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5 Traits Of A Highly Successful Esthetician 

As an esthetician or spa professional things can start to get complicated and we lose sight of what part of the businesses should be focusing on. It’s always important to trim the fat and bring things back to basics and establish some simple habits. There are several habits you can adopt to ensure that you provide the best possible service to your clients. These habits not only help you to become a better service provider, but they also ensure that your clients are satisfied and keep coming back for more. Here are five highly effective habits of an esthetician or spa professional:

1 Active Listening: 

Active listening is an essential habit for an esthetician or spa professional. It involves paying attention to your client’s needs and concerns and responding appropriately. When you actively listen to your clients, you can understand their skin type, their concerns, and what they are looking for in a treatment. This helps you to tailor your services to their specific needs.

To be an active listener, you need to focus your attention on what bothers your client. NOT WHAT YOU THINK needs to improve about them. You should ask direct questions like, what is your biggest concern? Are you willing to invest in skincare? How invasive are you willing to go? Then list your most invasive to your least. THEN LISTEN! This will help you to understand their needs and create a personalized treatment plan that addresses their concerns. It also informs you how cooperative they are going to be as a client. 

2 Ongoing Education:

Like any relationship when it’s not growing some people move on. If you are not growing your clients will know it. If you are growing your existing clients will always be happy to try new services and will trust the quality you provide them because they experience you becoming more educated. 

So another highly effective habit is ongoing education. The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and current techniques. Taking courses and attending conferences can help you to learn new skills and stay current with the latest developments in your field.

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Ongoing education will help you to expand your services and offer new treatments to your clients and you build confidence in your practice. This can help you to attract new clients and more importantly, retain existing ones. Additionally, learning new skills can be a great way to stay motivated and passionate about your work. 

3 Make cuts! Let things go!

Running a successful spa business means keeping expenses low and adopting a Lean business philosophy. This involves optimizing resources and minimizing unnecessary expenses. Utilizing supplies across multiple services is one way to achieve this, such as using masks and moisturizers for multiple services or having q tips or a disposable item supply multiple services. In addition, keeping the spa minimal and clean is important to avoid clutter and improve focus. If you don’t need it or don’t use it or don’t do that service anymore then get rid of it! 

Another way to cut unnecessary expenses is by removing services from the menu that aren’t time or cost-effective. By focusing on what works and what customers enjoy, the spa can maximize profits while maintaining high-quality services. Sometimes you have to trim the fat. So, keep it lean, and efficient- that’s the key to success in the competitive spa industry.

4 Client Follow-Up

Client follow-up is another highly effective habit of an esthetician or spa professional. After providing a service, it is important to follow up with your client to ensure that they are satisfied with the results. This shows that you care about their experience and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Contribution by Robyn Newmark

Robyn Newmark earned her title as Hollywood’s Beauty Guru after 20 years of experience and multiple beauty certifications. Robyn is a medical spa owner, a beauty educator, and a highly sought-after speaker. She’s a medical esthetician, permanent makeup artist, lash extension specialist, on-air beauty correspondent, and published beauty writer.

Robyn loves beauty. However, her true passion is sharing her entrepreneurial spirit and success with other small business owners who want to grow in the beauty field.  That is what drew her to open the Newmark Beauty Academy.  In order to truly help beauty business owners thrive, Robyn created the Beauty Business Conference where she brings other top beauty industry professionals together to create an opportunity for small business owners who want to grow and thrive.

Follow-up can be done through phone calls, emails, or text messages, or even automated services. Sometimes your spa booking system will even send them an email at check out and you ask for a review and survey. 

This feedback can help you to improve your services and address any issues that your clients may have experienced.

5 Time Management

Time management is essential for estheticians and spa professionals. You need to be able to manage your time efficiently to ensure that your clients receive the best possible service. This involves scheduling appointments appropriately and ensuring that you have enough time between appointments to prepare for the next client. Automating tasks and email marketing. 

Effective time management also involves being punctual and respectful of your clients’ time. You should arrive early to appointments and ensure that you are ready to start on time. If there are any delays, you should communicate with your client and let them know what is happening. Stumbling in just before your client with your Starbucks cup in hand is not a good look. 

Becoming a top-notch esthetician or spa professional takes a combination of skill and dedication. By actively listening to your clients, staying up-to-date with the latest education, paying close attention to detail, following up with clients, and managing your time effectively, you can provide the ultimate experience for your clients. The beauty industry is competitive, but with these essential habits in your arsenal, you can build a devoted following and become a respected leader in the industry. So, keep honing your skills and always strive to exceed your clients’ expectations – the sky’s the limit for your success in this exciting field!

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