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2 Expert Tips For Sugaring Products Post Treatment Care

Sugaring Products for Post Treatment Care

By Shannon O’Brien

Sugaring Products For Home Care: What to Recommend Post Sugaring Service

Getting certified in the art of Body Sugaring for hair removal has become a must on every esthetician’s bucket list.  Providing clean, natural beauty services is the standard for any professional skin care practitioner.  Learning the techniques to get the hair to extract properly is, of course, the first step. And, understanding the entire protocol from start to finish will allow you to get the skin to behave just right to deliver beautiful results.

But what about after your client leaves the treatment room?  Do you know what they do after they leave your professional eyes, proud of the work you have done to get them silky smooth?  Sending your clients home with the right sugaring products for post treatment can make or break their experience. If you have freshly sugared their face only to have them go home and put grocery store makeup (loaded with bacteria, ewww!) on their newly exfoliated skin, the results could be a breakout or a reaction that could be blamed on your skills as an esthetician.  Proper education for your clients is a must to ensure their success!

2 Expert Tips For Sugaring Products Recommendations

1- In the treatment room:

What sugaring products you finish your service with are the key to starting the conversation about proper skin health.  After your last flick, using a calming serum to ease redness and reduce the spread of bacteria in freshly exposed follicles is key.  Thousands of hairs have just been extracted and the skin can feel sensitive for the first few moments.  A few quick spritzes of a gentle mist or tonic to keep the skin clean followed by applying a soothing gel or cream feels divine and your client will feel well cared for.  Always explain each step you are taking and products you are using so they know you are going above and beyond.  To take the experience up a notch on the face, try a light dusting of a mineral makeup to ease inflammation with ingredients like zinc and aloe.  Adding a “dry sunscreen” will give your clients a glow and disguise any redness they might have post sugaring.  Once they take a quick check in the mirror after the treatment, they will immediately see that they have no inflammation, their skin tone is glowing, and they are ready to head out and show off their gorgeous results!

2- What to Sugaring Products To Send Your Clients Home With

You have a captive audience. Your client is hanging on every suggestion you make to learn what is right for THEM.  Tailor your conversation to their skin.  Are they dry and need to improve barrier function? Do they leave makeup on at night and load on a fresh coat of MAC in the morning?  Do they eat lots of sugar and dairy and can’t put the coincidence together with their recent breakouts? These are the questions you, the professional skincare expert, need to ask of each and every client in order to make the proper recommendations that will lead to the best results.

It is critical to know what your clients use on a daily basis.  Don’t assume that they know what they should be doing at home to ensure smooth, happy, hair free skin all year round. You would be surprised at the lack of knowledge your clients have about the best products to keep their skin glowing.

3 Topics To Review With Your Client For Post Sugaring Care + Post Sugaring Products They Use


What line are they using and what products are they using in that line?  Walk through their daily routine and make sure they are properly exfoliating and hydrating to keep the skin barrier healthy and clear for the new hairs to grow properly.


Nutrition is critical to the health of the skin. Proper nutrition can actually be the best prescription for at home post care. An anti-inflammatory could just be the trick if your client continuously has a reaction post sugaring.  Clients who seem to “have sensitive skin” could possibly be eating an inflammatory diet and need to be advised avoiding sugar, processed foods, trans fats, and alcohol.

For the bedtime routine do they sleep in their makeup?  Are they getting enough sleep?  Is their pillow case changed regularly? Are they using detergents with high fragrance?


Using the proper makeup line can make a HUGE difference in the clarity of the skin.  Annie Mayo, founder of Advanced Mineral Makeup, loves sugaring and using her “dry sunscreen” minerals as a finish for every face sugaring treatment. “ Simple and beautiful is the key. Don’t “sell” your client makeup…simply make it a part of your sugaring protocol and make it a must have part of the skincare process.  Bringing down any inflammation and keeping the healthy minerals on the skin can make a huge difference in the texture and overall glow of the skin.  Using mineral makeup not only keeps the skin calm but has antibacterial properties as well so clients don’t need to worry about breaking out from their makeup.

Facial Sugaring Protocol by a Sugaring Expert 

1- Prep the skin to remove impurities and oils

2- Dust the skin with a light layer of drying powder

3- Utilize the proper techniques to sugar the skin and leave the skin completely hair free and exfoliated

4- Use calming products to prevent adverse reactions.  One of my favorites is the Hale and Hush Duo (Hush Hydrate Gel combined with Relief Bio Powder).  Adding a cold globe massage is divine too!

5- Dust a color matched “dry sunscreen” of minerals over the skin (my fave is Advanced Mineral Makeup loose powder!)  to further protect and achieve an even glow.

Recommend cleansers, exfoliants, hydrators and mineral makeup to make sure they are using the best products at home.  Most likely your client has no idea what to use and is looking to you for advice.  What a great opportunity for them and you!

Cheers to sweet glowing skin!

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Shannon O’Brien is your “Sugar Mama”! With over 18 years of experience working as a licensed esthetician She is the founder of Love2Sugar.com which includes her training academy iSugar University and her podcast The SugarShow.  She has achieved great success with her savvy team as the owner of SugarMama’s Studios in Folsom, California.

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