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L+A Announces Media Partnership with The Skin Games 

Lipgloss + Aftershave is proud to announce our media partnership with The Skin Games for the March 14-17, 2024 at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta. Professionals can register to participate as a player, however, attending the event is open to all professionals and the public! We will be showcasing many elements of the 2024 event and then be on-site at the 2024 event covering the festivities. We’re thrilled to be partnering with The Skin Games! 

Participating in The Skin Games gives you access to part of the $25,000 in prizes and recognition from the international professional community.  Don’t miss this opportunity to grow in your professional career just like the past players who have raved about their experience. 

Skin care professionals have an urgent deadline to enter, but makeup artists, PMU, sugaring pros as well as lash and brow artist have a little more time. 

L+A’s History With The Skin Games

Lipgloss + Aftershave has been a part of The Skin Games for years! Barry had attended the event prior to creating L+A. Lipgloss + Aftershave worked closely with The Skin Games in 2018 and 2019. 

“I attended my first Skin Games in 2016 when I was working with California Skincare Supply. I was on site helping Kelli with social media during the event. Then, in 2017, I came back to the event and Jennifer Rosenblum asked me to go up on stage and say a few words. Let me tell you, I had a blast and the crowd did too! Jennifer then invited me to be the emcee for the 2018 Skin Games and we had a blast!!  Then when she moved the show to Las Vegas in 2019, I was the emcee again!” Barry Eichner

The Skin Games Elevates Professionals  

“One of the main reasons that I love working with The Skin Games is watching how it elevates estheticians. Some of the contestants that I met in my first few years working with TSG are now leaders in the professional skincare industry.  

Shawna Rocha is now the National Training Manager for Hale & Hush. Trin Yokoyama is a trainer for California Skin Care Supply and Jenny Tryon works as a Trainer for M.A.D Skincare. Char Fontanills went on to start her own skincare brand. Stephanie Andersen went on to work with countless brands in the industry, became ASCP’s Esty Of The Year in 2023, and founder her own non-profit foundation.

If you want to grow as an esthetician, waxing or sugaring professional, massage therapist, makeup artist, or a lash and brow artist – you need to become a player in The Skin Games.”  Barry Eichner

Get International Recognition From Top Industry Leaders

If you’re looking to stand out in the professional world and want to grow your business or grow your career, The Skin Games is a great place to start. The Skin Games has a long list of brand partners. There’s also a long list of industry leaders who work with The Skin Games as judges. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your talent and meet industry professionals who can help you advance your career. 

Look for Lincoln Lee from Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills who will be judging skin care.

How Can You Compete in The 2024 Skin Games To Win Part of $25,000 In Prizes

The Skin Games is all-encompassing! It’s not just about skincare, it’s so much more!

Lash & Brow

The Skin Games is not just a competition; it is the experience that will take your social media and business to the next level. Register today to be highlighted on The Skin Games Official Instagram Account and be seen by over 85,000 people!

Skin Care Deadline is January 15th

The deadline to sign up to participate in the skincare category is January 15th. However, it’s best to start by November 15, 2023 so you can have the full 8 weeks to finish your case study.  You do not have to do a full 8 weeks for the case study but you still need to turn in 8 video diaries and 8 case study notes.

Makeup, Lash Lift, Brow Lamination, Sugaring + PMU Deadline is March 1st 

The Skin Games is still actively seeking professionals in the makeup, lash lift, brow lamination, Sugaring, and PMU categories. If you’re a lash and brow pro, a pmu artist, or a makeup artist – you have a little more time to register. Your registration deadline isn’t until March 1, 2024. 

What Players are Saying – and Why You Should Enter 

Don’t take our word for it – listen to professionals who entered and participated in The Skin Games. You’ll hear from Angel M Flener, Jenna Kapitan, Genice Gonzales, and Dominique Brandt.

Angel M Flener

How has your experience been as a Skin Games participant?

“Connection, Competition and Camaraderie..with a spoonful of Anxiety!!  That explains my experience at The Skin Games as a participant.   The experience put me on such a High, that I returned for a second time!

From the hard decision of choosing which of your clients will be your Case Study for each entry, to the moment the awards are announced, I gained so much respect for those who came from all corners of the world to compete.  In fact, there are moments of “Fan-Girling” when I watched my Sister and Brother aesthy’s case study videos on YouTube that I was pretty much hurled into a whole other world of education.  In fact, learning new techniques was probably a High Point for me. 

I can say with all of my heart, It’s about more than the Trophy!  It’s kind of a “reward” to be admired and be a “beacon of potential” to those coming in the industry.  There were plenty of opportunities to learn from other esthys as well as the Organizers of the event, “Taylor to Tolu” and back again. I would never be able to put a price on the lessons I was taught nor the connections of success that was presented to me by these people.” Angel M Flener, LE/CLT

Would you encourage other professionals to become a player in The Skin Games and why?

“Yes, oh my Gosh Yes!

First and foremost, you are put on a pedestal by the Organizers of The Skin Games.  I came into the competition thinking, At 55, I haven’t got a chance, and walked away with 3 trophies and a $1500 check! 

There is recognition, there is free marketing, classes to attend, time with people who might have a different Point of View that you can learn and help your career thrive.  It is 10 times MORE worth the investment to compete than to spend $30K on a machine that will become outdated. 

There is a legacy about being a contestant.  It’s also a pretty cool feeling to label yourself as an “award winning aesthetician” Angel M Flener, LE/CLT 

Jenna Kapitan

How has your experience been as a Skin Games participant?

“My experience has been nothing short of amazing. I have signed up for multiple categories – all waxing, brow lamination, as well as three skin categories. I have completed one of my case studies already for the New Esthetician category, and doing so was really allowing me to get uncomfortable, and then comfortable with myself. I am not used to being in front of a camera, or fully explaining any kind of protocol to anyone not on my treatment bed! I am already so excited to complete my next two categories, and have more confidence in myself, my knowledge of skin, and social media. The other players and judges have been so uplifting, and are always there for me when I need help as well.” Jenna Kapitan

Would you encourage other professionals to become a player in The Skin Games and why?

“100% yes! It definitely is a scary thing, especially for professionals that suffer from imposter syndrome. I have it incredibly badly, but I wanted to really say screw it – I am a great esthetician and it’s important to take a chance on yourself! Winning the competition in the categories I entered would be great, but honestly, the reason I joined the games is to network and meet other amazing professionals. I work as a solo esthetician, and this job can be so lonely and alienating – so entering really gives me the chance to meet so many great people from across the world. I’ve already made so many friends and I can’t wait to meet them in person!

Thank you for reaching out again – please don’t hesitate to reach out for any other questions you may have for me.” Jenna Kapitan

Genice Gonzales

How has your experience been as a Skin Games participant?

“My experience was one of the most rewarding of my career in 2023. I was contacted by Steven and encouraged to join the Skin games waxing category. I chose Brazilian as it is my most popular service.

After forcing myself out of my shell and going to the competition, I took home a title. The most valuable part was the connections I made with others like me in the industry. I am so proud to say I am a tribe member and player of the Skin Games.” Genice Gonzales

Would you encourage other professionals to become a player in The Skin Games and why?

“I would definitely encourage others to compete – and I have!

I understand how scary and nerve-wracking it can be. So I also encourage just following, become a tribe member or even just attending the event.

The community that comes with the Skin Games is incredible, and you really can’t put a price on that.” Genice Gonzales

Dominique Brandt

How has your experience been as a Skin Games participant?

“My experience with the Skin Games has been supportive from start to finish and beyond. The support goes beyond the immediate Skin Games team. Last year, when I competed in the Skin Games, I was graciously welcomed by the other participants. I connected and learned from other estheticians from across the nation. The sponsors were eager to support the players with products and tools to be used on their case studies.

Winning Esthetician of the Year 2022 is an experience that I reflect upon anytime I’m doubting myself. Moving forward, I’m here as a mentor to players who have questions about their case studies. I encourage anyone thinking about joining the Skin Games to take that leap and enjoy the ride.” Dominique Brandt

Would you encourage other professionals to become a player in The Skin Games, and why?

“I encourage estheticians all the time to compete in the Skin Games. This competition takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to look into the mirror. That, of course, is how we grow, but more importantly, it provides a safe space for you to assess your interpersonal, critical thinking, and planning skills.

There is a standard in esthetics that we must uphold, and the Skin Games will remind you of that in efforts to push you and the industry forward. Becoming a player should be on every esthetician’s goal list.” Dominique Brandt

Don’t Want To Be A Player – But Want To Join Us In Atlanta  

The Skin Games offers an amazing weekend of education and networking. You don’t need to be a player to attend the event in Atlanta!  The Skin Games is a great way advance your education, network with other professionals! 

There is also the Gala Awards Dinner which is absolutely the must-attend event of the weekend! Put your best face forward and pull out your best fashion look because The Skin Games gala is an absolute blast! 

You can choose to do a little of the weekend or join in all of the fun!  

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