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L+A Provides “On The Job Training” at 10 Brands During Summer School

Nothing is more valuable to education than practical on the job experience. If you are looking to grow your medical + spa skin care industry skill set – you will definitely want to sign up for L+A Summer School to gain access to 13 Webinars and 7 E-Books! 

Register for L+A Summer School Now

Register for L+A Summer School Now

The L+A West Coast Summer School Tour

Want more Real Life Education? You will also want to follow Barry from L+A on the L+A West Coast Summer School Tour!  Barry is going to be visiting 10 brands in the month of July from Portland, OR to Phoenix, AZ, and all over LA and the Bay Area! 

What You’ll Learn from The L+A West Coast Summer School Tour

Barry will take you #BTS [behind the scenes] of 10 major U.S. brands to discover how they use science in their business and how they build their educational programs. Watch interviews with brand owners and educators! Catch #bts tours of company facilities. Catch #bts of an educational treatment set up. Get tips from industry veterans. 

Follow the L+A Instagram for your daily dose of The L+A West Coast Summer School Tour

Be sure to follow L+A’s Instagram Stories for your daily dose of “On The Job Training” during Summer School. The L+A Summer School program offers you the ability to register one time for 13 amazing webinars and to gain access to 7 E-Books. If you follow the L+A Instagram Stories during July, you will also get some serious “On The Job Training” from some of the hottest medical + spa skin care brands in the country. 

You’ll see how DMK is prepping for one of the largest educational events of their year!

You’ll get to see how Hale & Hush runs webinars and content creation sessions in their offices in Phoenix.

You’ll get to see how KM Herbals grows their own raw materials, harvests, and then processes their botanicals. 

You’ll get to see how the Celluma team works to create the educational materials that you have come to love so much! 

There’s so much more to learn…

Schedule of The L+A West Coast Summer School Tour

Monday, July 8th NanoStamp360™
Wednesday, July 10th Celluma              
Friday, July 12th Spa + Equipment 
Tuesday, July 16th KM Herbals        
Wednesday, July 17th Face Reality       
Thursday, July 18th Hale & Hush
Tuesday, July 23rd DMK
Friday, July 26th Lira Clinical
Monday, July 29th Spectrum 
Date TBD Lilac + Flint

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