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4 Reasons This Spa Treatment Is A Gateway Drug To Skin Care

4 Reasons You Have To Offer This Hair Removal as a Spa Treatment After Corona

By Shannon O’Brien

I was discussing spa treatments a few weeks ago,at the first ever L&A Virtual Festival.   I had the pleasure of presenting with my esteemed colleagues, and being a part of this beauty industry unity movement was a powerful moment I will never forget.  We came together as one to encourage, inspire, and educate. It truly was brilliant.

In my Beyonce-inspired presentation of swagger and grace, Barry Eichner and I touched on the idea that hair removal is a spa treatment that’s like a “gateway drug” – to more advanced skin care services. It’s an addiction that hooks your clients into trying something else you have on your menu!  I couldn’t agree more so I decided to break it down for our Sugar Dish fans.

Hair removal WILL be the gateway spa treatment to your other services.

Your clients have been in lockdown for weeks and the memes are sprouting all over declaring that the first thing your clients will be doing is finding their hair stylist, their manicurist, and their esthetician.

Why? Because their roots are deep, their Dip Nails are grown out like daggers, and their body hair has them looking/feeling like Sasquatch.  They will desperately seek out these spa treatments FIRST before anything else. Their partners will be begging their loved ones to make their hair removal appointment and will happily keep these services in the budget. You hook them in with their crazy brows and bikinis that need taming, then you nurture them back into a skincare and facial routine.  Hair removal WILL be the service they seek out first. Trust me.

Hair removal is a spa treatment that creates repeat business for your skincare services.

In the last recession, I noticed that clients had so much on their plates, from budget fears to juggling multiple personal stressors, that they could only allow for so much in their busy lives.  They might forgo their other spa treatments, but they will not forgo a treatment that is quick, easy, and gives them instant gratification. Smooth brows, a hairless chin or tamed bikini will help them to get their swagger back and to keep it up they will always rebook for the next 4 weeks.  Facials might be stretched out to every other month or quarter, but the hair removal service will be the MUST HAVE on their “Things I Need to Do When We Are Let Out” list.

At our salon, SugarMama’s Beauty Collaborative, clients have been begging for weeks to be on the waitlist and be our special exception to let them be first on that list. While facial treatments can be pushed back, hair needs to be removed every 3-6 weeks.  Keep your clients on a regular routine of hair removal appointments, which are a lower price point.

Smart social media campaigns can boost your business, especially if they answer your clients immediate need for “relief” from their #hairysituation!

YOUR expertise will trim down your treatment time, which will allow for more clients to be seen.

Your clients are going to be lining up to see you and get smooth.  How many services do you think you can physically do in a day? If you perfect your technique for either wax or sugar, you will actually be more efficient with your turnaround time on your schedule.  Imagine you have 12 clients to fit into your day. In each half hour, hair removal treatments can be stacked to build a ticket where a facial treatment takes on average one hour. That would mean you would need to work 12 hours to see all 12 clients.  In the hair removal model, those 12 clients can roll through your treatment room in at least half the time. If you are amazing at your technique, they WILL rebook as soon as they are finished which ensures next month’s books will be a solid foundation for rebuilding your business.  More efficient time management will allow you to fit in more people in less time…and think of all the retail opportunities there are!

If you have switched to Body Sugaring, you will be able to market a safer alternative to waxing.  

Our clients will be looking for the safest, most sanitary environments to receive their goods and services. Sugaring professionals are confident that:

  1.  Sugar jars don’t harbor bacteria
  2.  Treatment rooms are quicker and easier to clean
  3.  Sugar paste is all natural & safe for stressed out skin
  4.  Gloves are used in EVERY service  
  5. One sugar ball is used per body part which means no risk of double dipping

So, get ready to reopen.  I KNOW we will survive. I KNOW we need to be more prepared now than ever.  From our amped up sanitation practices to our customer outreach and social media presence, the time is NOW to perfect each area of your business.  Make sure you have a waitlist plan, your techniques on point, and cheers to your sweet success! Happy ReOpen Day!

Shannon O’Brien

Is a Lipgloss and Aftershave Featured Guest Blogger, she writes a monthly column for Lipgloss + Aftershave calle The Sugar Dish!  

She’s also your “Sugar Mama”! With over 18 years of experience working as a licensed esthetician She is the founder of Love2Sugar.com which includes her training academy iSugar University and her podcast The SugarShow.  She has achieved great success with her savvy team as the owner of SugarMama’s Studios in Folsom, California.

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