advantage of this formula containing peptides LeuphasylTM and ArgirelineTM that give a “Botox effect”.

Revitalax Serum 

Then the Revitalax Serum is used to target areas of concern, over the entire face if desired. This intensive age-defying revitalizing serum contains Argireline™ and GABA to relax muscular tension, preventing and softening the appearance of fine lines. Syn-Coll™ replicates collagen synthesis combating visible signs of aging resulting from collagen depletion. Ultra Filling SpheresTM offers hydration and nourishment to areas depleted of natural moisture immediately improving the appearance and texture of the skin.

The Daily Vita C Cream infuses Vitamin C into the skin providing antioxidants.  It stimulates collagen synthesis and boosts skin resilience. Contains SculptessenceTM a natural remodeler derived from purified polyholosides from linseed that provides skin hydration, stimulation of GAGs synthesis, and protection of collagen.  Creating a visible “remodeling” action without surgery.

Finally the Enviro Defense SPF 50 on top during daytime treatments. Enviro Defense is not only an SPF, but it also replenishes skin moisture, promotes pH balance, and brightens skin for a beautiful, healthy, illuminated glow to finish the facial.

Lift + Sculpt Facial Produces Remarkable Results 

The Lift + Sculpt Facial produced remarkable results! Jenni Nagle, “I was really impressed! I performed this treatment on a 75-year-old client who receives regular treatments.  

She has hydrated skin and a strong barrier, so I knew we could maximize the Resveratrol Gel Peel time at 10 minutes.  

My favorite step was the Revitalax Serum; it has a wonderful slip, and I really worked it into the areas of concern, specifically the forehead and around the eyes.  

Her skin was left glowing, radiant, and plumped!”


Interview with Menopause Skin Care Expert Trish Green

“What ingredients in the TheraGenesis professional and retail products make this facial ideal for menopause and perimenopause patients and if so, why are the ingredients so important?”

“The Lift and Sculpt treatment’s ingredients are ideal for women in Menopause and Perimenopause. They support the need for Stem Cells, Growth Factors, and Peptides to support the function and health of the skin during hormonal transitions. When skin is wounded, cells produce growth factors that communicate to the surrounding cells that repair is needed. Current wound healing treatments include invasive chemical peels, microneedling, laser, etc. Stem Cells have pro aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. They are the building blocks for skin rejuvenation. Peptides are chains of amino acids that make up the proteins in our skin.  Signal peptides communicate to different parts of the skin to increase collagen, elastin, and other proteins.

Some examples of these ingredients are:
Ultra Filling Spheres™
SculptessenceTM”  Trish Green

“I see you can add microcurrent to the Lift & Sculpt Facial, is microcurrent ideal for menopause and perimenopause patients?” 

“Absolutely. Microcurrent offers a non-invasive way of lifting and firming the skin. Paired with the ingredients featured in the TheraGenesis products, we can offer both Professional and Home Care options for estheticians and their clients. With the loss of hormones and adipose tissue in the skin, with the right stimulation in a microcurrent treatment, we can give Menopausal and Perimenopausal women the results they are looking for.” Trish Green 

“How many treatments should a woman have of this treatment?”  

“Following the manufacturer’s instructions for your device, this treatment can be done in a series of 3 or 4 depending on the skin’s tolerance. No less than 2 weeks apart. To maximize results, ensure that you are using the prescribed home care daily.” Trish Green 

“Can this treatment be alternated with more aggressive treatments such as microneedling and chemical peels?”  

“Yes, you can slot this facial in between more aggressive treatments because these products include ingredients that support wound healing and skin regeneration.  Space treatments out appropriately.” Trish Green

“Is this treatment safe for first-time patients?” 

“Yes, we have included the Resveratrol Gel Peel option for those experienced clients.  But this facial can also be done with the scrub only, if you haven’t worked with that client before and are not familiar with how their skin responds.” Trish Green

“Is this treatment safe for Rosacea Patients?” 

“With caution……we can provide you with a gentler exfoliation option as well as finishing and home care products to specifically address rosacea and a more sensitive/reactive skin type.” Trish Green

“IF YES, “Are there any specific ingredients in the products that address Rosacea symptoms – can you explain the ingredients and how they impact Rosacea?” 

“We have a complete Restore Collection with DefensilTM-Plus that down-regulates redness, alleviates post-treatment dryness, sensitivity, and irritation that can be substituted into the protocol and is also available for home care.” Trish Green

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