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The 2023 L+A Favs Winners

Award Winning Skincare!

The 2023 Best Skin Care, New Products, Devices, and Industry Go-To Favorites Are In!

We chose 3 Editor’s Favs in each category, and we left it up to our Community to pick their Fav! 

Here are your 2023 Community Favs!

Fav Tool To Boost Retail

Celluma LED Light Therapy Rental Program

Fav Tech Infusion Device


Fav Skin Care + Device Combination

DermaJEM + Hale & Hush

Fav Source for Spa Furniture


Fav Organic Skincare Brand

KM Herbals

Fav 2023 Product Launch

Hale & Hush Remedy Rehab Oil + Rare Mandelic Serum

Fav Instant Glow Treatment

ID Skin Pro Retinol Alternative + Mandelic Peel Treatment

Fav Luxurious Facial Treatment

Germaine De Capuccini Timexpert RIDES

Fav Clinical Ingredient Deck

Lira Clinical

Fav Clinical Facial

M.A.D Mapping Facial

Fav Acne Program

Face Reality

Fav Unique Peel

Pure Pro Aesthetics Princess Peel

Fav Super Serum


Fav Vitamin C Saviour

TiZO Advanced Vitamin C + E Serum

Fav Treatment Mask

TheraGenesis Banana Souffle Masque

Fav Skincare Education

California Skincare Supply

Fav Body Loving Helper

Roccoco Botanicals Frangipani and Lychee Body Creme

Fav Supplement

GrandeGUMMIES Melatonin Sleep Booster

Fav Brow + Lash Treatment

Elleebana elleeplex Lamination

Fav Makeup Must Have

Luka Cosmetics 3 Steps to Flawless Kit

Fav Hard Wax

NaturaverdePro Blue Wax Beads

Fav NON-Wax Alternative


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