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Synthetic Placenta Growth Factors For Skin + Hair

SYNPLA, are 3 all-new synthetic placenta, growth factor professional-use only serums for the medical and spa skincare industry. These serums are part of an all-new collection by one of our fav skincare brands. These serums contain sophisticated ingredients for skin and hair regeneration. They are most effective when combined with advanced esthetic devices! 

Growth factors function as signaling agents, facilitating interactions between cells. Since growth factors are vital for normalizing multiple cellular functions, healthy communications enable the stimulation of healthy cell reproduction, promotion of wound healing, and skin rejuvenation. Unfortunately, as we age, growth factor production slows, age spots and uneven skin tone appear, collagen and elastin production diminish, and the skin loses structural integrity producing wrinkles and sagging skin.

SYNPLA, part of the all-new M.A.D Skincare Platinum Collection 

SYNPLA is 3 all-new synthetic placenta growth factor serums including: Bright, Anti Wrinkle and Anagen, designed for hair.

SYNPLA’s formula base contains a unique blend of five different growth factors formulated to promote communication between keratinocytes and fibroblast cells. Couple these growth factors with four types of hyaluronic acid of three molecular weights, cross-linked and non-cross-linked, and you have two unparalleled Growth Factor/HLA Serums, Anti-Wrinkle and Bright, for healthier, supple, youthful-looking skin. M.A.D Skincare added a third serum, Anagen intended to focus on scalp and hair health. 

SYNPLA Anagen Because The Scalp Is Skin

Hair regeneration is one of the hottest growing segments of the professional medical and spa skincare industry. The amount of financial resources that are being dedicated to this segment is staggering. New devices and new products are being introduced on a regular basis. This is a global trend that L+A has seen on our trips to Europe.  

M.A.D Skincare created SYNPLA Anagen for scalp and hair, it contains M.A.D Skincare’s proprietary blend of 5 different growth factors formulated to provide targeted results that boost cell proliferation of hair matrix cells and help accelerate stronger hair growth. The effective combination of Growth Factors promotes hair growth measured in thickness, density of follicles, and actively regenerates hair bulbs, hair shafts, and scalp. SYNPLA Anagen is designed for professional-use only and offers suggestions that it works best when combined with esthetic devices in professional treatments! 


Boost SYNPLA Anagen Penetration with Hydrodermabrasion + Microchanneling

L+A had the opportunity to attend a M.A.D Skincare event where they announced the launch of SYNPLA Anagen. They demonstrated an application of SYNPLA Anagen and combined it with two different modalities. 

First, they used the DermaJEM Ares device to do a hydrodermabrasion treatment to prepare the scalp. This helps to remove all dead skin cells and hair product build-up. This allows for a cleaner scalp surface that can help boost product penetration. 

Next, they performed a microchanneling scalp treatment with NanoStamp 360™ and applied SYNPLA Anagen during the microchanneling treatment! This allows for deeper and faster penetration of the proprietary ingredients in SYNPLA Anagen.  

M.A.D Skincnare highly recommends incorporating LED Light Therapy into the patient’s treatment plan. They mentioned incorporating treatments with RESTORE by Celluma that is FDA cleared for hair growth. Helping clients understand that LED Light Therapy used regularly can add to the treatment results of SYNPLA Anagen. 

Professional Microchanneling Treatment Using SNYPLA Anagen

It’s universally understood that microchanneling is a safe and effective professional-only treatment that helps improve the delivery of product to the skin cells. M.A.D Skincare has partnered with NanoStamp 360™ to showcase how their microchanneling device can boost the impact of SYNPLA Anagen. You can see in the before and after images that the result after three treatments is remarkable! 

We asked M.A.D Skincare, “How often can microchanneling be performed?”  

Here’s what they had to say, “Medical and spa skincare professionals can perform a series of 4 to 6 treatments, spaced out about 3 weeks apart for maximum results. We also recommend using a home care system to accentuate the treatment results.” Michael Contorno, M.A.D Skincare President.

Recommending Home Care After Professional Treatments 

M.A.D Platinum SYNPLA Anagen is a professional-only product for your treatments. However, your patients will see exponential improvement if you have them use home care for their scalp and hair health. M.A.D Skincare has a Scalp Care System, a shampoo, conditioner, and Leave-In Bonding Treatment! 

The shampoo and conditioner are for everyday hair maintenance, environmental aggressors and color-treating can all weaken the hair and damage the scalp.

Keraceuticals Strengthening Conditioner hydrates hair and “feeds” the scalp with Super Nutrients, Biotin, and Amino Acids.

The star of the show is the Leave-In Bonding Treatment. This ultra-reparative, lightweight bonding treatment is designed to improve damaged broken hair by coating each hair strand with a super strong copolymer. KB98 leaves hair shinier, silkier, and helps hair elasticity for hair you love!


Key Active Ingredients in M.A.D Platinum SYNPLA Anagen

This promotes hair follicle growth by synchronizing cellular production; helps maintain anagen stage; shown to affect morphogenesis improving communication pathways

This is exhibited to be a vital contributor in the induction and control of the normal hair growth cycle

Fibroblast Growth Factors (Acidic FGF and Basic FGF)
These two are known to help induce the anagen phase of follicles aiding in normalized hair growth; stimulates hair growth

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF)
This  improves oxygen and nutrient supply to promote hair growth and increase hair follicle and hair size; identified as a major facilitator in the follicle growth cycle

HYALURONIC ACIDS: Sodium Hyaluronate 
This aids in keeping the hair shaft hydrated, lessening hair breakage, and shields against the effect of stressors.

Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate
This stimulates hair growth; supports and strengthens weaker hair strands.

Sodium Hyaluronate CrossPolymer
This exfoliates dry scalp to promote strength and resilience.

Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate
This is a much smaller molecule than other forms of HA; it deeply penetrates the dermis layer promoting collagen production which in turn increases the elasticity of the hair.

This is one of the most important amino acids in keratin, Arginine strengthens hair, decreases hair breakage, and minimizes hair loss; improves circulation and nourishes the hair roots for healthy hair.

Citric Acid 
This helps increase hair thickness, follicular density, and hair growth.

Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Extract 
This increases blood circulation and oxygen flow to the follicles to promote healthy hair growth; shown to help improve elasticity and protect from hair damage.

Thanks to M.A.D Skincare for sponsoring this content so that we can educate our medical and spa skincare audience on the benefits of SYNPLA Anagen.

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