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How To Fight Tech Neck + Decollete Dark Spots

Tech neck lines and a turkey waddle are the most common complaints from men and women as they age!  Here’s a tool to use to fight back at them! The professional’s corrective approach to treating the delicate neck and décolleté areas with predictability, control, and confidence.

The correction of tech neck lines and age spots also known as, pigmentation, texture, and tightness in and around the neck and décolleté region, has been the ever-elusive treatment by most esthetic professionals. Dermodality has had the solution and has been providing the necessary tools for years. 

It’s Common To Overlook Tech Neck Lines and Dark Spots 

It is not uncommon for one to overlook tech neck lines and dark spots on the décolleté. Why is it that we will spend an exorbitant amount of money on active serums and creams for the face yet then neglect the neck and the décolleté? For this reason, consumers are often asking their esthetician or doctor for services that will help the creepy, loose and sun damaged skin.  At least that is a positive for our industry. 

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Treating Tech Neck Lines

When treating the tech neck lines and dark spots on the décolleté area, Dermodality takes the same approach as we would the face and that is – to condition the skin! It is critical to nourish that area with topicals that will yield an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants at active levels before applying acids or enzymes, or any other exfoliants which will tear up that sensitive area. 

Home Care Is Your First Step To Treat Tech Neck Lines

Our undeniable success in tightening and lightening the neck and décolleté is predicated #1 using Dermodality’s highly concentrated active serums.

We would recommend that our partners suggest their client start with our Vitamin C: Intense, which has industry high concentrations of several contemporary Vitamin C actives, in the morning and our Vitamin A: Intense at night, which is 5 times stronger than industry norms.

These two skin-conditioning products are packed with active ingredients that provide all the previously mentioned benefits as well as stimulating growth factors, collagen, fibroblast, and elastin while stabilizing the melanin with high doses of tyrosine inhibitors. These products will help thicken the dermis and thin the stratum so that when it comes time to begin the chemical peel process, the skin is now properly conditioned to handle the necessary treatments to come.  

Begin The Peel Process To Treat Tech Neck Lines

To treat tech neck lines – we begin the peel process only when the home treatment is complete. The first in-office treatment is a combination of two peels that will be layered. First layer is our BASE1 Mandelic + Hybrid AHA. You will fan it in for 3 – 4 minutes and then apply our award winning 30% AHA Pumpkin Peel ACCELERATOR right on top and leave it on for an additional 5-6 minutes. If the skin becomes red and irritated before the suggested protocol time, remove both layers immediately with water at room temperature. That will be your indication that more skin conditioning, at home, is necessary before the next in-office treatment.

Continued Treatment of Tech Neck Lines

Assuming all went well during the first in-office treatment the client should come back 3-4 weeks later for their second round. The esthetician may do the exact same protocol previously mentioned however, this time, you will replace our Mandelic + peel with Dermodality’s Intensive Brightening peel. Now, we will add a third acid layer. After the removal of the Pumpkin Peel, you will dehydrate the skin and apply a Dermodality Retinol POWER Booster, either Retinol Cascade 10/10 or Intense Cascade 20/20, depending on the skin’s response and tolerance. Your client will leave your office with this layer on the skin for a minimum of five hours.

Added Home Care To Continue Peel Protocols For Tech Neck Lines

Before moving up in strength to our BASE2 corrective, self-neutralizing peels we require the client to begin using Dermodality’s Retinol Mixer at home.  The Retinol mixer contains five concentrated tyrosine inhibitors and an increased level of 1.1% pure retinol. Your client’s skin is now tolerating this high dosage of retinol that is at a level of the most prescribed retinoic acid concentrations when the retinol cascades into retinoic acid overnight.

Advanced Peels for Treating Tech Neck Lines

The science now pays off… Your client’s skin is properly prepared and there are no surprises at this point. We now can apply several layers of our TCA peels, Jessners, or any other BASE2 and then layer with Dermodality’s Intense Cascade 20/20 POWER Booster. Your client will most likely peel for several days. They will have to protect the treated area for a week and of course, they will be required to use an SPF 30 full spectrum sunblock. Preferably, Dermodality’s SunMoist SPF 30.

SIDE NOTE: When treating the décolleté, do not apply any products or peels beyond the beginning of the soft tissue above the breast. Be careful around the collarbone as the skin tends to be thinner.

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Tech Neck Lines

Contribution by Tony Vogel

Meet Tony Vogel, the visionary creator behind the revolutionary skincare line Dermodality Skin Solutions that has taken the beauty industry by storm. With an unwavering passion for skincare and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Tony has become synonymous with innovation and efficacy, while providing the highest concentration of active ingredients in the industry.

Driven by a deep understanding of the intricate science behind skincare, Tony has spent years researching and formulating products that deliver remarkable, customizable and predictable results. His unwavering commitment to utilizing only the most potent and effective active ingredients has set a new standard in the beauty world.

Tony understands that achieving healthy, radiant skin requires more than just superficial treatments. That’s why our skincare line is meticulously crafted, blending award winning cutting-edge, highly active technology and all that nature’s finest has to offer. Many of our actives are found in the rain forest and far-reaching marine/oceanic locations around the world. Each product is carefully formulated to address specific skin concerns, providing transformative benefits from the dermis outwardly. 

Through a tireless dedication to research and development, Tony has pushed the boundaries of new skincare innovation. Our products harness the power of breakthrough ingredients, delivering unprecedented levels of effectiveness. From powerful antioxidants and skin-replenishing peptides that offer unique cross talk between cell to cell, to advanced hyaluronic acid and retinol complexes, the first to utilize mandelic acid formulations, Exosomes (six years ago) and moving past L-ascorbic acid on to the represent combining the highest potency pharmaceutically driven Vitamin C actives, along with the first Vitamin C actives that protect the dermis from infra’ aging. Other product highlights that have set industry standards, is the silky airless feel of Dermodality’s moisturizers, to the award-winning pumpkin peel 30% AHA. A timeless staple that dates back to 1998, ‘THE FIRST ENZYME PUMPKIN PEEL. 

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