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“Hello Darkness, my old friend!”  Of course that sounds familiar.  It’s the first line in the Simon & Garfunkel song, “The Sound Of Silence”. Ok, maybe you don’t know it.  If you’re too young to know the song, this article may not be for you – well, it may not be for you right now  – but take notes because you’ll need this in a few years! 

Ok, at this point, I’m sure you’re hoping I get to the point!  How the hell can darkness relate to skincare?  Yes, EXACTLY!  Darkness is amazing for skincare.  Because where there is darkness, there is no sun.  And as we all know, sun is the enemy of healthy skin – it’s like a hired assassin!  The sun tears apart collagen, which causes everything to sag and droop!  Then the sun causes all sorts of things to go crazy in the skin’s chemistry causing hyperpigmentation – dark spots, age spots, brown spots…. whatever name you use for the little discolorations on the skin’s surface!   

Want to avoid damage from the sun – move with me to this amazing little town in Alaska called Utqiaġvik! They have no sun for 65 straight days!  I mean can you imagine!  No sun exposure for 2 solid months.  

It’ll be amazing, since Utqiaġvik is in the Arctic Circle, we’ll be in parkas all day long too, so we can eat whatever we want and not have to worry about gaining a few extra pounds.  There’s no sunlight, so there’s no sun damage….AND… we can use all sorts of products to help get rid of any sun damage that we currently have!  I mean, it’s a win-win!  Unless you take into consideration the average temperatures.  The low of -20 degrees and a high temp of…. a  balmy -5 degrees!  Ok, I get it, this could be…… the tiniest of drawbacks to a good life!  

I mean, i’m not being all “judgey”, but really – it takes work to get healthy skin.  If you’re not willing to sacrifice a little sun and warmth, I’m suspect of your dedication levels to to finding youthful, even-toned skin! 

Ok, so you’re definitely not into moving?

I get it – you’re looking for an easier way to get even-toned skin.  I kind of figured that, so I reached out to my team of skincare gurus and asked for some “less severe” treatments for dark spots. 

See you can easily treat hyperpigmention or dark spots/age spots on a daily basis right here at home!  There are some highly effective products that my team of skincare gurus have created that will help diminish dark spots, giving you brighter, even-toned skin!  There is no need to move to Alaska! 

Because really… do you want to be able to say…

This Week’s Pop 5 Products To Treat Hyperpigmentation!

Savor Beauty – Renew Pumpkin Seed Serum

That’s right – it’s January and we’re still taking about Pumpkin!  Turns out it’s not just for your Latte!  Want brighter skin?  Want to know how this daily use product uses Pumpkin to help brighten – Click Here


E.F Tropics Illuminating White 

This product made a huge splash in the skincare industry last year. We featured it many times, and it made a huge splash on the Esthetician Connection.  Want to treat hyperpigmentation quickly and effectively – Click Here

Kerstin Florian’s Brightening Serum

Eliminate dark spots!  This newly re-launched product has a new look!  Kerstin Florian takes a truly unique approach to brightening.  Want to find out what unique ingredients she uses   –  Click Here.

Dawn Lorraine’s  Lemon Lightening Serum 

 Want an organic option to brighten?  This one is for you!  A totally new formulation for 2019 – Want to find out what special things Dawn Lorraine uses to organically treat hyperpigmentation – Click Here.



Circadia’s Nighttime Repair Plus

Brightening skin is a two part process.  Increasing cellular turnover can help to diminish dark spots on the surface. The dead, damaged skin cells that are on the skin surface show the dark spots.  Increasing turnover will help to bring cells to the surface that are not hyperpigmented, giving your more even tone.  Want to know how Circadia does this in the Nighttime Repair Plus Click Here.



So – ok, we’re not moving to Alaska!  But if you want to get even toned skin you can give these 5 products a try!  Increasing cellular turn over while using brightening products will help to give your skin a beautiful, even brightness that  you’ll love1  

Thank you to Circadia, Kerstin Florian, Dawn Lorraine, E.F. Tropics, and Savor Beauty  for sponsoring this article.

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